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Lemon Tree Restaurant during Melodies Garden, Johor Bahru

Lemon Tree Restaurant (N1.49135 E103.76201) is located along Jalan Bedara, Tmn Melodies, Johor Bahru. The grill is situated in a residential area given 11 years ago, and many of their business are regular…
The owners – Mr Jeffery Bong pronounced he surveyed a area before starting his grill and like a trees in front of a emporium lot really much. And since of a trees stories, he named a grill as ‘Lemon Tree’, a renouned strain that was famous by Fools Garden, expelled on a year 1995 and became a vital general strike in 1996.

 print IMG_2441_zps8e29b621.jpg

The environment of a grill is elementary and cozy, with retro ambience. The comfortable lighting done a guest feel comfort while dining in a restaurant…

 print IMG_2437_zps3afb04a4.jpg

 print IMG_2420_zps3c4fc207.jpg

 print IMG_2418_zps152e7c80.jpg

The square of bread uniformly lonesome by tuna and simply wrapped with cheese, a cut of cucumber and baby tomato supposing additional snack to a appetizer, these Bruchetta were nice!

After a appetizers, any of us have a homemade fungus soup served by a restaurant.

 print IMG_2422_zpsefccaa2f.jpg

The dainty fungus soup was nice, creamy, though not starchy, we can ambience a fungus started from a commencement compartment a end…the play of fungus soup was only good for a person.

Next, there were dual 12″ pizzas were served. Tropical Hawaiian and Island Seafood Pizza.

 print IMG_2425_zpsd9cdaaf9.jpg

 print IMG_2428_zpsb9172ee9.jpg

The Mixed Fruits Salad was a following dish…kind of like a dishes arrangement by a owners – Jefferey Bong, since a poetic fruits salad was served after a vast volume of cheese installed into a stomach…:)

 print IMG_2436_zps40f9d22f.jpg

The fruits salad was prepared with a uninformed fruits, and don’t forget a special salsa by a Chef Jeffery, therefore it really cold us down for a ‘part 1’ dishes session…

After a brief break, a ‘part 2’ began with 2 spaghetti, seemed on a list quietly…
The Spaghetti Hawaiian and Spaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio.

 print IMG_2452_zps2e21299d.jpg

 print IMG_2447_zpsd7f8ea5e.jpg

Both spaghetti were delicious! The Spaghetti Hawaiian was served with hams and with honeyed sauce, and a Spaghetti Seafood served with lots of seafood…especially a large prawns. We like a ambience of a both spaghetti.

Before a we could finish a spaghetti, a New Zealand Air Frown Rib-eye presented!

 print IMG_2453_zps15be0cc2.jpg

The beef served in a middle good doneness and a black peppers salsa was separated, that give a choice for those who like a strange beef ambience and those who like with a sauce.

The a bit burn grilled beef was succulent, it could be improved if offer in middle singular with a ambience of beef juice…but this is my personal welfare and it might not suitable for all of us, good arrange by a Chef! You will be warn by a reasonable cost of this steak, find out yourself! 🙂

 print IMG_2457_zpsc862ee73.jpg

The Chef did offer some of a internal delicacies on a following after carrying such a good western cuisine, that were a renouned Lemon Tree Special Fried Rice and a Mee Mamak.

 print IMG_2460_zps721c5796.jpg

 print IMG_2462_zps45ebb1d7.jpg

As we recalled, a Lemon Tree restaurant held my courtesy few years ago from some of my friends comments on their good and elementary boiled rice, as a boiled rice lover…I was a bit late to try out though never bewail on it!
The boiled rice was incense and yummy, served on a ideal wet turn and never too dry to suffer it! The image of boiled rice served together with a boiled duck wing, ham, cheese, boiled egg and a sauce. It can be a stuffing plate for lunch or dinner.
According to a Chef…the multiple of boiled rice was a advise from a unchanging patron who revisit a grill 3 times a week, a patron requested to has some-more stuffs beside a boiled rice and Chef Jeffery ‘tailored made’ a plate as what he need, surprisingly a plate sell really good from a kitchen…that’s a reason Jeffery named it The Special Fried Rice of Lemon Tree Restaurant!

The Mee Mamak was an extended chronicle from a internal mee goreng where simply accessible in many of a mamak shop. But a Lemon Tree’s chronicle was somewhat different, it surfaced adult with many veggie and boiled to a ideal taste…which meant not too honeyed or salty. It was an eye opening for me to ambience a mee mamak in a western food restaurant.

After all a delicious dish for a dinner, a poetic desserts surfaced…
The special book of Tiramisu and a Chocolate Lava.
I’m not a dessert chairman though a desserts on that dusk ‘seduced’ me too much! Haha!

 print IMG_2465_zps866fbbbb.jpg

The Tiramisu was done in 3 forms of coffee and with a singular cheese cream. The Wow cause was on a initial bite! Not overly honeyed (as peoples are some-more health unwavering nowadays), and it was a warn for me!

 print IMG_2469_zpscff43ab4.jpg

The chocolate lava cake was done from a pristine 70% of dim chocolate, it won’t be overly sweet…no worries! And a so called ‘Lava’ will not ooze from a cake once we cut it due to a high firmness of a chocolate cake.

 print IMG_2472_zps32227da1.jpg

I trust a dual desserts above will simply expostulate a girls crazy! It will turn a favorite for a desserts lover!

We were confident for a dishes served by a grill that evening. Especially with a reasonable prices. The prices for a dishes above are within RM5.50 and RM49.00.

Lemon Tree Restaurant had stretched their dining area to a subsequent door. According to Jeffery, a new wing is support for private duty or catering services, 20-30 persons.

The Chef – Mr Jeffery Bong was a executive cook of one of a 5 stars hotel in Singapore, he motionless to came behind Johor Bahru to start his possess business 11 years ago. He wanted to offer his business with a peculiarity dishes and a reasonable price, in fact…it’s a good news for a western food partner in Johor Bahru. The grill had been by some-more than a decade, and Jeffery continue to yield a best cuisine to his business from day 1 compartment now…

Do dump by a Lemon Tree Restaurant if we are occur in Taman Melodies area, we trust we will find what we like!

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St Patrick Celebration Party during La Primeur Pub, Taman Impian Emas

Saint Patrick’s Day or a Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, “the Day of a Festival of Patrick”) is a informative and eremite holiday distinguished on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), a many ordinarily recognized of a enthusiast saints of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was done an central Christian feast day in a early seventeenth century and is celebrated by a Catholic Church, a Anglican Communion (especially a Church of Ireland), a Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and a attainment of Christianity in Ireland, as good as celebrates a birthright and enlightenment of a Irish in general.

For some-more info of Saint Patrick Day, greatfully click here.

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The St Patrick Celebration Party started about 7.30pm (Friday) in La Primeur Pub (N1.54477 E103.68489) in Taman Impian Emas, Skudai – Johor Bahru. Everyone was bustling for sourroundings adult and business were continue walk-in non-stoply…
Well, I’m a unchanging enthusiast here…

 print IMG_8005_zpsdd0ef046.jpg
La Primeur Pub has 3 opening in Johor Bahru. Started a initial from Jalan Harimau Tarum, Century Garden about 8 years ago, second opening is during Jalan Austin Perdana 3/10, Taman Austin Perdana. Then follow by a third opening – Jalan Impian Emas 5/1, Taman Impian Emas, Skudai is this opening carrying a St Patrick Celebration on that evening.

There was a FOC proxy tattoo regulating a paintbrush that was really renouned in that evening! Everyone was reserve adult to hammered a Guinness and a Shamrock trademark on each partial of their body! Haha!

 print IMG_8013_zps45b35552.jpg
The initial chairman who had his trademark stamping was a owners of La Primeur Pub – Mr Jack. He was enjoyed a routine with a 3 (3) Shamrock on his head…

 print IMG_8020_zps4d0b8077.jpg

 print IMG_8021_zps6e72338e.jpg

 The proxy paintbrush tattoo continue…

 print IMG_8023_zps2882a713.jpg

Some on their hand, some on their legs…

 print IMG_8040_zpscef32f3c.jpg

 print IMG_8051_zpsf035de3d.jpg

 print IMG_8159_zpsdc31baed.jpg
  we was advantageous adequate to prisoner a Pretty Sexy Promoters from Guinness while they acted in front of a pub…

 print IMG_8065_zps5d56cf8b.jpg

 print IMG_8076_zps80ea6f8c.jpg

 print IMG_8043_zps2cc44f0d.jpg
At that moment, a song was removing louder…and we only beheld that it was Fullhouse! Everyone was enjoying a Guinness Draught from a Pub….

 print IMG_8262_zps4e5f5b9a.jpg

And a Party Began!

 print IMG_8227_zpscff53b9c.jpg

 print IMG_8089_zps551b7178.jpg

 print IMG_8092_zps810d71d5.jpg

 print IMG_8145_zps3f709710.jpg

 print IMG_8233_zpse6cc6d56.jpg

 print IMG_8210_zps6904eb92.jpg

 print IMG_8190_zps9bece8e7.jpg

 print IMG_8240_zpsa08818c2.jpg

 print IMG_8158_zpsb4e6efeb.jpg

 print IMG_8181_zps6fa46147.jpg

 print IMG_8244_zps9c92ba18.jpg
During that moment, a barkeeper was a busiest male in a World!

 print IMG_8148_zpscbb3e095.jpg

Beside a bartender, a flattering waitress also portion like mad….

 print IMG_7983_zps74a6d363.jpg

There were 2 magicians behaving during each dilemma within a pub in that evening…Wonderful Magic from them!

 print IMG_8186_zpsc3a93f76.jpg

The Big Show started around 9pm! With a aphorism “March More Fun!”

 print IMG_8121_zpse07fbed4.jpg

 print IMG_8103_zpsa82f0fcf.jpg

 print IMG_8120_zps2931477d.jpg

 print IMG_8117_zps493b7ae6.jpg

 print IMG_8111_zps164dc37f.jpg
Beside Mar More Fun, they continue with a Irish Dance in a Pub…

 print IMG_8292_zps2c42154e.jpg

 print IMG_8286_zps6bc4e25f.jpg

 print IMG_8139_zps8cd8d01f.jpg

Thanks for a organisation who achieved that dusk and a unite – GAB of Malaysia. The opening had brought adult a Party atmosphere to a Top! Everyone was enjoying a song and of march with their Guinness Draught!
And some kissing lift on too…

 print IMG_8271_zps5bf09337.jpg

The celebration continue after a performance, and a throng was continue to flowed into a pub…

Do dump by La Primeur Pub if we occur around a Skudai area, it has a good environment, relax and native type…importantly it’s Not hazed inside…

 print IMG_8008_zpse4b82c71.jpg

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The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge during Taman Ponderosa, Johor Bahru.

The Brazzo Restaurant and Lounge (N1.51800 E103.78205) is located during Jalan Poderosa 2/1, subsequent to UOB Bank of Taman Poderosa. The atmosphere of a grill is accessible and relax, good ambience!

 print IMG_8998_zpsb255b15a.jpg

The comfortable lightings unequivocally done us felt relax and a air-conditinal was cold…it’s a good place to suffer your meals!

 print IMG_8995_zps612eccee.jpg

 print IMG_8996_zpse3c1b3ed.jpg

 print IMG_9029_zps43a3fa96.jpg

The air-condition was also cold adequate to cold us down in a prohibited balmy day…
After watchful for about 10 minutes, a initial plate served on a list was their Sesame Garden Salads.

 print IMG_9002_zpsa7ac7ca0.jpg

It served in a organic delicious shaggy unfeeling with mayonnaise-based Creamy dressings. The light salads to kindle a ardour as a initial march of a plate and we like a Special sesame taste of a dressings, and not forget a good cherry tomatoes.

The second dishes was a Ahi Tuna (Yellow Fin Tuna) – One of a Signature plate of Brazzo.

 print IMG_9004_zps2229f77f.jpg

The parched Ahi Tuna (30% cooked) served with a special sauce, vegetables and a luscious crushed potatoes.

 print IMG_9006_zpsa8797de9.jpg

 print IMG_9008_zps4072ff55.jpg

We tasted a ‘Charcoal Grilled’ Ahi Tuna for a initial time within Johor Bahru area, we like a sesame seeds really much! The uninformed tuna melted in a mouth with good aroma, it done a Must try plate to me! And greatfully don’t forget to finish a good crushed potatoes and a luscious cherry tomatoes.

Before we can finish a Ahi Tuna, a third plate served…The Kurobuta Prime Rack on-the-bone (300g)(another Signature plate of a restaurant)

 print IMG_9012_zpsf97bf4ab.jpg

Kurobuta Pork is a many rarely cherished pig in Japan and comes from a ancient multiply of pig famous as Black Berkshire. The beef from a pristine oriental strains of Black Berkshire, found in Japan, is regarded as a tip peculiarity pig in a world.

 print IMG_9014_zps704f205b.jpg

Some knowledges from crony : Conventional farm-raised pigs
tend to miss a impossibly luscious fat that birthright breeds have
maintained, and that keeps their beef juicy, proposal and, yes,
expensive. But if you’re a loyal fan of pork, birthright is value every
succulent bite.

It was my initial time perplexing a tip peculiarity pig in Johor Bahru, it served with a special salsa and it was simply grilled on a outward and stays proposal inside. This square of pig gave a opposite ambience from a typical pig that accessible locally. Kind of like a taste…It was a good knowledge for us yet it can be some-more ideal by yield some-more wet of a meat.

The onward plate was Milk Fed Veal Rack (300g)Signature plate of The Brazzo

 print IMG_9016_zpsc09b2577.jpg

Veal is a beef of immature cattle (calves), as against to beef from comparison cattle, Milk Fed Veal was took from calves that are lifted on a divert regulation supplement. The beef colour is ivory or tawny pink, with a firm, fine, and fluffy appearance. They are customarily slaughtered when they strech 18–20 weeks of age (450-500 lb). “Milk-fed” veal calves devour a diet consisting of divert replacer, formulated with mostly milk-based proteins and combined vitamins and minerals. Source from here.

 print IMG_9018_zpsa00ae2be.jpg

Our Milk Fed Veal Rack was served with a medium rare doneness. As we can see a reddish on a meat, it simply melted in a mouth and a ‘charcoal grilled’ aroma filled adult each dilemma in a mouth! The veal was proposal and succulent, this 300g veal took us during slightest an hour to suffer it! With a tiny small cut of Blue Cheese, done this delicious Perfect!
It’s a Must try plate for beef lover, Delicious!

 print IMG_9020_zpseb417b52.jpg

The fifth plate was – French Rack Of Lamb (Signature plate of The Brazzo)

 print IMG_9023_zps25efc226.jpg

A shelve of lamb or carré d’agneau (though this might also impute to other cuts) is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to a spine, and including 16 ribs or chops.

Rack of lamb is mostly “frenched”, that is, a rib skeleton are unprotected by slicing off a fat and beef covering them. Typically, 3 inches of bone over a categorical flesh (the rib eye or Longissimus dorsi) are left on a rack, with a tip dual inches exposed.
Well, we were not so sold as other food partner to magnitude a 2″ 3″ of it. Haha!

 print IMG_9024_zpsbf208f2c.jpg

The Rack of Lamb was good grilled on a outward and it had a middle doneness inside, that gave a reddish pink, browned, and crusty. The seasoning complemented a lamb yet not browbeat it. We can’t stop ourselves after a initial bite! No review between us during that impulse unitl a racks finished…

 print IMG_9025_zpseeaabc2c.jpg

2 sticks of  asparagus wrapped by bacon served together with a Rack of Lamb, and no matter how full we are…you contingency finish this Nice bacon! Tasty!

 print IMG_9027_zps8d8deb39.jpg

All a above meats were imported, and a prices of a 6 forms of Singatures plate are between RM50-80. Exclude a Kobe beef.

We were satisfied with all a Signatures plate that served on a table!
The Western Cuisines offer in Brazzo are opposite from a common western food grill in Johor Bahru, we will have some-more chances to try a opposite form of western cuisine in this grill and their Specialty is “Charcoal Grilled”. It was a wealthy dishes with a reasonable price! Thanks to Mr Sean Lauw – The accessible owners of The Brazzo.

The Brazzo do offer appealing lunch set in a noon time, they have sum of 9 different sets all offer with coffee or flower tea for Only RM12.90 nett.
Beside this, they offer beers and other alcohols in a lounge, this naturally spin into a good cold place to shun during a prohibited balmy day! 🙂

With a environment, accessible services, peculiarity dishes and affordable prices….it’s a Excellent dining Restaurant! Do dump by if we around a Ponderosa or Taman Molek area, we trust we will warn with a food of The Brazzo Restuarant Lounge.

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Malacca (Melaka) Ciam-ciam stall

This Ciam-Ciam stall (N2.20102 E102.24253) is located in front of a Magnum 4D emporium along Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca. We were astounded by a crowds surrounded a stall. My oddity triggered and pull us to try it!

 print IMG_20130324_163238R_zps14c9ec11.jpg

Realized what a case sell once we mount close…it sell fish ball, loucheon meat, bean spread skin, pig intestine, tribes, streaky pig and many more…all cooked.

 print IMG_20130324_163513R_zps0f24ae50.jpg

We like a braised and stewed tribes, it was Tasty Delicous!
All a dishes were served by a tiny hang by it. Different from a “Lok-Lok”, since all were baked and mostly 1 square per stick.

 print IMG_20130324_163631R_zpsf33ba66e.jpg

Everyone will yield a disposable styrofoam like a image and we comparison a chili, there were few form accessible in a stall…

By looking during everybody faces, seems like they were unequivocally enjoyed a foods! Just like us! Haha! we found it was utterly fun by carrying some internal travel food (kind of snacks to me) along a travel and once we beheld others countenance while carrying it, we can’t stop myself to had another few sticks…! 🙂

 print IMG_20130324_163904R_zpsef4e071c.jpg

By watching a styrofoam behind a stall, we can suppose how good a business is…
I can't remember how most per hang though it cost us about RM11 for 2 persons after a trainer counted from a sticks…we had a lot of a stewed intestine…:)
I consider can't review a cost with Lok-Lok since all dishes was cooked, not raw…so we felt a prices were utterly reasonable.

The case ONLY in business during Saturday and Sunday noon time onwards, Only 2 days per week. So if we pass-by a stall, we competence wish to try it out a internal – Malacca Ciam-Ciam.

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Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? during Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

Taroko Teppanyaki ?????? (N1.51433 E103.66898) is located along Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2 of Taman Sutera Utama (????, Skudai, Johor Bahru. The grill is easy to notice since it’s usually subsequent a Suan Bee Hotel (budget), a Bangkok Village is subsequent to it and they are carrying a same management.

 print IMG_9463_zpsa74367db.jpg

The dining area was comfort and there are indoor area with air-conditional and outside area, that are pity between a 2 restaurant. We visited a grill on Tuesday dusk and a throng was moderate…

 print IMG_9456_zps063903f0.jpg

 print IMG_9460_zpsf3f56cfd.jpg

 print IMG_9455_zps6cd1514b.jpg

Before a dinenr start, we was unequivocally enjoyed a creation of a Teppanyaki dishes with a ‘kin-kin…kiang-kiang’ sound generated by a severe iron plate…
They are also a ‘First’ and ‘Only’ Teppanyaki Restaurant out of a Japanese Restaurant in Johor Bahru.

 print IMG_9361_zpse9b5130e.jpg

  print IMG_9385_zpse81e742c.jpg

Some patron competence feel provoke by a sound generated from a Teppanyaki, though it was a good party for me and we like to watch a whole routine of a food preparation. 🙂

The Taroko Teppanyaki grill has many opposite form of beef and
that was a reason we wanted to try out a Beef Teppanyaki on that

The dishes we had…
1)  Signature Seafood Fried Rice
2)  Mixed Seafood Set B (Cod fish, scallop and tiger prawns)
3)  Authentic Thai Seafood Tomyam
4)  Portuguese Baked Fish
5)  New Zealand Sliced Beef
6)  Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef
7)  Aussie Angus Striploin Beef
8)  Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom
9)  Aussie Wagyu Beef

*  The above dishes were for 14 persons

 print IMG_9393_zpsc1b34812.jpg

The seafood boiled rice was special and it had a singular ambience review with a typical boiled rice accessible in JB. It served with copiousness of seafood and it was value for a cost of RM7.90 each.

Most of their Ala Carte dishes are served with a immature vegetables and bean sprout. Let me uncover we a creation of a Mixed Seafood Set B, served with cod fish, scallop and 2 tiger prawn.

 print IMG_9364_zpsa8be232a.jpg

 print IMG_9400_zps624fa50e.jpg

And here come a seafoods…

 print IMG_9399_zpsce26eaef.jpg

 print IMG_9405_zps7c6eec2b.jpg

All seafood and other dishes were boiled on a Teppayaki with a strange taste. The prepare usually combined some peppers and small oil on it…
Before a seafoods ready, a vege and a bean thrive were stand-by by a side…

 print IMG_9369_zps9026d803.jpg

Once all is ready, it had a Nice display on a Mixed Seafood Set.
The procession was steady for each Ala Carte dishes…

 print IMG_9411_zpsc5e0a116.jpg

The Mixed Seafood set was really value of a cost – RM38.90.

 print IMG_9377_zps34184a74.jpg

The Thai Tomyam was served on effervescent gas and opposite from a diluted chronicle that simply accessible in JB. It had a Nice aroma with a abounding tomyam flavor.

The above dishes also accompany by a Portuguese Style Baked Fish. It was astonishing tasty!
I had a initial Portuguese Baked Fish was during a Portuguese Seafood Village during Malacca, and we wanted to try a ambience out of Malacca and finally we found it here!

 print IMG_9431_zpsea575314.jpg

 print IMG_9433_zpsd3a34290.jpg

  print IMG_9478_zpscd49216d.jpg

The Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef

The process…

 print IMG_9417_zpsf475f63b.jpg

Cut into brick size…

 print IMG_9422_zpse87bcde5.jpg

And last…

 print IMG_9425_zps0d709c82.jpg

Another perspective of a Aussie Angus Sirloin Beef(without a immature vege and bean sprout)

 print IMG_9485_zpsd3ea6e58.jpg

The Aussie Angus Striploin Beef

 print IMG_9480_zpscc446be8.jpg

 print IMG_9481_zps87b226cd.jpg

After few good beef Teppanyaki, let’s have a Fried Teppanyaki Shitake Mushroom.

 print IMG_9490_zpseb758b0e.jpg

 print IMG_9492_zps29773e7a.jpg

That was a Nice Mushroom!

The final will be everybody was watchful for…The Aussie Wagyu Beef.

 print IMG_9469_zps941165bf.jpg

 print IMG_9487_zpsac48dfbe.jpg

The Aussie Wagyu finished on a list in reduction than 5 minutes! That was a Delicoius Wagyu Beef! We all like it really much! With a cost of usually RM88.90 (200g).

Except a New Zealand Sliced Beef was served good done, since it was too skinny though all a Angus and Wagyu beef were served in a Medium or Medium rare doneness. Luckily a Wagyu was served on a final dish, differently we trust everybody will not meddlesome on others dishes anymore! Haha!

Our Beef and Wine party final for about 4 hours and everybody was really confident with a dishes from Taroko Teppanyaki. They are good for a beef and even other dishes like seafood and their 5 forms of boiled rice.Worth for another visit!

Do try out if we occur during a Sutera Utama area or after your selling from a Sutera Mall, we competence like a opposite process of boiled dishes. Especially for a beef lover!

We will really behind for a Teppanyaki again!

 print IMG_9461_zpsf0c5e2a0.jpg

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