Malacca (Melaka) Ciam-ciam stall

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This Ciam-Ciam stall (N2.20102 E102.24253) is located in front of a Magnum 4D emporium along Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca. We were astounded by a crowds surrounded a stall. My oddity triggered and pull us to try it!

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Realized what a case sell once we mount close…it sell fish ball, loucheon meat, bean spread skin, pig intestine, tribes, streaky pig and many more…all cooked.

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We like a braised and stewed tribes, it was Tasty Delicous!
All a dishes were served by a tiny hang by it. Different from a “Lok-Lok”, since all were baked and mostly 1 square per stick.

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Everyone will yield a disposable styrofoam like a image and we comparison a chili, there were few form accessible in a stall…

By looking during everybody faces, seems like they were unequivocally enjoyed a foods! Just like us! Haha! we found it was utterly fun by carrying some internal travel food (kind of snacks to me) along a travel and once we beheld others countenance while carrying it, we can’t stop myself to had another few sticks…! 🙂

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By watching a styrofoam behind a stall, we can suppose how good a business is…
I can't remember how most per hang though it cost us about RM11 for 2 persons after a trainer counted from a sticks…we had a lot of a stewed intestine…:)
I consider can't review a cost with Lok-Lok since all dishes was cooked, not raw…so we felt a prices were utterly reasonable.

The case ONLY in business during Saturday and Sunday noon time onwards, Only 2 days per week. So if we pass-by a stall, we competence wish to try it out a internal – Malacca Ciam-Ciam.

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