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The Kulaijaya renouned and famous Char Koey Teow during a evening

The indistinguishable nonetheless famous burn koey teow stall (N1.65992 E103.60263) is located along Jalan Ibrahim of Kulai Besar. It’s easy to mark a case by entrance by Jalan Ismail (which is a travel on a left from JB instruction after KFC, Maybank and BSN Kulaijaya), once spin in…the second spin on a right. Another landmark same quarrel with a case is Clinic Chai that is 2-3 shops away…

The case is open around 5pm, and a owners set his possess aim daily and a rice noodles finish really quick around 7.30-8pm. Even their business hour settled 4-9pm, though frequency can see a wok continue to grill after 8pm due to a internal demand.

 print IMG_9715_zps6a09af2c.jpg

We were there around 7.30pm and luckily a owners pronounced a koey teow still available, and we usually systematic 2 plates given we had to spared some space in a stomach given of a Kulai food route in that evening.

I beheld a sublime aged male keep frying a koey teow uninterrupted given we stepped in…

 print IMG_9713_zps4a8440ee.jpg

Even he was perplexing to acted to my camera, though we missed it!…

 print IMG_9717_zpsb5148743.jpg

The appreciative image of Char Koey Teow widespread out a good aroma when it served on a table, it was a elementary flat rice noodles boiled with eggs, bean sprouts and cockles but a chives and lards. we like a fresh cockles really much, distinct many stalls in JB providing a solidified cockles that totally kill a benevolence of it…

 print IMG_9711_zps789b95fc.jpg

There’s indeed still bedrooms for heated “wok kei” (literally exhale of wok over a high feverishness in Cantonese), maybe it was due to a internal welfare of a taste.

From a brief discuss with a owner, we satisfied that a case had been operated given 39 years ago and been by a third generation. It contingency be a enchanting ambience that kept a prolonged story of a internal sweetmeat – Char Koey Teow.

Do dump by if we occur in a area during a case handling hours, it competence warn we by a image of tasty Char Koey Teow of Kulaijaya.

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Tourism Malaysia

Restoran Yeen Lai ????????? during Kulaijaya, Johor.

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According to a local, this was where a famous Yun Lai (?????) originated and it’s a initial chronological emporium of a business…nowadays, a name of Yun Lai widespread each dilemma of Johor Bahru…

 print IMG_9627_zps2e6cd51e.jpg

We visited a grill around noon time, it was not crowded…the low sum business is doing by organisation of unfamiliar workers solely a cashier. We found out a prolongation of a low sum had changed to serve adult 21 miles during Kulai town, and a low sum are ecstatic each day to this ‘old’ emporium to keep a mutation of a food.

 print IMG_9626_zps96181bbd.jpg

We systematic a duck feet, Siew Mai (??) and Char Siew Bao (???). Overall good!

 print IMG_9622_zps419acb82.jpg

 print IMG_9625_zps842bd25b.jpg

 print IMG_9620_zpsdbc9f353.jpg

The duck feet were a bit special on a stretch skin, a little skeleton were not disorderly dropping…Siew Mai was normal and a Char Siew Bao was proposal on a outdoor side, luscious and juicy inside, it was one of a good burn siew bao we had within JB and Kulai.

Price was reasonable and value a second visit.

The usually waste is a emporium too tighten to a categorical highway that creates we can't suffer a low sum peacefully, though we theory it became a ‘culture’ of this low sum grill where a business won’t worry about it anymore…

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Kim Long Curry Fish Head ?????? along Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

In Taman Pelangi, there’s a renouned Clay pot curry fish conduct grill that is packaged with peoples many of a time, a place mentioned is Kim Long Curry Fish Head Restaurant ?????? (N1.48279 E103.77546). The grill is located along Jalan Kuning of Tmn Pelangi that is conflicting a Kim Kopitiam. This is a second opening where a First opening is located during Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor Bahru town.

 print IMG_20130630_210135R_zps8deb3336.jpg

The reason we chose this opening is since a grill work from afternoon compartment night and with improved environment, notwithstanding a infancy reviews pronounced a initial opening is ambience most some-more improved than this…

 print IMG_20130630_210736R_zpsdd001f39.jpg

The grill has 2 dining area, indoor and outdoor. But a outside are only merely 2-3 tables along a corridor…we picked a mezzanine table.

The clay pot curry fish conduct offer in small, middle and large sizes depends on ask from customer. We systematic a tiny distance for 2 persons.

 print IMG_9632_zps2c3a2f2a.jpg

Once a lid carried from a clay pot, a good curry aroma was wafted around as usual. The other mixture served together in a clay pot was immature lady fingers and cowpea.

The dainty curry fish conduct was somewhat opposite from a one we had in Cedar Point, a turn of a lemak (coconut milk) was most some-more reduce and a curry powder ambience some-more stronger, and sharp too! we felt a curry some-more oily, though it kept a feverishness really good compartment we finished… a fish was fresh, proposal and moist. We enjoyed a good curry on a raining evening…such a ideal timing for us!

There are a few renouned and famous curry fish conduct around JB, we still haven’t try all of them yet, notwithstanding a certain and disastrous reviews online, I’ll still revisit all of them in a entrance destiny since we adore ‘curry’…Kim Long is another chronicle of a Curry Fish Head creatively from Johor Bahru, maybe we will like it. Try it out!

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Century Curry Fish Head ???????? during Cedar Point Hawker Center ?????, Century Garden

The Century Curry Fish Head ???????? (N1.48126 E103.76296) stall is located in Cedar Point Hawker Center of Century Garden – Johor Bahru. The hawker core is easy to locate means only behind a Grand Paragon Hotel of JB, and it’s removing swarming mostly in a dusk time, we can find many of a Johor Bahru internal delights within…

 print 15-cedarpointcurry-01_zpsd8f9fad2.jpg

We chose a renouned Century clay pot curry fish head for a dinner. The ‘Chinese’ character curry fish conduct offer in small, middle and vast distance with opposite prices. The tiny distance clay pot we had cost RM25 each, reasonable price.

 print 15-cedarpointcurry-02_zps092ce858.jpg

The piping prohibited curry fish conduct served on a list in about 10 mins and good aroma of a curry wafts around a list once a clay pot lid is lifted. Few mixture are used to scheming a dish, immature lady’s fingers and tomatoes are combined to a curry, bedecked with copiousness of Tau-pok (fried bean-curd). The dainty curry was baked with a ideal offset of curry and coconut milk, and it was not unequivocally sharp though with a right volume of tang.
The strength was proposal and moist, a fish skeleton disturb simply while putting into my mouth, goes with a graphic ambience of curry leaf, we all had a second image of rice! The volume offer for a tiny distance of fish conduct is adequate to offer adult to 3 persons that are not a large eater.

Beside a clay pot curry, we also systematic a Tampoi renouned ‘pork satay’ and ‘fried oyster’ from a food court. The slight charred satay sticks was ambience normal and excusable with a peanuts sauce, all BBQ with good honey.

 print IMG_9579_zpsc2e1b175.jpg

The boiled oyster omelette was average, a normal distance of uninformed oysters sojourn luscious while it served in this eggy season omelette. It could be improved if they change a starch and a eggs, and yield somewhat large distance of oysters. we don’t mind profitable more…

 print IMG_9583_zpsd7eaecc4.jpg

The hawker core is my favorite food justice given a 80s. It has many tasty dishes given those day until now, do learn yourself and we might find a food we like. 🙂

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Tourism Malaysia

Menu Please Bistro along Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya

Menu Please Bistro (N1.48083 E103.76612) is located along Jalan Maju of Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru. The Bistro is easy to locate since not distant divided from a Plaza Pelangi, though car parking can be utterly plea over here due to Jalan Maju is one of a busiest transport in Johor Bahru.

 print IMG_9970_zpsa2d53c77.jpg

The sourroundings is warm, friendly and relax, with some artistic recycle decoration, we like it really much! You can solemnly perspective by some of their artistic deco photos below…

 print IMG_9961_zps7289624c.jpg

 print IMG_9960_zps6699a3a1.jpg

 print IMG_9958_zpsf2e9fd08.jpg

Follow by a Creative decoration…

 print IMG_9964_zps133ece1e.jpg

 print IMG_9952_zpsc956e096.jpg

 print IMG_9949_zps4771b037.jpg

The initial plate we had was a Sesame Duck Salad as a appetizer.

 print IMG_9954_zps1ee4a5a4.jpg

The salad served in a singular approach that was in a potion jar. That was creative! The Sesame Duck Salad was churned with ‘char siew’ salsa and tasted good! Beside a Saseme Duck Salad, they do offer Crispy Tofu Salad and Glass Noodle Salad with Prawn…in a potion jar too…

 print IMG_9957_zpsb5974d3d.jpg

Next : Wasabi Prawn Handmade Pizza (thin crush)

 print IMG_9966_zps4ef45a02.jpg

The ambience of a Pizza was Special! It was my First time we attempted pizza with wasabi, it done a sum new ambience for a Pizza, well…it’s tough to report by words, we have to try yourself. 🙂
The forms of Handmade Thin Crush Pizza they have :-
*  Ham Cheese
*  Tomato Cheese
*  Mushroom Capsicum
*  Beef Pepperoni
* Oriental Duck
* Wasabi Prawn

 print IMG_9967_zpsf71390ea.jpg

Salmon Coulibiac – Russian cuisine include of a tawny muddle of uninformed salmon, rice, eggs and mushrooms enclosed in a prohibited fritter envelope.
Salmon Coulibiac in Wikipedia.

 print IMG_9976_zpsf81fd5e4.jpg

The punch was surprising! The churned with a rice, eggs, uninformed salmon, mushrooms and spinach was excellent! The plate supposing of opposite form of satisfation review with other categorical march we had before, it turn one of a reason to revisit Menu Please Bistro since this special and singular plate in Johor Bahru.
We catergorized this as A Must Try dish!
They offer 10 forms of categorical march with a affordable cost from RM14.80 to RM29.80.

 print IMG_9979_zps591edb25.jpg

The subsequent plate was a Asian Delights – Menu Please’s Laksa.

 print IMG_9984_zps2379254f.jpg

The ambience of a laksa was somewhat opposite from a JB internal laksa, it some-more tighten to Singapore taste. we like a curry leafs on a laksa and it’s formidable to find it around a JB area nowadays…
They have 4 forms of Asian Delights to try out if we name to have a internal foods…

Braised Beef Cheek with homemade Focaccia bread (another categorical course)

 print IMG_9987_zps3c3c7f6b.jpg

Another Must Try plate if we are a beef lover. The beef impertinence credentials took few hours before it can offer on a table. It was juicy and tender, a gravy was tantalizing too! It’s advise to carrying a Focaccia bread with a gravy. Delicious!

 print IMG_9989_zps223b6f98.jpg

Coming subsequent was one of thier side plate : Oriental Potato Cake with Tamarind Dip.

 print IMG_9991_zps12e9a873.jpg

Crispy on a outward and soothing during a inside, it was hot! The Tamarind Dip went good a dainty potato and carrot. The punch was interesting! This plate will not be offer by a Bistro start from Aug 2013, due to a prolonged preparation. If we wish to try out a good crispy potato, we have to act fast!
The Bistro has 7 forms of side plate for guest to select.

 print IMG_9993_zps6908bae2.jpg

Dessert time! Warm Chocolate Cake

 print IMG_9998_zpscd478ba4.jpg

It looked identical to Chocolate Volcano in some other cafe,  a comfortable choclate cake good presented and not too sweet, good to suffer after a wealthy meal…

The second dessert was Creme Brulee also famous as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream.

 print IMG_9999_zpsf22caa31.jpg

The dessert consisting of a abounding custard bottom surfaced with a resisting covering of tough caramel. Mr Jayson (the cook also a owners of Menu Please Bistro) advise to try it with a tip covering and a custard together. we like it really much!
There are sum of 5 forms of dessert in a Bistro, we trust really one of it will fit you.

We had a discuss with Mr Jayson Ang who is A freindly and common guy, grin many of a time. He was a Chef from Four Season Hotel and Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore few years back, and now he motionless to come behind to his hometown (Johor Bahru) to start his possess business and benefaction all a tasty and artistic dishes to his customer. It’s also a good event for a internal who no need to transport to Singapore though still be means to try a good Western and Asian sweetmeat from a bistro.

The prices is affordable, all from RM4.80 – RM29.80.
We like a sourroundings and generally a artistic deco of a Bistro. we will condescend this bistro some-more mostly in a future, to try some-more on their foods.

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