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48 hours in Ipoh by ETS

First Day
KL Sentral – Ipoh Railway Station

Photo Credit: Muhd Imran Ismail (Shutterstock)

Taking the KTM train to Ipoh in the state of Perak, Malaysia, is the best way to travel to this interesting town, as the Ipoh railway station is located in the “old town,” an easy 10 to 15 minutes‘ walk to hotels and budget accommodation close to the main tourist sights of the city.

Upon arrival, we took some photos at this historical building at Ipoh railway station. It is a beautiful example of colonial architecture in Ipoh of a bygone era. The railways station was built in 1935 and designed by Arthur Benison Hubback and it is widely known as the ‘Taj Mahal of Ipoh’ thanks to its amazing Mughal design features.

The tourist information office is on the right-hand side of the railway station and it offers a variety of leaflets, maps and information on Ipoh.

The government has planned to carry out an integrated development project at the Ipoh railway station and its surround areas, which will take between 10 and 15 years to be fully completed. The project includes the development of housing areas, hotels, educational institutions, commercial buildings, as well as green lungs.

Brunch at Durbar at FMS (Pork-free)

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The refurbished Durbar At FMS, which is run by a trained architect, Seow Wee Liam, brings back the good old memory of Ipoh during the British colonial era, reflecting the image of this historical old town. The place is adorned with antique timber furniture, classic hanging lights and vintage ceiling fans, with artwork and old photos also used to decorate the walls of the restaurant.

FMS stands for Federated Malay States and “durbar” is a Persian-derived term meaning a great ceremonial hall receiving visitors in audience, holding formal informal reception and gatherings by high society.

FMS Bar and Restaurant was first founded in 1906 on Market Street by a Hainanese immigrant and it was the archetypal European miners and planters bar. It has occupied the present premise, which is located opposite the Ipoh Padang here, since 1923 and has served thousands of patrons for over a century.

Highly recommended dishes include traditional Hainanese fried mee, classic chicken mornay, Hainanese chicken chop, banana fritters and kuay teow.

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**Pork-free dining but alcohol is served.

2, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-210 5115
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily (Closed on Wednesday)

Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin) tour

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The still water perfectly reflects everything above it, as illustrated in its name Mirror Lake.

Famously known as Tasik Cermin or Mirror Lake in English, this mystical hidden lake in Ipoh is a not to be missed destination for your travel adventure to this city.

You can ask for directions at Da Seng Ngan Temple nearby the lake. Even though it takes a little bit of time to locate this lake, but it was well worth the hassle.

You will definitely need to go through dusty and muddy road ahead of reaching this picturesque lake. Please don’t give up in your search for this lake as it is like a hideout with the existence windows 10 activator of a tunnel surrounded the lake. It is such a serene quiet lake and it becomes a Instagram worthy destination for all people especially the youngsters to check in here.

Highly recommended activities here include having a picnic with friends and family, whereby all visitors are surrounded by limestones and trees while hearing the sounds of birds chirping and singing. To bring a boardgame along is recommended if it is good weather.

It is a precious moment for having a great time enjoying the beauty of the natural world. Admission is free. It is a perfect moment by immersing yourself in this oasis.

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Explore Lost World of Tambun
*Check in Hotel

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It is an amazing theme park! It might not of the same standard as other international theme parks but it is well-maintained with affordable entry price.

Surrounded by limestone hills, this theme park has the best backdrop as illustrated by its name “Lost World of Tambun”. Some key attractions for the theme parks are the water park, amusement rides, hot springs, tin valley and petting zoo. Even though we find it a bit rush with about two hours, however, we have lots of fun to here. The kids could not get enough of it for playing inside the big wave pool.

Visitors can choose to satisfy their taste buds here with fabulous Malaysian dishes found at the hawker centre as well as the “Ipoh Street”. It is totally an enjoyable experience to have ice balls here during hot afternoon.

It is easy to access to this theme parks from city area in Ipoh. We love this place so much and will definitely recommend it to your travel list in the Ipoh state for your next visit.

As it is a two-day one-night short trip for us, we straight away check in at the Lost World of Tambun Hotel here.

The hot springs are open for evening sessions from 6pm onwards and visitors can appreciate the hot springs at night to release stress.

Open: 11.00 am – 6.00 pm (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: 1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway, Sunway City, 31150, Ipoh

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Dinner at Warteg Ipoh

Photo Credit: Facebook Warteg Ipoh

Have you ever tried lobster inspired with Javanese flavours? Restaurant Warteg, located at one of the oldest buildings in Ipoh, is definitely a top pick food heaven for every travellers as it offers a mixed of traditional Indonesian food and western cuisines. Signature seafood dishes include Java Lobster, King Crab and Java Seabass.

Apart from fresh seafood, you can also satisfy your taste buds with Big Platter Chicken/Fish/Lamb, pasta as well as chicken chop. This cozy restaurant also serves simple dishes such as fried rice, Nasi Liwet, Nasi Uduk, to name a few.

Address: 73, Jalan Raja Musa Aziz, Kampung Jawa, 30300 Ipoh.
Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 3pm-12am (closed on Mondays)
Phone: +605-241 1644

Photo Credit: Facebook Warteg Ipoh Facebook

A night market tour

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If you stop in Ipoh, it’s not too late for you to visit one of the most popular and interesting places – the Night Gate (Gerbang Malam), operating daily from 8pm till 3am.

For anyone looking for a Night Gate position, it is located right on the Dato’ Tahwil Azhar Road. You can use Google Map or Waze software to get the exact location you want to get from your location.

It makes for a nice and interesting stroll at night. Look out for some local snacks, clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, toys, jewellery and more here! The price is highly affordable and you can bargain with sellers for the best price.

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A night walk at Bulatan Amanjaya

Photo Credit: Nur Ismail Photography

Surrounded by a roundabout, Bulatan Amanjaya has been transformed into a recreational park with jogging track, water fountains, playgrounds, mini water theme park, skateboard and rock-climbing area with spacious fields and concourse areas for outdoor activities.

Managed by the Perak State Development Corporation (PNKP), the park is open 24/7, except for the water theme park with free admission. For those who prefer to do jogging or play recreational activities after dark, this place is also well-lit up and accessible for them.

Recreational equipment such as scooters, baby cars, ninebots, kick scooters, quadracycles and tricycles, to name a few, are also available to rent for a fee.

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Second Day
Breakfast at Hotel

A morning tour to Memory Lane

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Memory Lane or Pasar karat is the name of a renowned flea market in Ipoh, which occupies Jalan Horley and Jalan Lim Bo Seng. It is definitely a great location for anyone visiting Ipoh. Some roads will be closed to facilitate the operation of this market.

This market pops up every Sunday and starts in the morning until around 1pm. There are a variety of local antiques as well as souvenir and gifts can be purchased for personal collections. Here is a haven for collectors of old goods, whereby buyers can look for preloved items, including vintage bags and old model cameras, just to name a few.

It is also a favorite place for street photographers to capture the beautiful and bustling atmosphere of traders and visitors from all over the world.

Don’t be afraid to bargain and this is a wonderful tourist attraction for those who want a momento of their trip to Ipoh.

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Gunung Lang Recreational Park Adventure 

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If you love being surrounded by nature, this is the perfect place to take a visit as it is just about 15 to 20 minutes’ drive by car from Ipoh.

It was opened in October 2000, covering an area of 30.35 hectares out of which 14.16 hectares consists of the lake.

Admission to the recreational park is free. You have to take a 10-minute boat ride to reach the park which affords you the best views of the area.

But, it is chargeable for the boat ride. The park itself you will find an observation tower, gardens and a small animal farm that’s home to deer, monkeys and ostriches.

As we are just take a short trip here for sight-seeing, for those who wish to spend a longer time here, you can choose to have a picnic at the campsite here.

The main attractions of Gunung Lang are the man-made cascading waterfall atop a limestone hill, a 2km broadwalk over the swamp and lookout towers. The uniqueness of the limestone formation also attracts visitors as it is situated close to the Ipoh city centre.

Location: Jalan Damai, 30100 Ipoh, Perak Malaysia.

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Lunch at Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah Ipoh

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Dubbed ‘Nasi Ganja’ or Opium Rice, Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah Ipoh is operated out of a Chinese coffee shop called Yong Suan.

Whenever nasi ganja is mentioned, everyone understands you are referring it as nasi kandar. It’s a catchy name but rest assured there’s nothing illegal substance used in the cooking.

It is always long queue in this shop. Simply seat yourself at any free table and the staff will come and take your order. Service is efficient and the price is reasonable.

Top pick is ayam goreng merah – after all it is its signature dish. You can also satisfy your taste buds with fish curry, squid curry, salted egg, okra and homemade mint chutney. You can add more curries on the side and it is free of charge.

Address: Yong Suan Coffee Shop, 2, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh
Tel: +605-254 4314
Business hours: 9.30am – 6pm

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Old Town Heritage Tour

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Ahead of my trip to Ipoh, I was informed by my friends that Concubine Lane is comparable with Petaling Street in the capital city of Malaysia as well as Jonker Walk in Malacca.

Located at the heart of Old Town Ipoh, Concubine Lane sees many hipster cafe popping up in recent years. It is the most vibrant street on weekends and holidays where visitors can shop for their souvenirs or hunt for local street food here. During my trip here, I can see the lane is crowded and full of people, both locals and tourists as it was a weekend tour. Apart from the main Concubine Lane, you can proceed to Second Concubine Lane. Several 3D murals, created by Ernest Zacharevic, can be traced here. The redevelopment of this back lanes has not diminished the charm of the old town.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Concubine Lane is Kong Heng Square. Here, you also can it go through remarkable transformation. Anchoring the square is Plan B cafe, one of its earliest tenants that has become synonymous with the square. It is a relax moment where visitors can take a rest here by sipping a hot coffee either in the morning or afternoon. Kong Heng Square today is a major attraction for both locals and tourists who come to admire and enjoy its unique and atmospheric environment. It has become a new landmark that the Ipoh Mali is rightfully proud of.

Photo Credit: By Low Yen Yeing (

Ipoh Railway Station to KL Sentral
Home sweet Home

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First Day

8am – KL Sentral – Ipoh Railway Station
11.30am – Brunch at Durbar at FMS, a historical restaurant
1.00pm – Mirror Lake (Tasik Cermin)
4.00pm – Lost World of Tambun (*Check in Hotel)
7.00pm Dinner at Warteg Ipoh
8.30pm – Night Market (Gerbang Malam)
10.00pm – Bulatan Amanjaya

Second Day

8.00am – Breakfast at Hotel (*Check out Hotel)
9am – Pasar Karat (Sundays only)
10am – Gunung Lang Recreational Park
1pm – Lunch at Nasi Kandar
2.30pm – Discover Concubine lane Be amazed by Street Arts
6pm – Ipoh Railway Station to KL Sentral

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Penang Shopping – An Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Penang

Penang is renowned as the island of duty-free shopping and during seasonal days, the Shopaholics from around the world gather here to fill their bags with the best things in the markets. Though now Langkawi has somehow taken over this status, but yet Penang has not stopped alluring Shopaholics. Penang Shopping is the most exciting activity for tourists as well as for locals, due to its expensive and branded shops and local and affordable markets. Penang has been able to cater to the needs of people from all classes and all age groups.

You shall find here shopping malls, night markets and street markets as well as antique shops, selling trendy and cultural stuff. You shall be able to buy complete gamut of products in Penang very easily. During the Penang shopping festival in August, which is conducted annually across the nation, Penang becomes of the major shopping hubs, as locals and tourists both head towards this city to take advantage of the amazing offers and discounts.

A Short Guide to Best Penang Shopping

As there are a number of shopping places in Penang, ranging from malls, shops in the street and night markets, then where you should go first and what to buy is the point to ponder upon. Therefore, to assist you in making a wise decision, we have discussed in details about the various places where you can for Penang Shopping and make the most of  your time and money. Read on to know about them:

Shopping Malls in Penang

Penang is one of the popular islands of Malaysia and being a significant part of Malaysia, it follows the culture of having lavish shopping malls within. No matter what you want to buy, you shall get each and everything from their malls. The famous malls for shopping in Penang are Gurney Plaza on Gurney Drive, Sunway Carnival mall in Seberang Perai, Queensbay Mall, which is overlooking the beautiful crystal clear water in Bayan Lepas and the 1st Avenue Mall, which is next to KOMTAR in George Town.

All these Penang Shopping Malls have stocked similar collection of well-known brands of clothing, shoes, bags and etc. as well as have same chains of food and beverage stores. However, this does not give rise to contempt, but rather makes it easier for everyone to find everything in one place.

You shall also find boutique malls like the Straits Quay Mall in Tanjung Tokong, which has gained great popularity with its one-off stores, i.e. Sugar where you shall see ready to bake measured ingredients for every cake and beautiful baking paraphernalia. At Bran et Dagauet, you shall come across one-off women’s clothing, which are designed by Penangite, Brandon Tan. At the Fresh Desire, you shall be amazed to see food like cupcakes and pastries in the shape of bathing soaps, which is one of its kind in the entire city.

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Markets in Penang

Missing out Penang Shopping at the markets is one of the biggest mistakes one could ever make. The famous Chowrasta Bazaar on Jalan Penang is ideal to buy fresh products as well as second hand stuff, all at very affordable prices. You can also eat out at the hawker food stalls. Thieves’ Market is the most popular markets not only because of its name, but also for having old stuff like ancient watches and manual irons of old times.

The weekly night markets are ideal for Penang Shopping and they are continuously in rotation from one neighborhood to another. You can buy local street food here at very reasonable prices as well as local fruits and the seasonal king of fruits. Furthermore, at few stalls, you shall also find household stuff like pots and pans, plastic buckets and scrubbing brushes.

Batu Ferringhi night market is set up daily and is famous for being the biggest in terms of length and breadth.  This market opens at 5:00pm and closes after midnight. This market is ideal for shopping in Penang, especially for tourists to buy sunglasses, knick knacks, clothes, hats and other stuff for playing on the beach like spades and floats etc.

Shopping Street in Penang

Little India is a renowned shopping street in Penang, flooded with vibrant colors and alluring fragrances of flowers, food and spices from India. Once you step in this market, you shall get the feeling as if you are in India and therefore, this street has been named Little India. The vibrant colors here are popping out from the fabric, jewelries, food, statues, flowers and from various other stuff, which is being sold here. A wide variety of beautiful sarees are found here and every store seems to have a better collection than the previous one. So, be ready to find yourself in the state of extreme confusion. Everything from food to clothing is totally Indian, depicting its culture.

Places to Buy Souvenirs and Gifts in Penang

When its time to go back to your home, it is mandatory to shop something for people waiting for you in your respective city or country. It’s a custom followed in every region. Apart from shopping in Penang for yourself, you also need to find out where to get the best souvenirs and gifts. At the Perfect Gift Green Lane you can buy flower bouquets, teddy bears, chocolate boxes, hampers and various  items for different events. At China Joes in Georgetown, you shall get a variety of antiques and accessories, followed by eclectic souvenirs, special teas and coffees, books and various other stuff for your home.

At Sentuhan in Tanjung Tokong you shall find all handmade products like natural soaps, paintings, local crafts, clothing, and accessories. Some beautiful packaging is also sold here, so that you can wrap the stuff and present as a gift item. Material Collection at Queensbay Mall is also another perfect place to shop for dresses, tees, scarves, chopsticks for first time user, one-off handbags, modern wooden ornaments, silicon kitchenware, eco-friendly Chinese New Year ang pau packets and also some exclusive stationary stuff. Other places where you can go for Penang Shopping to get souvenirs and gift items are Bon Ton The Shop, 14 Living Story, SJ, Threef and various others.

Money Changers in Penang

The industry of money changers in Penang is well ruled by the Indian Muslim and Chettiar communities. The people of these communities provide the best exchange rates to banks. You shall find many of them, working from the Central Business District of George Town, specifically beside the Pitt Street and Beach Street. Their outlets are also found in the main shopping malls of Penang like at Queensbay Malls, 1st Avenue Mall, Komtar and Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall. The famous money changers in Penang are M Mohamed Kassim Forex, International Mega Forex and various others. So, before shopping in Penang, get your currency exchanged.

Shopping Tips

Bargaining is the key to buy the best stuff at the best price in Penang. When you are at some stalls or independent shops, give your best to haggle for the least possible price. You can lower down the price of any stuff without proper bargaining and knowledge. If you think that the price could have been more bargained then no need to buy from there, look around at other shops.

We hope that this short Penang shopping guide will assist you in making the most of your time and money. Your shopping experience in Penang will be of great value, if you follow this guide. While Shopping is one of the recommended activity in Penang, you might be interested in knowing best things to do in Penang to make most of your trip.

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Malacca (Melaka) Ciam-ciam stall

This Ciam-Ciam stall (N2.20102 E102.24253) is located in front of the Magnum 4D shop along Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca. We were surprised by the crowds surrounded the stall. My curiosity triggered and push us to try it!

 photo IMG_20130324_163238R_zps14c9ec11.jpg

Realized what the stall sell once we stand close…it sell fish ball, loucheon meat, bean curd skin, pork intestine, tribes, streaky pork and many more…all cooked.

 photo IMG_20130324_163513R_zps0f24ae50.jpg

We like the braised and stewed tribes, it was Tasty Delicous!
All the foods were served by a small stick through it. Different from the “Lok-Lok”, because all were cooked and mostly 1 piece per stick.

 photo IMG_20130324_163631R_zpsf33ba66e.jpg

Everyone will provide a disposable styrofoam like a plate and we selected the chili, there were few type available in the stall…

By looking at everyone faces, seems like they were really enjoyed the foods! Just like us! Haha! I found it was quite fun by having some local street food (kind of snacks to me) along the street and once I noticed others expression while having it, I can’t stop myself to had another few sticks…! 🙂

 photo IMG_20130324_163904R_zpsef4e071c.jpg

By observing the styrofoam behind the stall, you can imagine how good the business is…
I cannot remember how much per stick but it cost us about RM11 for 2 persons after the boss counted from the sticks…we had a lot of the stewed intestine…:)
I think cannot compare the price with Lok-Lok because all foods was cooked, not raw…so I felt the prices were quite reasonable.

The stall ONLY in business during Saturday and Sunday noon time onwards, Only 2 days per week. So if you pass-by the stall, you might want to try it out the local – Malacca Ciam-Ciam.

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