Puzzle Cuisine @ Low Yat Plaza

Rate this post October 30, 2012 during 5:48 pm Located conveniently during a 4th building of Plaza Low Yat, Puzzle Cuisine is one of those places that epitomizes a advantages of complicated living. It’s casual, artless nonetheless chic, has a far-reaching accumulation but being overwhelming, and best of all, affordable while charity good value for […]

Su Lai Xiang Vegetarian House @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Rate this post October 23, 2012 during 1:12 pm Vegetarian food, once a boundary of American radio jokes, is quick apropos hip and respectable. Vegetarian food is now mainstream and excusable in a West, and God forbid, rarely sought after, with a far-reaching operation of products catering to several segments of a vegetarian market. While […]

London Town @ Publika – Dining With Moola

Rate this post October 4, 2012 during 6:20 pm History buffs would know that one of a oldest flourishing cities in a universe is London, with an undeviating story stretching dual thousand years. Others would recognize London as a collateral of a United Kingdom, and a centrepiece of a good British Empire. To me, London […]