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20 Activities to Thrill you in Malaysia

people are thrill-seekers by nature, and are always on the hunt for that
adrenaline rush, no matter where it brings them!

excitement, bumps and bruises, even a scar or two makes it all worth it, body
aches and all!

If that is what you crave for, and thrilling spills are your game, then this is a list for you!

  1. ATV Ride, KL

ATVs, or All-Terrain Vehicles,  allows you to ride across rough terrains and lush greenery, going off-road in chase of that adventure just within and beyond the Malaysian forests. As with any outdoor activity, just be sure to bring water and an extra change of clothes. Rain is almost always expected, even though not anticipated!

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2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is most definitely NOT for the faint-hearted. However, if thrills is what you’re looking for, then it is just the extreme activity for you! For those adrenaline junkies just waiting to leap through thin air, one of the places one can do this is at the Extreme Park of Sunway Lagoon.

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3. Flyboarding in Putrajaya

Flyboarding, another exciting extreme water sport, is one that will
literally take you to greater heights!

This unique sporting experience is achieved by attaching a PWC (Personal Water Craft), which propels the Flyboard into the air, with the use of air and water. At the moment, this sport is only available at Marina Putrajaya.

Picture courtesy of Pamela Arissa Teow

4. Paragliding

Tandem paragliding is available not too far out of Kuala Lumpur, and is available year-round, subject to weather conditions. Currently, two main venues for this activity is in Selangor and Sabah.

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5. Hiking Trekking

some might argue on the ‘extremeness’ of these activities, try a 3-day 2-night
trekking trip to the Mulu Pinnacles!

For some laidback, family-friendly activity, this most basic back-to-nature activity suits almost all age groups, with varying levels of strength and stamina. Most of the hiking trails here will lead you to a waterfall or river, and you will most definitely be rewarded with a cool dip after all the hard work.

6. White Water Rafting

From beginner to hardcore level, white water rafting is available in many parts of Malaysia; in Sg Gopeng, Slim River in Perak and Sungai Singor, which lies on the border of Perak and Kelantan.

7. Diving

the ‘mildest’ of extreme sports, diving will transport you to a whole new
colourful and exciting world!

This activity is offered almost throughout Malaysia, from Kedah to Johor; from Perak all the way to Sabah. The islands of Langkawi, Pangkor, Sibu, Perhentian, Tioman, all the way to the world-famour Sipadan, all waiting to mesmerize you with all that they have to offer. 

8. Wreck Diving

What differentiates wreck diving with open water diving is that wreck diving is the exploration of the wreckage of ships, aircraft and other artificial structures. However, most wreck dive sites are at shipwrecks. To be able to participate in wreck diving, one must be the minimum age of 18 years, must be certified as an Advanced open water diver, show proof of at least fifty logged dives, and must also be certified as Basic Wreck or Cavern or equivalent.

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9. Ziplining

Ziplining, or more commonly referred to as flying fox, is an activity consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable, usually made of stainless steel, mounted on a slope. It is to enable one to travel via natural gravity, from the highest point to the bottom of the inclined cable, while being attached to a free-moving pulley.

There are many places now which offers such activity, including extreme parks and nature-themed activity parks, including in Sabah and Langkawi.

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10. Parasailing

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that resembles a parachute, known as a parasail wing. The manned kite’s moving anchor may be a car, truck, or boat.

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11. Via Ferrata, Mount Kinabalu

A Via Ferrata (or ‘iron road’ in Italian, plural via ferrate) is a protected mountain pathway consisting of a series of rungs, rails, cables and bridges embracing the rock face. It allows access to scenic sections of the mountains that are typically available only to rock climbers and mountaineers (ref:

There are some minimum requirements for those who would like to engage in this activity, but rest assured the use of modest equipment, a good head for heights and basic technique, walking the Via Ferrata is very safe, led by an experienced guide.

Mountain Torq is the World’s highest via ferrata and Asia’s first via ferrata is located at Mt Kinabalu’s Panalaban rock face. Starting at 3,200 metres and ends at 3,776 metres above sea level at Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

The minimum requirements needed for the first time via ferrate climber are:

  • Average fitness level (Able to hike up to 3,200m in 6 hrs)
  • Ages 10 and above for Walk the Torq
  • Ages 17 and above for Low’s Peak Circuit
  • A minimum height of 1.3 metres
  • Free of restricting physical disabilities, be fit, healthy, and without fear of heights to fully participate and safely enjoy the activity
  • No prior mountaineering experience required
  • A maximum of 6 climbers per group is allowed to do Via Ferrata at a time (ref:
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12. Microlight

Microlight is a 1- or 2-seater fixed-wing aircraft which is mostly simulated by the hang-gliding movement. It is relatively new in Malaysia.

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13. BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping is the sport of jumping off non-moving structures or hills or mountains, and one MUST be a qualified skydiver before attempting BASE jumping. Annually, KL Tower hosts the KL Tower International BASE Jump ( bringing international BASE Jumpers for a series of jumps organised around Malaysia.

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14. Skydiving

Skydiving, undeniably, will give you an adrenaline rush like so other! Leaping out of a moving aeroplane, and feeling the wind hitti g your face is not an easy thrill t0 forget, and definitely NOT for everybody!

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If jumping out of planes are not your thing, then perhaps you can tiptoe into the sport by first trying it indoors? Yes, INDOORS! Head to 1-Utama Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya where Airrider is located.

15. Shark Diving

Fancy a swim among the hammerheads?

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offers one the unique experience of discovering life underwater. The colours
and variety of marine life is incomparable to any on land. If you enjoy the
green lush rainforests, then you will be mesmerized by the darting micro life
and gentle giants of the ocean.

diving offers you a thrill like no other, and if you feel a bit apprehensive,
beginners may try the indoor, controlled environment offered by Aquaria KLCC.

16. Caving

There are hundreds of caves in Malaysia and cave enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice, ranging  from the massive remote caves of Mulu National Park to popular tourists spots just within the city limits like Batu Caves.

Merapoh Caves Pahang

caves like Gua Tempurung in Perak is quite accessible as the entrance are close
to main roads, similar to Batu Caves, while some are accessible only via
trekking or even by boat.

17. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding, very simply, is skateboarding on water. You simply surf across the surface of the water behind a speeding motorboat.

The sport is rather new in Malaysia, but steadily garnering a following amongst thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies alike!

Currently, there are two places you can try and indulge this this wet and wild water sport, and they are at The Mines (Philea Mines Beach Resort) and Marina Putrajaya.

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18. Kayaking within the Langkawi Geopark

Kayaking is rather easy, and most people would have tried it at least once in their life time. Kayaking in the Langkawi Geopark however, is an experience that is not available elsewhere!

Maneuvering the winding turns of the mangroves of Langkawi provides a taste of adventure and some exercise while enjoying being surrounded by nature. The trip will also offer the chance for a good close up to the ecology of the mangroves especially the wildlife such as monkeys, pit vipers, eagles, otters, some endemic birds and the common monitor lizard.

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19. Waterfall Abseiling

Stepping off the edge of rocks into a fast-cascading waterfall. Sounds exciting and most challenging!

Abseiling is the sport of repelling down a set of lines along waterfalls which can reach any height you dare to try, depending on your level of expertise. Like any other extreme sport, safety first!

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20. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires a certain skill set and strength, and definitely not for the faint-hearted!

The most popular site will have to be Batu Caves in Selangor, and has about 170 routes available. With that many routes, the site offers a challenge for all levels of climbers.  

Malaysia being a tropical country, the weather can rather unpredictable, but do not fret! We do have the largest indoor rock climbing facility in Asia, Camp 5, located on the 5th floor of 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It is the largest climbing gym, standing at 24m high and is fully air-conditioned. The gym also offers a 270-degree panoramic view of the city, a café and a climbing workshop. 400 boulders, lead routes and top ropes, suited for all, ranging from beginners to advanced is available here. Routes are altered and changed every 3 – 6 months, keeping things fresh and challenging.

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Ride through paradise as a star is Borneo

Ride through paradise as a star is Borneo

JUNGLE, palm-backed beaches, wildlife, tribal villages: welcome to Malaysia’s version of a paradise island. The isle in question is Borneo, a huge land mass whose territory is shared with Indonesia. While its most famous tourist area, Sabah, is busy with backpackers, the neighbouring state of Sarawak offers similar wonders in a far more pristine setting — which is why Saddle Skedaddle has just launched a cycling tour there.

‘While savvy travellers have heard of Borneo’s more touristy resorts, the north-west is only just opening up to tourism,’ says the company’s chief Asia guide Andrew Straw.

Pink dolphin. Photo Credit: Metro News

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Sarawak Rolls out New Logo and Tourism Campaign Offering ‘More to Discover’

Sarawak Rolls out New Logo and Tourism Campaign Offering ‘More to Discover’

The Malaysian state of Sarawak has updated their logo along with rolling out a new ad campaign with the tagline “More to Discover.” The unveiling ceremony of the logo campaign took place during an industry event last week.

As for the design of the new logo, we are still taking it in and remain firmly on the fence.

Basically, the consensus is that the primary “Sarawak” typography is fun, if not a little rough, but the “More to Discover” font choice could stand a little tuning up as it just doesn’t feel quite right – particularly when paired with its colorful upstairs neighbor.

But what do we know? We’re just the media.

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Updated on October 22, 2018.

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If you think visiting an agriculture farm is boring, then you just haven’t been to MAEPS, which is the largest agro park in Malaysia and Asia. I may even dare say that it’s the Disneyland of Agroparks!

MAEPS is Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, a 130-hectare piece of land with low rolling hills, lakes, wide open pastures, and tracts of land filled with local crops, developed to engage the public with Malaysia’s agriculture industry through fun education, recreation and lifestyle experiences associated with all things agriculture.

It has several show-grounds with specific crops on showcase, including the Paddy Farm, Vegetable Farm and livestock ranch to educate the public in a fun and entertaining way. Besides these live, outdoor exhibits, MAEPS also offers unique accommodation choices in either containers or culverts that have been restored and furnished with great taste.

Need a reason to visit MAEPS? We’ll give you 6 awesome reasons!

Mother of all Agriculture Shows

Every two years, MAEPS opens its doors to some 3 million visitors during the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) expo. It is the largest agricultural show of its kind that lasts over a period of 11 days. Due to the sheer number of exhibitors and activities organised, MAHA is something that everyone anticipates, from corporations to families. There are agro bazaars for a chance to purchase fresh produce direct from farmers, new product launches, livestock and animal displays, and more. It is a time to learn about aquaculture, organic products, forestry products, seeds and fertilisers, etc. This year’s MAHA will take place some time in December.

Herb Heaven

Take a stroll in the Herbs Park, and you’ll get to know over 150 herbs and spices cultivated here, many of which have been traditionally used as medicine, cooking ingredients and healthy herbal concoctions. Among them are Kacip Fatimah, Tongkat Ali, Cekur, and Pegaga. Did you know, Tongkat Ali is hard to pull out because the length of its roots depends on the height of the herb itself? Visit this place and you’ll realise that long before allopathic medicine, plants were the original medicine!

A Taste of the Sweet Life

Have you ever thought of trying honey straight from a live hive? Well, at MAEPS, this is certainly a must-do experience and don’t worry about getting stung. These bees are the kelulut species, known also as stingless bees. There are about 550 species of stingless bees in the world and 38 of them are found in Malaysia. At MAEPS, you can learn about the nine different species they care for here. Grab a straw and slurp up the natural and fresh honey straight from the hive!

Pineapple Farm

Moving on to the next attraction is the Pineapple Farm, a place where you can get your hands on all the knowledge about pineapples. Here, you will be introduced to different species of pineapples being planted such as Josapine, Mas Merah, Bromeliad and N36 (bet you didn’t know there were so many types!). What’s more, you get to taste both the fruit and juice of the pineapples! If you’re lucky, you would get the opportunity to harvest pineapples during its fruiting season. The information centre will provide lots of information about this humble, yet versatile fruit…did you know that its pulp is used in the textile and cosmetics industry?

Animal Therapy

At the G2G Animal Garden, visitors can cuddle up with a variety of animals such as rabbits, goats, reptiles, birds and cats. The place is suitable for your whole family, especially for children. The Animal Garden is a petting zoo, which means visitors can feed the animals for free. Watch out for parrots climbing you, mischievous racoons pulling at your clothes, ostriches screaming at you or lazy cats sleeping all day long! Besides animals, visitors can purchase souvenirs such as badges and t-shirts at the souvenir shop as memories.

For Meat-Lovers

The House of Kambing (HOK) is an on-site restaurant that serves up some of the best lamb dishes around. Its well-guarded house recipes uses local herbs and spices to deeply marinate the meat for a full and delicious flavour resulting in a tender piece of meat. This chophouse serves different types of lamb dishes, but our favourite is the “Kambing Kunyit” in which lamb is grilled to perfection with turmeric.  Not a fan of meat? No matter, for HOK has a variety of local rice and noodle dishes. While enjoying your lunch, enjoy the beautiful scenery of goats, camels and deers playing around in the nearby pasture.

There you go folks! MAEPS provide endless recreational activities for family and friends. Discover the many wonderful experiences at MAEPS, Malaysia’s biggest agro-based park. Take your time and enjoy the experience!

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What’s up “down south”?

I’ve not been to Johor for over seven years, and when the opportunity came up to visit this southern state, I made some preparations for the trip…but boy, nothing prepared me for how much this state has transformed in such a short period of time!

Legoland came to my mind as my first destination to visit in Johor, but I was also curious about what Desaru looks like now compared to my childhood days. I still remember it was the place my parents brought me to when I was a kid. Perhaps the visit will rekindle some childhood memories from back then.

I put up a couple of nights at Sand Sandals Desaru Beach Resort Spa, a relaxing resort where you can enjoy both the private pool and its beach. It’s the perfect place for those who love water activities as the resort can arrange for your parasailing or water-skiing sessions. Guests who are in the mood for some pampering can visit the spa to indulge in massages, body scrubs and reflexology.


A golf club – the Els Club Desaru ( – is just a short distance away. Golfers can enjoy playing at either the 27-hole Ocean Course or the 18-hole Valley Course, both offering amazing views of the beautifully-landscaped surroundings. Although I’m not a golfer, I was impressed with the facilities, service and panorama of the golf courses. I just wonder whether it would be a “distraction” for golfers trying to put that hole-in-one!

Also within Desaru is the Malaysia Tourism Award-winning Desaru Fruit Farm ( Occupying an area of 100 acres, this thriving “garden” is planted with more than 100 varieties of tropical fruits such as durian, rambutan, guava, mango, “thousand fingers banana” and more. Visitors to the farm can go on the guided tour to learn about the farm’s agricultural and pest management practice, taste the fruits that are in season and learn about bee-keeping and honey-harvesting.

 My final stop was Legoland, where I could be a “child” again! Since it opened its doors in September 2012 as the first Legoland in Asia, it kept on introducing something new each year, keeping its attraction fresh and its fans coming back for more.

It was my first time there and I was kept fully occupied with the range of activities and fun engineered to keep visitors like me enthralled. The latest addition to the park is the Virtual Reality Coaster called The Great Lego Race which synchronises the visuals projected onto the VR headset with the roller coaster’s twists, turns, drops and climbs. Even if you’re not a Lego fan, being here alone will suddenly turn you into one!

Traveling around Johor this time around, I could see that the state is headed for a massive transformation with developments in Iskandar region, Desaru, Danga Bay and Forest City. The Desaru Coast project will become a new tourist attraction in the southern region of Malaysia with the opening of Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark, and Desaru Coast Conference Centre as a business events venue. Premium-brand properties such as Desaru Coast Resort, Hard Rock Hotel and Anantara Desaru Coast Resort Villas, meanwhile, will set the tone for the region’s high-end holiday appeal.

I think another trip to Johor is in store for me once all this development is complete!