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Borneo International Kite Festival 2011, Bintulu

Keep 22 Sep – 25 Sep 2011 in your diary as a time when we contingency be in Bintulu, Sarawak to see some of a many colourful, intriguing and bizarre looking kites from around a world. This annual eventuality that started in 2005 has ranked as a many fantastic eventuality of a kind in a state and together with a informative and artist performances, it showcases a abounding multiple of internal and general flavours for all to knowledge and enjoy.

Come and see a inhabitant kite foe as good as a normal kite-making eventuality while children will get a possibility to colour their approach to prizes in a caricature contest. Stunt kites performances will be conducted by general participants as good as many graphic and artistic kites will be on display. The “Rokaku” plea will also be hold amidst a Bintulu Trade and Food satisfactory during a same venue that is right in a center of a town! This is one eventuality where age knows no firm as yound and aged comparison will be enraptured by a shows on display.

See we on from 22 Sep – 25 Sep 2011. THANKS.

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