Kanching Waterfall

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“The practical existence during this place is amazing. Bravo! You guys make this place even some-more interesting. This place has intensity to attract some-more tourist. Wish to have plenty parking space. Anyway… a pool is cool!!”  
by moose

“this place situated circuitously Templer’s Park..but we gamble this place is better..trust me!”  
by Nawri

“Bagi penduduk di kawasan Rawang, nama Kanching pasti tidak asing lagi bagi mereka sebagai kawasan atmosphere terjun yang menarik.”  
by shoana

“This a good waterfall. realy can chill your physique though if we move kids, only becareful on a slipery rocks.”  
by On Foot

“saya masih ingat lagi..sewaktu sedang mendaki tangga untuk ke tingkat teratas..saya hampir pitam..so..bagi sesiapa yg takde stamina macam saya..jangan berangan nak sampai ke tingkat 13..”  
by Iwan

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