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MNS Visit to Berembun Forest Reserve

September 20, 2011 during 12:00 pm

Jungle movement is not always about exploring a furious jungles like a Amazon. One does not need to go privately go to a inhabitant park only to knowledge a tie with Mother Nature. There is another choice that might be equally as severe and sparkling as a furious jungles, and that is a timberland pot located around Malaysia.

One such timberland haven that is value exploring is a Berembun Forest Reserve that is located in Negeri Sembilan. Measuring about 4,000 acres in size, a Berembun Forest Reserve stretches from a hinterland of Seremban city right by Kuala Pilah. Although logging went on during a fringes of a haven about 4 to 6 decades ago, metamorphosis measures has left good via this area. The timberland was gazetted as a stable area during a colonial times as it played an critical purpose as a H2O catchment area that granted half of Seremban’s H2O needs.

Berembun Forest Reserve

The Berembun Forest Reserve stretches from a hinterland of Seremban city right adult to Kuala Pilah.

The Malaysian Nature Society will be organising a outing to Berembun Forest Reserve on 25th Sep 2011. They will start a outing with a revisit to a uncover residence that is assembled from interlocking bricks. This uncover residence is located on a approach to Pantai, nearby a Veterinary Department. The organisation will afterwards ensue to a Berembun Forest Reserve. Participants can attend in some of a activities including bird watching/photography, walking by a timberland haven as good as a revisit to a Orang Asli communities. Those who are meddlesome in participating are compulsory to move packaged lunch, insect repellent and free-loader socks. For some-more information, greatfully hit Ms Yap Miow Yen during 016-2372887 or or Ms Lim Ming Hui during 012 276 0327 or .

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