T4YP Presents Much Ado About Nothing

September 22, 2011 0 By melakatour

September 21, 2011 during 2:00 pm

Many might have listened of a Bard’s famous play entitled ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. For those who have not, it is a story of love, dishonesty and redemption. The story revolves around 4 people – Benedick and Beatrice, who disagree about many things. The one thing that they both have in common is their announced ridicule for any other, for adore and for marriage. Claudio and Hero are dual immature souls who usually have eyes for any other.

Much Ado About Nothing

The expel concerned in a play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

The story after sees Benedick and Beatrice being duped into admissing their captivate to any other by Don John. Don John, being a sour essence who is discontented with happiness, decides to expel doubt on Claudio’s feelings for Hero by shaming her. Thanks to Constable Dogberry, a discovers Don John’s immorality tract and captures him, giving this adore story a happy finale that everybody is looking for.

Fans of a Bard can locate this play from a 22nd Sep compartment 25th Sep during The Actors Studio during Lot 10. This play is presented by T4YP and will be their final opening for a season. Tickets are labelled during RM 23 and RM 13 (for students, infirm and TAS Card holders). The opening is scheduled as below:

22nd compartment 24th Sep – 8.30 pm
24th compartment 25th Sep – 3.00 pm

For some-more information, greatfully hit 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 or walk-in to squeeze a tickets.

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