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Sushi Heng

November 24, 2011 during 12:00 pm

A crony of cave once pronounced that in essence, Japanese food is elementary nonetheless elegant. It is never formidable to learn a ways of creation sushi or even a play of miso soup. However, this morality is a unequivocally same thing that creates it challenging. While anyone can make sushi, not everybody is means to make it unequivocally good and delicious. Though this fact competence change with years of practice, something tells me that there are other factors that minister severely to a makings of a good chef.

Chef Nicholas Heng during his case in Asia Cafe during SS15 Subang Jaya

Of late, Malaysians are marred for choice when it comes to selecting their favourite restaurants for Japanese cuisine. Eateries like Saisaki, Iketeru during Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Jogoya, Sagano during Renaissance Hotel and Rakuzen offer not customarily a far-reaching preference of Japanese cuisine, nonetheless are also famous for their flawlessness and peculiarity in all of their dishes. This also means that to suffer unequivocally good Japanese food, one contingency be prepared to compensate as it customarily comes during a price. So what can a chairman do if they wish good tasting sushi nonetheless not bake a hole in their pocket? They go to Sushi Heng.

It is always bustling come cooking time during Sushi Heng

Do not let a name dope we though. Sushi Heng is not a spin-off of another famous Japanese food authorization that many of us know. This old-fashioned case modelled after a standard Japanese eatery is located within Asia Cafe in SS15, Subang Jaya. The case is manned by Chef Nicholas Heng, hence a name ‘Sushi Heng’. Now one competence wonder, what is it that creates this place so singular and opposite from a many other stalls that offers sushi. Well, other than a fact that a food is positively tasty to both a eye and a tastebuds, Chef Nicholas has a knack for formulating something opposite for his customers.

Chef Nicholas training his partner how to hurl carrot slices for decoration

Chef Nicholas uses a special appurtenance to make a sheets of pear and radish

The thinly sliced sheets of pear and carrot, used to emanate Chef Nicholas’ tasty sushi dishes

To be honest, when a invitation was sent to us requesting for a food examination for a Japanese restaurant, we did not have any expectations. So, with an open mind and heart, we sat down and waited for Chef Nicholas to astonishment and dazzle us with his smashing creations. He began by portion us with one of his specifically total image famous as a Diet Roll. Yes ladies and gentlemen, who pronounced that those who are on a diet can't suffer Japanese food? The Diet Roll does not have any rice in it, nonetheless it is amply stuffing to act as a image on a own. Instead of a common nori sheet to hang a ingredients, Chef Nicholas used a thinly sliced square of pear skin and radish. It was a pleasant change as a honeyed skin was crunchy and organisation to a bite, and when total with a prawn tempura and ebi, vegetables and avocado slice, a ambience was not too complicated nor was it bland.

The Diet Roll

The Diet Roll is so delicious, it creates dieting a square of cake!

The subsequent image prepared by Chef Nicholas unequivocally held a attention. This hurl is called a Special Roll and it has red tuna, soothing bombard crab and avocado inside. The whole image was sprinkled with sliced strawberries and opposite forms of fish roe and drizzled with mayonnaise. Chef Nicholas was inexhaustible with his portions, that done each swig celestial as one can not customarily ambience a rice nonetheless also each bit of a other mixture as well. The one thing that was conspicuous was a fact that Chef Nicholas creates it a indicate to not customarily make smashing tasting sushi, he also ensures that a display of a image is ‘appetising’ to a eyes too. It competence be a furious guess, nonetheless we assume that a person’s ardour and oddity is severely whetted when a food looks intensely appealing.

The Special Roll

The Special Roll has a square of red tuna, soothing bombard crab and avocado inside

No Japanese grill is ever finish but charity tender mixture on a menu, and a examination but perplexing a restaurant’s sashimi dishes would not do a grill most justice. So naturally, a subsequent image was Chef Nicholas’ Sashimi Mix. The image offering a preference of 3 kinds of fish, salmon, red tuna and butterfish. The salmon was zero brief of exquisite. It was well-spoken and uninformed and after a gnaw or two, it literally melts in one’s mouth. It was indeed a unequivocally welcomed knowledge when compared to other salmon sashimi dishes offering during sequence outlets that offer Japanese food. The same goes for a red tuna and butterfish slices. Though a red tuna has a firmer coherence to it, it was never chewy or tough and also melted in one’s mouth after a while. Once again, we could see Chef Nicholas’ munificence by a thick slices that was offering on a plate.

The Sashimi Mix

Salmon Sashimi

Butterfish Sashimi

Red Tuna Sashimi

We finished a examination event with a Salmon Skin Roll. The Salmon Skin Roll came with a portion of deep-fried salmon skin on a side and was bedecked with fish roe, slices of strawberries and uninformed seaweed drizzled with mayonnaise sauce. The salmon skin incited out to be utterly an astonishing warn as it was frail and abandoned of any unlikely and greasy aftertaste, something that other outlets onslaught to perfect.

The Salmon Skin Roll

A square of a Salmon Skin Roll, beautifully flashy with strawberry slices, fish roe and mayonnaise

The salmon skin are frail and crunchy with no unlikely and greasy aftertaste

So, during a unequivocally end, what creates this dining event during Sushi Heng so special? For us during, it is a fact that notwithstanding eating in a place that can be deliberate elementary and down-to-earth, a food that was served was zero reduction than heavenly.

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