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As a budding singer-songwriter during his college days in Melbourne, Australia, Reza Salleh would arise above his fears and perform his song during live shows where vicious audiences can be wittingly extreme with their judgement. That associate Malaysian students who were in Melbourne during a time would attest that “even Aussie kids knew a lyrics to his songs” suggests genuine talent and an inherited ability for climax in Reza Salleh. Years after in Kuala Lumpur, he would be one of a tip names in a eccentric singer–songwriter scene.

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Reza’s early song–writing days were desirous by renouned grunge and choice stone bands like Nirvana and Rage Against a Machine, and a outspoken styles of African-American artists. And maybe due to a multiple of fundamental unwillingness and adore for all kinds of music, a song he constructed was not singular to any sold genre or tone. His initial album, Realize, captures ideally his low-pitched operation and adaptability.

With punchy stone ensembles and acoustic bossa nova backing his lane list, it would be formidable to pin him down to a sold genre. Though this might perplex some straight–jacket listeners, Reza’s ability to pitch between genres is an useful item for any immature musician catering to an increasingly opposite assembly that is constantly on a surveillance for new sounds.

Reza’s initial album, Realize, that compiles strange song created over 10 years of his song–writing career, is a reverence to associate eccentric musicians who have taken a risk of withdrawal their “desk jobs” to pursue their dreams – and to those who are deliberation it.” With a recover of ‘Diversify’, Dennis Lau became a initial Malaysian instrumental artist to have an manuscript expelled by Sony Music. His expansion as a musician has been shabby by a opposite low-pitched genres that have swept opposite a decades, especially by musicians such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ryan Leslie, Wang Lee Hom, and John Mayer.

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