Antara by Hamidi Hadi

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The theme of art is a unequivocally engaging topic. Everything about it is open for debate… from a dim meanings behind any of a artist’s paintings to a many suitable sum to compensate for a work of art. Even a interpretation of a finished masterpiece is open for discussion, as opposite people can have opposite opinions and feelings about a same piece.

Unavoidable by Hamidi Hadi – Enamel paint, Polyurethane, Resin on Canvas

If we are a vast fan of art, either internal or international, make your approach to Wei-Ling Contemporary as it is now hosting a works of Hamidi Hadi entitled “Antara”. His vast and assured canvasses have warranted him a repute of being famous as one of Malaysia’s many radical and confidant painters. His seductiveness in epitome portrayal started after a brief army in a United Kingdom while furthering his education. His progressing works consisted of unaccompanied life-size total embellished from ambiguous angles set again dim backgrounds.

Wait and she will come eventually by Hamidi Hadi – Enamel paint, Polyurethane, Acrylic on Canvas

His new work sees him regulating a word ‘Antara’, that means ‘between’ in English, as a pivotal word for his artistic process. This allows him to have a space, leisure and flexibility to find all a probable varieties regulating industrial materials such as aluminium plate, polyurethane, resin, glue and finish paint. To him, these materials are a form of artistic expression; a approach to perspective a universe regulating opposite media. “Antara” is Hamidi Hadi’s fourth solo muster and is deemed as one of a much-anticipated eventuality in Kuala Lumpur’s art world. This muster will underline during Wei-Ling Contemporary located during The Gardens Mall from now until 2nd Feb 2012. Wei-Ling Contemporary is located during G212 213A, Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200 Kuala Lumpur and is open daily from 11.00 am compartment 9.00 pm. For some-more information, greatfully call 03 2260 1106 / 03 2282 8323 or email [email protected]

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