Ethical transport destination: Malaysia

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Ethical transport destination: Malaysia

Multi-ethnic, abounding in enlightenment and biodiversity, Malaysia is both a place we wish to revisit and don’t wish to spoil by being an “ugly tourist”.

By “spoil” we meant minister to overdevelopment, thereby watering down a normal enlightenment or even destroying a inlet that brought we here in a initial place. “Ugly” tourism fails to honour a internal enlightenment or sourroundings and rather draws people usually for a weather, waves and levity on a wallet.

Bako National Park, Borneo. Pic: tbSMITH (Flickr CC).

Bako National Park, Borneo. Pic: tbSMITH (Flickr CC).

Ethical travel, on a other hand, does a reverse. The reliable traveller wants to give something behind – and we don’t meant dull drink bottles or even some avocation giveaway shopping. The thought of reliable tourism is not usually to minimise a tourist’s disastrous impact on a destination, yet to try to make things better. An reliable holiday in Malaysia can take a form of proffer vacations (volun-tourism), eco-tourism and tolerable travel. These categories can be distinct, yet can also overlie considerably.

Let’s start with an reliable holiday activity in Malaysia that doesn’t engage a implausible healthy beauty. Hard to believe? Read on.

Ethical business

The Downtown Night Market in a collateral Kuala Lumpur facilities hundreds of marketplace stalls that occupy or are owned by recuperating drug addicts. It was started by a recovered addict who wanted to emanate a plan to assistance ex-addicts stay clean. KL Downtown has now turn a city’s largest night bazaar.

From the BBC:

“The concert (open from 10 pm to 4 am) is a outrageous pull for tourists […] charity all from local, handmade batik fabrics to transport food to feet massages to five-minute haircuts. On weekends, a marketplace invites internal dancers and musicians to perform on a stage. A apportionment of all deduction go to Kuala Lumpur’s Pengasih rehab centre.”

The Downtown Night Market is a good approach to do your holiday selling and assistance a locals assistance themselves.


Malaysia has opposite options for volun-tourism including operative on organic farms, volunteering during organizations that strengthen involved sea turtles from poachers, educational stays during orangutan reconstruction centers and more. These stints can be total with eco holidays. A stay during an organic plantation competence follow or convey a jungle trek or stream expedition. Some diving schools incorporate operative with turtle charge projects into their activities.

Turtle in Malaysian Borneo. Pic: LKEM (Flickr CC).

Turtle in Malaysian Borneo. Pic: LKEM (Flickr CC).

Other examples of volun-tourism embody training English in multiple with environmental recognition and there are internships/positions accessible that can final several months. Alternatively another instance would be to revisit an void island to observe seahorses and widespread recognition of their plight.

A illusory classification and apparatus for volun-tourism as good as reliable transport and eco-travel in Malaysia is Wild Asia. Other useful links include Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm and Bubbles Dive Resort.


A homestay in a normal encampment is a good approach of experiencing a authentic, nation lives of Malaysia’s genealogical cultures. Your appreciation and financial support encourages these villages to safety their approach of life. It’s also a good approach to see how these normal communities live harmoniously with inlet and to conclude their abounding internal biodiversity.

Homestays can also be total with rainforest camping, jungle movement and rafting trips. See Peraya Homestay for some-more information.

Rainforest lodges and eco-resorts

Though reduction romantic in nature, yet high in environmental recognition are stays in Malaysia’s eco-lodges and identical resorts. These holidays are ideal for those peaceful to spend a small some-more who maybe don’t wish to severe it by volunteering or embracing a normal encampment lifestyle. However these people still caring about Malaysia’s implausible inlet and wish to knowledge it in ethical style and comfort.

Rainforest resort, Taman Kota. Pic: CDN Harv (Flickr CC).

Rainforest resort, Taman Kota. Pic: CDN Harv (Flickr CC).

Rainforest lodges are situated in healthy parks surrounded by Malaysia’s pleasant rainforest. Other forms of eco-resorts embody lush island accommodation on beaches adjacent to mangrove forests and even floating resorts located off a coast.

All rainforest lodges and eco resorts are tighten to inlet and offer plenty opportunities to observe wildlife, such as orangutans, and attend in several nature-based activities like jungle trekking, swimming, rafting, diving and snorkeling.

See Eco Tropical Resorts and Bagus Place for some good rainforest and eco-lodge ideas.

Nature inlet nature!

Most (though not all) of a above varieties of reliable tourism engage Malaysia’s astoundingly biodiverse healthy environment. Malaysia is believed to enclose around 20 percent of a world’s animal class with a high commission of autochthonous species. Two thirds to 3 buliding of a nation are lonesome in forestland. Tourism that encourages a refuge of this different biodiversity is inherently ethical. This means holding advantage of Malaysia’s 26 inhabitant parks and countless state parks and inlet reserves.

Use it (ethically) or remove it!

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