Chicken Rice

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Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is one of a many renouned dishes in a Malaysian Chinese culture. From a famous Hainan Chicken Rice to steamed to roasted to barbequed chicken. Chicken Rice in Malaysia is not usually accessible in many Chinese coffee shops or restaurants or travel hawker stalls, though also sequence restaurants and speciallised FB outlets. Most of a Chicken Rice is served with sliced cucumber, routinely served with homemade chili salsa and battered ginger or garlic and dim soy sauce, There are opposite variants of rice as well, including a savoury and juicy Hainanese yellow ‘oily rice’. Chicken rice can be accompanied with a play of soup and additional duck intestines, gizzards, livers and so on.

Chicken Rice is served as rice balls in Malacca, famous as Chicken Rice Balls. Instead of regulating a play of rice, a rice is made into a golf ball-sized rice balls and steamed chicken, In Ipoh, a Cantonese chronicle steamed Chicken Rice are served with boiled bean thrive and normal white rice.

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