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Experience the Indian flying bread of Malaysia! Roti is an Indian dish loved by all races, often sold in Mamak restaurants or stalls. It is kind of flatbread made out of dough, fat (similar to butter, called ghee), egg, flour and water. With all these ingredients kneaded together, the expert Roti maker twirl and throw it up in the air, making it as thin and flat as possible before being folded. Served with dhal (lentil) curry, food lovers nowadays eat Roti with various kinds of curries or mix sambal (chilli based sauce) and dhal for extra flavours.

Other kinds of Rotis that one would try including Roti Telur (fried egg bread), Roti Bawang (onion bread), Roti Tissue (tissue bread, paper thin and crispy Roti) and so many more. Another kind of Roti is the Roti Naan; thick, leavened and oven baked flatbread in the clay oven or more commonly known as the tandoor. Like other Rotis, Roti Naan is also served with curries or sometimes, sweet condensed milk.

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