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Unexplored Selong Belanak beach during Sempiak Villa, Lombok island

From a Lombok International Airport to Selong Belanak beach (S8.87085 E116.16253) is approximately 25km, and a tour take around 30 – 45 minutes depends on a highway condition.

The float was identical with a previous, and pass by paddies fields, circuitous roads, villages and tobacco farms. At certain area, a highway was rough and steep…
Less than 20 mins from a prior photo holding spot, a outpost reached Sempiak Villa entrance, as Pak Uji said, we have to go by this villa to a beach. Sempiak Villa is a usually star rated review during a South of Lombok, according to him.

The opening is free, though we had to paid a parking price to a resort, Rp.3000 if I’m not mistaken. Everyone was excitedly got down from a outpost and walked towards a beach…

 print IMG_2944_zpsaa53a5bf.jpg

Due to singular time, we didn’t take any print of a Villa…too bad since it was a pleasing resort…

The beach is only about 50 scale divided from a Villa, and we was repelled by a unspoilt, extraordinary white sandy beach seemed in front of us!

 print IMG_20140712_123608R_zps80505f6e.jpg

The area is still comparatively inexperienced by tourists, it’s also cruise a ‘hidden gem’ of Lombok. Selong belanak is a pleasing brook with white sandy beach enveloped by a sensuous immature surrounded hills. The H2O is transparent clear and a whole area was purify and quiet.
Even a beach is gaining recognition day-by-day, though a still good say and we remember no balderdash around…

The bloody object on that day was killing, some of us were stealing underneath a trees…but some were using around a beach…

 print IMG_2961_zps3fb7e72d.jpg

Selong Belanak beach is also a ideal place for use surfing in Lombok. Due to a embankment plcae and a tilted beach, a call is not too clever and ideal for new learner.

 print IMG_2948_zps28a92ccf.jpg

It was a relax and fun watched those surfers paddle out into a bay…

 print IMG_2947_zps34c29be7.jpg

We took about 30 mins around a beach, some of us using around to prisoner their best print of a beach and some were sitting underneath a cooling area admiring a pleasing beach.

 print IMG_2959_zpsb9f5a0d3.jpg

We left a Selong Belanak beach and a tour continue to a subsequent pleasing – Mawun beach.

 print IMG_2964_zps40de0138.jpg

I will be behind to a beach and hopefully a Villa will be accessible for my subsequent visit.

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