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Snorkeling and carrying fun during Gili Nanggu (island) in Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Nanggu (S8.71957 E116.00938) is one of a pleasing island located during southwest of Lombok island. ‘Gili’ is means island in a local. After 20 mins packet ride, we reached a bliss island with a super transparent water! Very excited!

 print IMG_3271_zps7b784ff8.jpg

The continue was pale and was good for snorkeling…but not good for photography, too bad…

 print IMG_3258_zps424c1c5d.jpg

Not wasting any minute, everybody started their possess activities…some went for snorkeling, photography and other activities…
Some of a debate friends not forgot to holding photos with a youngest vessel child who brought us a island.

 print IMG_3241_zps88b9fda0.jpg

 print IMG_3242_zpsf58cca7f.jpg

Our beam – Pak Uji started to gave snorkeling lecture to those who wish to suffer snorkeling around a island.

 print IMG_3222_zpsbe61fd3c.jpg

 print IMG_3227_zps18c4788f.jpg

 print IMG_3228_zpsca2d9b59.jpg

The best partial of snorkeling in Gili Nanggu was, we no need to float distant divided from a island, we can unequivocally suffer a corals and a colorful pleasant fish approximately around 10 scale from a beach.
This was Great!

 print IMG_3236_zps223f1227.jpg

You can see from a print above that a snorkeling activities was usually circuitously a beach. This valid that a area is unequivocally unpolluted.

I was enjoyed my travel around a island for print taking, a jetty was my favorite place of a island.

 print IMG_3266_zps35503e9c.jpg

 print IMG_3256_zps1ba97c0d.jpg

The poetic integrate carrying their possess honeyed time strolling on a beach…spotted womanlike photographer movement during a jetty…and flattering lady relaxing on a jetty…bread feeding for a fishes around…beside that, there were still many many some-more that we missed a shoot…

 print IMG_3269_zpsc4744b74.jpg

 print IMG_3264_zpsfd307afd.jpg

 print IMG_3252_zps00a72829.jpg

 print IMG_3247_zps2237e85d.jpg

We spend roughly 4 blithe hours during Gili Nanggu and ensue to a subsequent island – Gili Sudak for a late lunch…

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Kuta beach of Lombok island

Less than 5km (10 mins journey) from Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge, we visited a circuitously beach – Kuta beach (S8.89492 E116.28319) of south Lombok island (there’s another Kuta beach in Bali that is different).
According to Pak Uji, definition ‘Kuta’ is gateway during a south, therefore there’s another gateway in Bali too.

But we arrived during Kuta beach in bad timing, it was pale and low tide…

 print IMG_3043_zps70e5c723.jpg

 print IMG_3055_zps341fb3df.jpg

Despite a weather, all of us usually simply fire surrounding to confident a cameras…:)

The beach is full of volcano rocks, and a vital opposite from a others beaches we visited was a sands…it’s not indeed ‘sands’, there were arrangement of turn little stones! This was unequivocally special!

 print IMG_3046_zpse3ff3b4c.jpg

Along a Kuta bay, a area is full of hotels and resorts, there’s also many activities area like cafe, grill and shops. we trust a night activities hear contingency be function too, though I’m nonetheless to knowledge it.

 print IMG_3049_zps2976bb0c.jpg

Beside holding photos of a beach, one of a debate partner – Noelle who was enjoying personification with a children around and holding good photos.

 print IMG_3060_zpse62a6234.jpg

 print IMG_3061_zpseeda5515.jpg

 print IMG_3062_zps64d83319.jpg

Noticed there were children and women walking along a beach offered souvenirs and palm weaved cloths…I didn’t ask for a price…

 print IMG_3070_zps49c0e383.jpg

 print IMG_3072_zps31fd65c2.jpg

Before we leave a beach, we found this inlet beauty station alone on a volcano rock…it’s a usually superb stone along a beach…

 print Untitled_HDR3_zps225de654.jpg

 print IMG_3071_zpsb770c3ba.jpg

There was zero much, we left a beach after 30 mins and continue a debate to a subsequent destination…

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Unexplored Selong Belanak beach during Sempiak Villa, Lombok island

From a Lombok International Airport to Selong Belanak beach (S8.87085 E116.16253) is approximately 25km, and a tour take around 30 – 45 minutes depends on a highway condition.

The float was identical with a previous, and pass by paddies fields, circuitous roads, villages and tobacco farms. At certain area, a highway was rough and steep…
Less than 20 mins from a prior photo holding spot, a outpost reached Sempiak Villa entrance, as Pak Uji said, we have to go by this villa to a beach. Sempiak Villa is a usually star rated review during a South of Lombok, according to him.

The opening is free, though we had to paid a parking price to a resort, Rp.3000 if I’m not mistaken. Everyone was excitedly got down from a outpost and walked towards a beach…

 print IMG_2944_zpsaa53a5bf.jpg

Due to singular time, we didn’t take any print of a Villa…too bad since it was a pleasing resort…

The beach is only about 50 scale divided from a Villa, and we was repelled by a unspoilt, extraordinary white sandy beach seemed in front of us!

 print IMG_20140712_123608R_zps80505f6e.jpg

The area is still comparatively inexperienced by tourists, it’s also cruise a ‘hidden gem’ of Lombok. Selong belanak is a pleasing brook with white sandy beach enveloped by a sensuous immature surrounded hills. The H2O is transparent clear and a whole area was purify and quiet.
Even a beach is gaining recognition day-by-day, though a still good say and we remember no balderdash around…

The bloody object on that day was killing, some of us were stealing underneath a trees…but some were using around a beach…

 print IMG_2961_zps3fb7e72d.jpg

Selong Belanak beach is also a ideal place for use surfing in Lombok. Due to a embankment plcae and a tilted beach, a call is not too clever and ideal for new learner.

 print IMG_2948_zps28a92ccf.jpg

It was a relax and fun watched those surfers paddle out into a bay…

 print IMG_2947_zps34c29be7.jpg

We took about 30 mins around a beach, some of us using around to prisoner their best print of a beach and some were sitting underneath a cooling area admiring a pleasing beach.

 print IMG_2959_zpsb9f5a0d3.jpg

We left a Selong Belanak beach and a tour continue to a subsequent pleasing – Mawun beach.

 print IMG_2964_zps40de0138.jpg

I will be behind to a beach and hopefully a Villa will be accessible for my subsequent visit.

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Airasia media FAM outing to Lombok Island

Lombok island is located during Nusa Tenggara Barat of Indonesia. It is a island
with full of nature, untried beach and accessible peoples. The island is
opposite with a neighbor – Bali island, that is reduction blurb and
some-more original…the island is suitable for inlet partner and for those
who like relax holiday. The Lombok Tourism is doing their best to
attract some-more visitors to a island, they strongly foster a beautiful
inlet of a island like Mount Rinjani and a rest…
If we like to know some-more of Lombok island, greatfully click here.

Weather and meridian in Lombok
Lombok is dry and reduction sleet review with Bali, a dry deteriorate run from May by Sep and a soppy deteriorate is from Oct to April. Most of a tourists revisit Lombok during a dry season, though a soppy deteriorate is reduction soppy and a rainfall is not overly high. The normal year-round temperatures is 26°C to 29°C. we would cite a month from Aug to October, since of a hot, humid, balmy and pleasing continue that ideal for photography.

The Airasia FAM trip to Lombok Island was on July, 2014, this outing was hosted by Airasia and Lombok Tourism Board. we was invited for a 4 days 3 nights outing together with a organisation of transport bloggers from North Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

It was also a lass approach moody from Senai to Lombok island, a day to remember 12th Jul 2014. There are 3 routes a week that is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Airasia had launched 3 new flights from Senai International Airport to 1) Lombok island, 2) Jogjakarta and 3) Ho Chi Minh City.
‘Free’ sky shuttle train supposing from Singapore to Senai, it’s indeed a con giveaway roving to Senai airfield for Singapore passengers. The pickup points are : Kranji MRT hire / Queen Street train hire / Newton Circus. For some-more information, greatfully revisit a Airasia website here.

There were 12 of us in a group…a poetic integrate from Penang, 2 poetic ladies of Airasia from Kuala Lumpur, 4 renouned bloggers from Singapore, 1 lovable lady paint Airasia from Singapore and 3 bloggers from Johor Bahru enclosed myself. We all met during Senai International Airport around 6.50am, and a debate to Lombok started…

 print IMG_20140712_062524R_zpsc71d8021.jpg

Our moody was filled with joyfulness! Some of a passengers were vehement since they be means a float on this AK486 approach moody from Senai to Lombok, they were going behind home town!

 print IMG_2913_zpsbf90c2a8.jpg

I beheld there was a masculine moody attendant had captivated many of a women on board, his name is Eddy who was a large man on a AK486. 🙂

 print IMG_20140712_064706R_zps87250136.jpg

There was an party during a moody to Lombok. Some singing and souvenirs giveaway…everyone was so happy.

 print IMG_2902_zpsc92512b8.jpg

 print IMG_2901_zps2dfc777d.jpg

We had a breakfast on house by this elementary ‘nasi lemak’. Surprisingly, a sambal was tantalizing and we all like it. You can suffer a juicy dishes for 20% off by pre-book online (in a central website).

 print IMG_20140712_073933R_zps06759003.jpg

The moody took 2 hours and 40 minutes. Once we overwhelmed down Lombok International Airport, we had a comfortable acquire from a Lombok Tourism…

 print IMG_20140712_092928R_zps3803edf0.jpg

 print IMG_20140712_092848R_zps634d82b6.jpg

The Lombok International Airport was usually started operation on 1st Oct 2011, a categorical purpose of a airfield is to foster a pleasing island to a World. It located during a south west of Mataram (Capital of Lombok Island), and a airfield deploys in 551.8 hectares with cost Rp.945.8 billion. The Lombok International Airport area has a second largest area after Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

The airfield clearway was well-spoken and all of us were greeted by Pak Uji – The Lombok Tourism’s Public Relations Director during a airport. He was also a super debate beam for a 4 days 3 nights outing in Lombok island.

 print IMG_20140712_101920R_zps5efb2bce.jpg

 print IMG_2918_zpsc6e65a9c.jpg

Because of a airfield location, we were not check into a review immediately, though to cover a south partial of a island before streamer to a review during Senggiri Beach.

Our channel in Lombok – 4 days 3 nights :-
Day 1
*  The initial stop before a beach of Selong Belanak for print taking.
*  Selong Belanak beach (through Sempiak Villas)
*  Mawun beach
*  Lunch during Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge
*  Kuta beach of Lombok
*  The Sade Village for Sasak villagers – a internal of Lombok
*  Dinner during Warong Menega, Senggiri beach
*  Check-in to Kila Senggiri Beach Resort.
*  Free and easy.

Day 2
*  Grilled fish case speckled before a Tawun jetty to Gili Nanggu.
*  Snorkeling and islands anticipating – Gili Nanggu.
*  Lunch during Nirvana Beach Restaurant, Gili Sudak (another island subsequent to Gili Nanggu)
*  Starfish speckled during a lapse outing from Gili Sudak.
*  Enjoyed Arabian Cuisine for cooking and Al-Hamra Restaurant, Mataram.
*  Enjoy and relax during Happy Cafe, Senggiri beach.

Day 3
*  Visited Pasar Gunungsari (local soppy market)
*  Lunch during Senaru Village
*  Sendang Gile Waterfall – Mount Rinjani inhabitant park’s best famous attraction
*  Tuna slake case during Tanjung
*  Autore pearl farm
*  Cape Malimbu for nightfall print taking
*  Farewell cooking with Pak Taufan and a Lombok Tourism during Kila Senggiri Resort

Day 4
*  Breakfast during Kila Senggiri Resort
*  Bye-bye to Lombok and skip for Lombok International Airport.

The places that we missed :-
Sukarare village – eminent for a normal palm weaving of brightly patterned songket, ikat and sarong cloth.
Taman Narmada built in 1727 by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem as a majestic garden as good as a place to worship. Its open H2O is believed to extend a almighty girl for a believers.
Lingsar temple (built in 1714) – famous as a usually Hindhu church in a world, that also happily accept their Moslem brothers to ceremony together. This church symbolizes a peace and togetherness of both religions.
Banyumulek Village that famous for a pottery
Pusuk Pass
Autore pearl farm

I was unequivocally tender by this enchanting island from a untried nature, it won’t be gimlet for me to transport as many times as we can. Because of a places we missed due to singular time on a trip, that will be a good reason for me to go behind to Lombok.
It was a blithe holiday for us!

Beside a island, we would like to contend thousand of interjection to Pak Uji, who was a ideal horde and really associating during a trip. He can answer all a questions immediately but checking his tourism bible. Pak Uji is a friendly, common and gifted guy. Our outing was good organised by him and a obliged motorist – Pak Zaki (he pronounce Indonesian and singular English)
This 2 guys done a Pleasant Vacation in Lombok!

Contact information :-
*  Pak Uji
    Cell phone – +62 817-5704-926
    Email – [email protected]

*  Pak Zaki
    Cell phone – +62-878-6356-4900

 print IMG_3413_zpsb446287c.jpg

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*  The fact blog post of each places we visited will be entrance soon, stay tune!

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