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Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant during Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Normally those boiled duck widely accessible around Johor Bahru area are…Malay warong boiled chicken, Mamak emporium boiled chicken, Chinese boiled chicken, quick food boiled duck and boiled chicken offer with nasi lemak is unequivocally common. But now we came opposite this Japanese boiled chicken that is usually started during Taman Molek, JB…

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant (N1.52428 E103.78540) is located along Jalan Molek 1/28, subsequent to a Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant.

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The environment is as elementary as a internal ‘kopitiam’ style, kitchen usually subsequent to a dining area. And yes, a prices also follow a ‘kopitiam’ price.

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As distant as we know, this is a ‘first’ Japanese kopitiam accessible in Johor Bahru. Most of a Japanese restaurants are good flashy with air-conditioning in Johor Bahru, though this is unequivocally something new to a JB market.
The alien fruits from Japan also accessible from a restaurant, as we can see from a photos below…

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Most of their categorical march is offer with a boiled rice…
We systematic a Karaage duck (Japanese boiled chicken) set, Toriten set (chicken tempura), tomato omelet set, garlic pig set and Ra-so-men.

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Beside a categorical course, we systematic some of their side plate too…
Salads, Spicy cucumber and Combination tempura.

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All dishes were tasty!
I like a ‘boneless Karaage chicken’ unequivocally much! Maybe since we already informed with a boiled duck ambience surrounding us, and this was unequivocally new and nice! The spicy cucumber got my courtesy too, a Japanese recipe of a salsa was unique, we all like it!

All a dishes offer in this grill are carrying reasonable price, about RM10-20, that means we can suffer a Japanese food by a Japanese cook with a travel food price! No kidding!

The grill was handling by 90% of a Japanese, and a kitchen too. This is another new to Johor Bahru, since many of a Japanese restaurants within JB usually a cook or a owners are ‘Nihonjin’…other are internal or unfamiliar workers…I was impressed. We visited on a initial day operation of a restaurant, and it was full of Japanese. Great!

The photos of a Chefs (or so called a spirits of a kitchen) on duty!

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And we met a organisation of lovable small boys in a grill too…

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I will be behind again for a Karaage chicken, and also like to try some-more of a ‘authentic’ Japanese food from this ‘Japanese kopitiam’.

Drop by if we occur in Taman Molek!

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