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New array of dishes and breakfast menu from Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant, Tmn Molek

Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) has a new array of dishes accessible started from this December 2014 onwards! Beside a new menu, they also offer Nyonya character breakfast today, we can perspective by some of a dishes below…

The grill new business hour also altered from 7.30am – 5pm (weekday) and 11am – 8pm (Fri and Sat). That means a breakfast is accessible on weekday usually and a cooking usually during a weekend.

About 9 of us visited a grill on one of a dusk to try out a new dishes. Let me uncover we one-by-one…

*  Fish in brownish-red sauce
*  Itik Sioh (duck)
*  Fish beak soup
*  Portuguese character steam sotong (squids)
*  Battered eggplants in sauce
*  Itik Tim (duck)
*  Ikan sambal garing (Fried mackerel fish with Nyonya sambal)

 print IMG_4197_zps596ee818.jpg

 print IMG_4206_zpsa8751da5.jpg

 print IMG_4207_zps30b0c7f4.jpg

 print IMG_4213_zps06d9588d.jpg

 print IMG_4220_zps7ea0d245.jpg

 print IMG_4221_zps5d767150.jpg

 print IMG_4224_zps50470722.jpg

 print IMG_4225_zps70a7d037.jpg

 print IMG_4230_zpsb6281aff.jpg

 print IMG_4232_zps59de2bdf.jpg

Fish in brownish-red sauce
– One of a special ambience that we can solemnly compute a sweet, sour, slight tainted and spicy-ness of a fish in your mouth. The authentic reduction of Nyonya mixture were good and we all like it!

Itik Sioh (duck)
– This was a initial time tasting this authentic Nyonya Itik Sioh out of Malacca town. The gravy was luscious and unequivocally went good with plain rice. The steep was proposal and succulent.

Fish beak soup
– The fish beak soup served with pickled veggie, fungus and chicken. Tasty and enjoyed a soup. The fish beak was prepared from tender by a restaurant, and it was fresh.

Portuguese character steam sotong (squids)
– Another Portuguese plate that we attempted out of Malacca town. The mixture were unique, sharp and sour, supposing a opposite ambience from internal Johor Bahru town. The squids were steamed to perfection.

Battered eggplants in sauce
–  One of a ‘very special’ plate we had! Eggplant prepared with bean paste, it was crispy on a skin and luscious inside. Unforgettable! All of us like it unequivocally much!

Itik Tim (duck)
– Another Nyonya signature dish, baked with authentic Nyonya recipe as home plate during a aged era, we were advantageous adequate to ambience it today. Appreciated.

Ikan sambal garing (Fried mackerel fish with Nyonya sambal)
–  The boiled mackerel fish was opposite from those accessible in a nasi lemak stall, it was unequivocally crispy and incense on a skin and wet inside. The sambal served with a fishes was a best combination!

They served a plain rice in a antique basket (correct me if I’m wrong) with a feel of abounding Nyonya touch.

 print IMG_4209_zps11476286.jpg

All a dishes adequate to palliate a Nyonya enticement for a evening. Satisfied cooking in a comfort environment, not to forget a accessible owners (boss and lady boss) that remind me of a Nyonya culture.

Beside a new dishes, they also offer a Nyonya character breakfast in a morning session.

Breakfast menu :-

 print IMG_3698_zps12808c0e.jpg

  print IMG_3702_zps4df5e9bf.jpg

  print IMG_3704_zps3f5ccb0c.jpg

 print IMG_3706_zpsddd10740.jpg

  print IMG_3710_zps41db6454.jpg

They also offer nasi lemak and other noodles that we didn’t take a photos.
Among all, we like a Nyonya mee-suah and Nyonya Lontong unequivocally much! This 2 dishes are unequivocally singular within Johor Bahru area.

As all of us rated, Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant is one of a value revisit grill in Johor Bahru.

* The above comments are formed on particular ambience bud, not associated to any blurb purpose.

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Christmas Menu 2104 from Menu Please Bistro, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

Christmas is around a corner, have we motionless where to have your Christmas dinner?

Menu Please Bistro during Taman Maju Jaya is compelling a Christmas plate package for a “dinner on X’mas Eve cooking and lunch, cooking on a Christmas Day” on subsequent week.
We were advantageous to have a initial try on a Christmas package, and let me uncover what is all about…

The package is enclosed a starter, categorical course, dessert and their special recipe of several form of cold drinks.

Starter – Duo appetizers
Smoke turkey frittata and mini fungus soup
–  Frittata is an egg-based Italian plate enriched with additional reduction such as meats, cheese or vegetables.

Main march (choice of one)
Fish (RM78)
–  Pan parched salmon serves with pumpkin cream salsa and haricot vert

Duck (RM78)
–  Duck leg confit serves with delayed baked orange and crush potato

Lamb (RM88)
–  Australian lamb serves with healthy lamb jus and butter glitter chestnut

–  Popular coffee flavored Italian cake

–  Double berries soda
–  Mango vanilla soda
–  Vanilla orange soda

–  Chamomile tea
–  Pepper packet tea
–  Jasmine immature tea

In Chinese
Menu Please Bistro ???? ( 24/12/15 – 25/12/15)


?? – ????????
?? – ????????????
?? – ???????????

?? – ??????????Tiramisù??????Tiramesù????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

?? – ???? ? ???? ? ????
?? – ???? ? ???? ? ????

?????????????? 07-3360748
+60167388963 ( what’s app )

Smoke turkey frittata and mini fungus soup

 print IMG_4276_zpsb7d5e471.jpg

 print IMG_4272_zpsa8d157b1.jpg

 print IMG_4273_zps164d7d95.jpg

 print IMG_4274_zpsde0fed74.jpg

Very special and singular appetiser we ever have in Johor Bahru. The frittata ambience with a few multiple of eggs, steep bacon, veggie and cheese. It formidable to report a tastiness until we try it yourself.

Pan parched salmon serves with pumpkin cream salsa and haricot vert

 print IMG_4287_zps6ec8b4a0.jpg

 print IMG_4282_zps1d9ffd51.jpg

 print IMG_4284_zps9d185606.jpg

The salmon was baked to perfection, a multiple of a cream salsa was great!

Duck leg confit serves with delayed baked orange and crush potato

 print IMG_4278_zps96788347.jpg

 print IMG_4280_zps6a12e9d8.jpg

 print IMG_4281_zps357c7687.jpg

The steep leg confit was proposal and yummy, a beef forsaken off a bone easily, delicious!
We all like this special plate served by Menu Please Bistro and it’s tough to find a same plate else where around Johor Bahru for a moment.

Australian lamb serves with healthy lamb jus and butter glitter chestnut

 print IMG_4292_zpsebb64950.jpg

 print IMG_4289_zps1c3f6401.jpg

 print IMG_4288_zps2f634f03.jpg

The braised lamb was proposal and succulent. It served with a lamb jus that extended tastiness of a dish, we will adore this if we are a lamb lover.


 print IMG_4295_zpsc69f3fd9.jpg

Menu Please Bistro served one of a best Tiramisu within JB town. This was formed of my particular ambience bud.

Cold drinks
–  Double berries soda
–  Mango vanilla soda
–  Vanilla orange soda

 print IMG_4301_zps2ef5c788.jpg

The reduction of these 3 cold drinks were exceptional, it’s a bid and a sorcery hold of Chef Jayson for a special gratifying season. Beside a cold drinks, they also offer prohibited Chamomile, peppers packet and Jasmine immature tea.

Among all a 3 categorical courses, we cite a duck leg. Because a plate is not common, and it’s formidable to locate a possibility that offer by a restaurant. And for a cold drinks, we chose a Vanilla orange soda – it was so refreshing!

Select your choices from a Menu, suffer a Christmas plate in Menu Please Bistro.
You might call a grill series 07-3360748 or whatsapp to their mobile series +60167388963 for reservation.

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Unique grilled fish case speckled during Tawun Jetty, Lombok Island.

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Ratatouille La Gourmet – Tea room – Bar

Ratatouille La Gourmet (N1.54783 E103.74606) is located during a dilemma lot of Jalan Adda 3/1 in Adda Heights, Johor Bahru.
Few months ago, Ratatouille was a case in one of a food court situated in Taman Setia Indah. After several months of hardwork and bid by Chef Brian and a team, they successfully upgraded from a tiny case to a good famous grill in Johor Bahru today.
I dignified their achievement!

 print IMG_3760_zpsdd77fcb8.jpg

Ratatouille comparison a white English thesis as one of their captivate of a restaurant, it’s also became a ‘first’ theme’s grill in my favorite list.
The grill yield a purify and neat opinion that unequivocally impressed! On a right side, there are some dining list for those business who cite healthy atmosphere though air-conditioning.

 print IMG_3763_zps26cdc7b2.jpg

Greeted by a accessible staffs once we stepped into a restaurant. we adore a deco unequivocally much! The area is atmospheric that yield a comfort and friendly dining environment.

 print IMG_3749_zps5e24d0cb.jpg

 print IMG_3751_zpsd53a9a72.jpg

 print IMG_3752_zpsc7297052.jpg

The windows during a both side have a white English tudor design, also choices for those diners who like to have window seat.

 print IMG_3757_zps6fc4403d.jpg

There’s also a Victoria design’s lounge generally for those who suffer their afternoon tea and scones…

 print IMG_3810_zps427c9e23.jpg

 print IMG_3753_zpsb2e89b72.jpg

The dining area is gentle for caf� and even a tiny organisation of friends accumulate around…

 print IMG_3759_zps9c6791ba.jpg

 print IMG_3767_zpsdae64145.jpg

I was proposal by a owner’s thought with a good pattern and a yield opposite forms dining tables for business to select their possess preference.

Our food served on list flattering fast…let me uncover we a delicacies one-by-one…

Appetizer :-
Escargot – served in half dozen, with garlic breads side dish.

 print IMG_3775_zps2ffeec07.jpg

 print IMG_3776_zpscc0c8242.jpg

Nice cheesy ambience and a stuffing was not overly salty, always a good starter for your dinner.

Pepper steak.
Medium doneness, good prepared with peppers and served with crushed potatoes and ratatouille.

 print IMG_3779_zps3fc6d1a4.jpg

 print IMG_3782_zpsbc13d690.jpg

I always like a beef of Ratatouille. Well cooking and a peppers turn was usually nice! If we are beef lover, we shouldn’t skip this!

Oxtail stew.
Whole oxtail being prepared for a dish. Magic cut by a Chef yield a loyal ambience of a tasty collagen within. The plate also served with potatoes, tomatoes and a good beef gravy.

 print IMG_3785_zpsde90cd05.jpg

Garlic bread, crushed potatoes and broccoli as side plate for Oxtail stew.

 print IMG_3788_zpsabb1cc0b.jpg

Beside a tasty chewy punch of a oxtail, we like a beef gravy unequivocally much! The collagen was proposal and fresh, we’re unequivocally enjoyed this Oxtail meal from Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Grilled Lamb Rack
Grilled shelve of lamb served with broccoli, ratatouille and a packet sauce. (serve in middle doneness)

 print IMG_3790_zps8b7e4f4f.jpg

 print IMG_3791_zps77ba7e2d.jpg

The multiple of a savoury skin and a proposal inside was marvelous! We took a time to ambience this tantalizing lamb shelve unequivocally slow…

Teriyaki Cod fish
Grilled cod fish showering with teriyaki sauce, served with broccoli, carrots and crushed potatoes.

 print IMG_3796_zpse7775208.jpg

The uninformed cod fish with a Teriyaki salsa yield a ideal taste. It was luscious and good to have for a dinner. It was a bit honeyed for my personal ambience bud.

Dinner won’t finish though a desserts…
Ratatouille signature cheese cake

 print IMG_3797_zpse571c042.jpg

 print IMG_3799_zps1cc1beb0.jpg

 print IMG_3802_zpsc81b2c1b.jpg

 print IMG_3805_zps08ebb47b.jpg

The signature cheese cake was abounding with cheese though not overly sweet. Aromatic tiramisu was a favorite dessert for many of a patron in a area. Lemon sugarine pancake was a warn where a pancake doesn’t overly honeyed and good to have. According to a owners – Sherman, a Ratatouille Apple pie has a clever direct from a local, a special apple cake unequivocally stuffing after a categorical course.

The Ratatouille grill is also a ideal place for afternoon tea mangle with some cakes or scones, since of a special allot ‘Hi-tea’ area.

We will make a bid to dump by Ratatouille La Gourmet each now and then, not usually only pass-by Adda Heights area. It is a glorious grill for lunch, tea mangle and dinner, even suffer some beers in a evening.

Specially interjection to Brian and Sherman for a comfortable hospitality.

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Discovered another pleasing beach during south Lombok island

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