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January 25, 2012 during 2:00 pm

The word ‘red’ especially refers to one of a 3 primary colours that can be total to make a whole lot of other colours. Other than it being a confidant colour, there is a whole prolonged list of other things that are also compared to a word ‘red’. For example, a colour red is routinely compared to feelings of confidence, charge and dominance. It is also a pitch of passion and annoy as good as a pitch of bravery and sacrifice. For a Chinese culture, a colour red harbours certain appetite and is mostly done as a categorical colour in joyous occasions like weddings and Chinese New Year.

KRR staff portion nominal drinks to parched guest on RED 2012

For a many people who chose to wear red on a 11th Jan 2012, there was customarily one reason that encouraged them to do so, and rest positive that it has zero to do with feelings of annoy or charge as they were especially speckled entertainment around a Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) grill nationwide. These people wearing red were celebrating life, health and vitality in and with KRR’s third annual Roasters Eating Day (RED).

KRR group operative during superspeed during RED lunchtime rush

As a lot of us get hold adult in a New Year resolution-making frenzy, a infancy of people finish adult creation a prolonged list of resolutions that are lost after a unrestrained dies down. By a time work and life matters starts holding priority again, healthy eating customarily takes a behind seat. This is a reason because RED is hold annually on a second Wednesday of each New Year. It is designed to ‘remind’ a open and motivate them to grasp and say their health resolutions for a year. All that a chairman need to do to suffer dual (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meal for a cost of one is to dress in any shade of red.

Large throng of RED in jubilee of ROASTERS Eating Day

So if we missed a event to be partial of this year’s RED affair, tatter not as Kenny Rogers Roasters are always there to offer good and healthy food during an affordable cost all year round.

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Tourism Malaysia

Usher In a New Year with KRR’s Dynasty Chicken

January 10, 2012 during 12:00 pm

It has turn a common thing for many people, generally Malaysians, to applaud any joyous arise with good food. Be it weddings, eremite or even informative events, guest can design to suffer a tasty dishes served during a function. As a result, it becomes really easy for many to be held adult in a fad and they finish adult immoderate too most diseased food. This is prevalent generally during gratifying seasons like Chinese New Year, where a accumulation of knick-knacks like peanuts, candy and treats are mostly served to guest along with carbonated and sugar-based drinks.

The famous rotisserie roasted duck is surfaced off with a salsa that is honeyed and green with a spirit of spiciness

The Kenny Rogers Roasters Dynasty Chicken and a new operation of milkshakes are usually accessible for a singular time only

In line with a efforts to foster healthy eating to a public, Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) recently launched nonetheless another dish that is firm to prove duck lovers, best enjoyed together with their new operation of 3 pleasant milkshakes. KRR’s Dynasty Chicken is a tasty dish where a famous rotisserie roasted duck is cooking with a healthy mix of herbs, spices and citrus liking and surfaced with a sweet, green and a spirit of sharp salsa with pineapple chunks. The Dynasty Chicken dish comes finish with 3 side dishes of your choice and a special-limited time usually muffin, a Golden Orange Muffin.

The Golden Orange Muffin is ripping with a zesty essence of object completed oranges

The 3 new milkshakes (clockwise from top) Double Choc, Berrynana and Choc Fun Milkshake

The muffin is a must-try for orange lovers as it is ripping with a zesty essence of object completed oranges.
KRR lovers will also be gay to know that it has recently launched a new operation of milkshakes; Choc Fun Milkshake, Berrynana Milkshake and final though not slightest – a Double Choc Milkshake. Each of a milkshake is creatively done and is positively a best approach to finish KRR’s gratifying meal. All of these tantalizing dishes are accessible usually for a singular time during all Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets. The Dynasty Chicken is labelled during RM17.90* and a milkshakes during RM 11.90* each. Do come and try out a Dynasty Chicken before a power is over.

* Price varies during Genting Highlands.

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Tourism Malaysia

Mexicano Baked Fish by Kenny Rogers Roasters

October 18, 2011 during 5:30 pm

Fish has come a prolonged approach given being noticed as bad man’s protein in a center of a 20th century. As we all know, fish has now turn a reward beef due to a high protein and low amounts of fat, creation it a ideal choice for those who demeanour for gaunt protein for their diet. The difficulty about some fish dishes are that they are possibly expensive, or served in ways that annul a health advantages that a beef offers.

The tasty Mexicano Baked Fish and a Fish N Mushroom Soup

So if we wish to suffer a good fish image during a unequivocally affordable price, we advise a Mexicano Baked Fish image by Kenny Rogers Roasters. Available for a singular time only, this poetic proposal fish strap is cooking with a special mix of spices and spices, and is afterwards baked to perfection. And for those who are accustomed to a accumulation of tastes will not have to tatter as a strap is served with a softly sharp salsa, adding an outlandish Mexican hold that is firm to pleasure everyone, even those who customarily bashful divided from Tex-Mex flavours.

The tasty Mexicano Baked Fish is not customarily a tasty delight, though also a value for income dish.

Kenny Rogers Roasters incursion into fish also includes a Fish N Mushroom Soup. This soup serves as a light though robust starter, and is a tawny though not overwhelmingly thick soup with inexhaustible chunks of fish and mushrooms swimming in it. The Fish N Mushroom Soup is labelled during RM7.00 while a Mexicano Baked Fish comes with 3 side dishes of your choice during RM18.50.

The light though poetic soup, with chunks of fish and mushrooms

So how does a Mexicano Baked Fish smoke-stack up? The initial thing that we will unequivocally notice is a vast distance of a strap itself, that indeed occupies many of a plate. The fish is proposal and unequivocally baked to perfection, with a pleasant membrane that leaves a pointed hazed essence on a palette. The salsa complements a fish well, and while it does enclose coriander, a graphic ambience that some Asians tend to dislike about coriander is thankfully absent.

The ambience of a salsa, while spicy, does not overcome a subtler essence of a fish

The portioning of a dish, like all Kenny Rogers Roasters offerings, is unequivocally adequate for many appetites, though for those who usually can't conflict a good thing can opt for a White Combo Delight meal. This image combines a Mexicano Baked Fish with a entertain chicken, 3 side dishes and a Kenny’s Home-made Muffin for RM29.50. Now that’s unequivocally a feast on a own!

The Mexicano Baked Fish and a Fish N Mushroom Soup are accessible for a singular time customarily during all Kenny Rogers Roasters Restaurants in Malaysia. We advise we try them, that is if we haven’t already!

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