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Usher In a New Year with KRR’s Dynasty Chicken

January 10, 2012 during 12:00 pm

It has turn a common thing for many people, generally Malaysians, to applaud any joyous arise with good food. Be it weddings, eremite or even informative events, guest can design to suffer a tasty dishes served during a function. As a result, it becomes really easy for many to be held adult in a fad and they finish adult immoderate too most diseased food. This is prevalent generally during gratifying seasons like Chinese New Year, where a accumulation of knick-knacks like peanuts, candy and treats are mostly served to guest along with carbonated and sugar-based drinks.

The famous rotisserie roasted duck is surfaced off with a salsa that is honeyed and green with a spirit of spiciness

The Kenny Rogers Roasters Dynasty Chicken and a new operation of milkshakes are usually accessible for a singular time only

In line with a efforts to foster healthy eating to a public, Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) recently launched nonetheless another dish that is firm to prove duck lovers, best enjoyed together with their new operation of 3 pleasant milkshakes. KRR’s Dynasty Chicken is a tasty dish where a famous rotisserie roasted duck is cooking with a healthy mix of herbs, spices and citrus liking and surfaced with a sweet, green and a spirit of sharp salsa with pineapple chunks. The Dynasty Chicken dish comes finish with 3 side dishes of your choice and a special-limited time usually muffin, a Golden Orange Muffin.

The Golden Orange Muffin is ripping with a zesty essence of object completed oranges

The 3 new milkshakes (clockwise from top) Double Choc, Berrynana and Choc Fun Milkshake

The muffin is a must-try for orange lovers as it is ripping with a zesty essence of object completed oranges.
KRR lovers will also be gay to know that it has recently launched a new operation of milkshakes; Choc Fun Milkshake, Berrynana Milkshake and final though not slightest – a Double Choc Milkshake. Each of a milkshake is creatively done and is positively a best approach to finish KRR’s gratifying meal. All of these tantalizing dishes are accessible usually for a singular time during all Kenny Rogers Roasters outlets. The Dynasty Chicken is labelled during RM17.90* and a milkshakes during RM 11.90* each. Do come and try out a Dynasty Chicken before a power is over.

* Price varies during Genting Highlands.

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