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January 25, 2012 during 2:00 pm

The word ‘red’ especially refers to one of a 3 primary colours that can be total to make a whole lot of other colours. Other than it being a confidant colour, there is a whole prolonged list of other things that are also compared to a word ‘red’. For example, a colour red is routinely compared to feelings of confidence, charge and dominance. It is also a pitch of passion and annoy as good as a pitch of bravery and sacrifice. For a Chinese culture, a colour red harbours certain appetite and is mostly done as a categorical colour in joyous occasions like weddings and Chinese New Year.

KRR staff portion nominal drinks to parched guest on RED 2012

For a many people who chose to wear red on a 11th Jan 2012, there was customarily one reason that encouraged them to do so, and rest positive that it has zero to do with feelings of annoy or charge as they were especially speckled entertainment around a Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) grill nationwide. These people wearing red were celebrating life, health and vitality in and with KRR’s third annual Roasters Eating Day (RED).

KRR group operative during superspeed during RED lunchtime rush

As a lot of us get hold adult in a New Year resolution-making frenzy, a infancy of people finish adult creation a prolonged list of resolutions that are lost after a unrestrained dies down. By a time work and life matters starts holding priority again, healthy eating customarily takes a behind seat. This is a reason because RED is hold annually on a second Wednesday of each New Year. It is designed to ‘remind’ a open and motivate them to grasp and say their health resolutions for a year. All that a chairman need to do to suffer dual (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meal for a cost of one is to dress in any shade of red.

Large throng of RED in jubilee of ROASTERS Eating Day

So if we missed a event to be partial of this year’s RED affair, tatter not as Kenny Rogers Roasters are always there to offer good and healthy food during an affordable cost all year round.

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