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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

It is such a lovely experience, entrance into 2011! New transport destinations, or undiscovered formerly have always been on tip of transport destinations via a world.

Maybe this year, we’ll learn some-more of Malaysia’s singular practice and transport hideaways. Who knows?

If we have any transport suggestions, do dump us a line. We’ll try and write about a place, and share a practice (the ups or downs).

Till then, have a smashing year and wish we have many smashing transport tales in Malaysia!

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Tourism Malaysia

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

A abounding accumulation of flora can be found within a Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

The bustling city of Kuala Lumpur has many high buildings and complicated structures. However, many people are not wakeful that in a heart of a city, a patch of greenery still exists.

In fact, one of Malaysia’s many distinguished landmarks, a Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower), is built on tip of one of a oldest timberland pot in Malaysia, a Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve.

Gazetted in 1906, Bukit Nanas serves as a immature lung of Kuala Lumpur and is home to an contentment of flora and fauna singular to a Malaysian pleasant rainforest.

Bukit Nanas can be categorised as a birthright for dual reasons. Firstly, it is a usually remaining patch of pleasant rainforest that still stands in a center of a city.  Secondly, it is one of a oldest permanent timberland pot in a nation (it distinguished a Centennial Anniversary in 2006).

The 10.5 hectare timberland haven was also gazetted as a Wildlife Reserve and Bird Sanctuary in 1934 and in 1950 respectively, with a territory of about 5 hectares dedicated as a Virgin Jungle Reserve.

When profitable a revisit to KL Tower, visitors should embody a outing to Bukit Nanas in their itinerary, as it lies only beside a opening to a building and requires no acknowledgment fee. It offers inlet lovers a good event to learn some-more about a ecology of a internal forest. It is also ideal for shutterbugs and photography enthusiasts.

Nature guides are accessible to explain about a several forms of flora and fauna in a jungle reserve. The daily guided debate runs during 11am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

“This jungle helps to clean a atmosphere within a surrounding environment, and a visitors here are really understanding of preserving a healthy ecology,” explained Anthony Paleng, one of a inlet guides, while using a organisation of visitors to Bukit Nanas.

According to him, a abounding accumulation of flora can be found within a timberland reserve, that includes singular herbs, creepers, ferns, climbers and hulk bamboo grasses. Huge pleasant tree class also occupy a jungle namely meranti, keruing, chengal and pulai.

“All of a trees here have a singular approach of flourishing in a wild, a bio invulnerability resource specific to any species,” he explained further.

Along a trail, there are traces of damaged branches, indicating a participation of internal monkeys. If we are lucky, we competence see a dual internal class of monkeys that exist in a park, namely a Silvered Langur and a Long-tailed Macaque. Other varieties of fauna embody squirrels, snakes and birds.

A stay site is accessible for inlet lovers who wish to representation a tent and suffer a sensuous greenery of a jungle, giveaway of charge.

People who adore jogging can also suffer using by a timberland trail, and there is an outside barrier march for those who wish to do a small stretching and physique lifting.

Visitors to a timberland haven need to take certain precautionary measures during their revisit as there are some slopes that are utterly high along a timberland trails. It is advisable for visitors to dress casually, ideally sports wear that includes using shoes, as there is a ladder territory that could be wily to navigate.

For some-more information, greatfully contact:

Anthony Paleng (Nature Guide)                                   Mobile: 6012-207 1562
Department of Forestry Peninsular Malaysia               Tel: 603-2230 6342
Site Office                                                                   Fax: 603-2292 5667
Lot 240, Bukit Nanas                                                     Web:
Jalan Raja Chulan
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower)

The Kuala Lumpur Tower plan was finished in 1995, and is used for communication purposes. It facilities an receiver that reaches 421 m (1,381 ft), that now creates it a 18th tallest freestanding building in a world. There are several activities that can be enjoyed by visitors here, that embody a scenic perspective of a city by a regard deck, shopping, visiting a mini zoo, and also enjoying a hack ride. The Kuala Lumpur Tower also organises large-scale events annually such as a KL Tower International Jump Malaysia. KL Tower and Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve are on a KL Hop-on Hop-off city debate route. The KL Hop-on Hop-off city debate covers approximately some-more than 40 attractions where passengers can hop-on or hop-off a debate train during any of a 22 designated stops in KL. The train runs on a 15- to 30-minute interlude between 8.30 am until 8.30 pm. For sheet prices and information on a KL Hop-on Hop-off city tour, revisit

Fast Facts

Getting There: The timberland haven is located in front of Jalan Raja Chulan and not distant from a Telekom Museum. By car, expostulate adult a mountain during KL Tower and compensate for a opening price and automobile park; acknowledgment to a timberland haven is free. Alternatively, take a Kelana Jaya Line LRT and stop during a Dang Wangi Station, or take a KL monorail and disembark during a Bukit Nanas station. Those who use a Ampang Line LRT need to disembark during a Masjid Jamek LRT station.

Main attractions: The timberland track or “Jejak Rimba” activity on a pleasant rainforest can be soothing, as a travel by a refuge can be a lovely change to a quick gait of civic lifestyle.

Other attractions: A vast margin for camping, a bird examination area, a jogging trail, and a mini herbal park.

Entrance fee: Free of charge

Visiting hours: 7.00am to 6.00pm including weekends and open holidays.

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Tourism Malaysia

A Taste of Survivor Island

A Taste of Survivor Island


I was tempted to dive right in to a awesomely mouth-watering bluish waters as we arrived during a dock. The willing healthy vicinity were suggestive of an halcyon environment for a summer romance. The splendid blue balmy sky, yet scorching, was welcomed with most pleasure. We had in fact prepared for a misfortune after being sensitive that a past few days were pale with torrential rain. Sheer tranquillity, along with sun-drenched primitive beaches, is of a hint on an island escapade. Pulau Tiga, it seemed, had already over my elementary desires.

The feeling of fatigue we had progressing solemnly dissipated. Somehow, a sound of crashing waves always has a supernatural ability to ease my senses. Any censure unexpected became trivial. Now, we wasn’t accurately being critical though seriously, travelling over 5 hours in 3 modes of travel in a prohibited and wet day can rather corrupt one’s strength, not to discuss enthusiasm.

Upon touching down during a Kota Kinabalu International Airport, we were whisked divided by a outpost for a two-hour float to Kuala Penyu, followed by a twenty-minute speedboat ride.

Though it took place a decade ago, zealous fans of Survivor would substantially still remember how corporate tutor Richard Hatch outlasted fifteen of his associate Americans to turn a millionaire after being marooned on Pulau Tiga for 39 days. Being a site of a really initial deteriorate of not usually Survivor US though also a UK chronicle had generated far-reaching broadside for Pulau Tiga and Malaysia as millions of viewers tuned in weekly to find out who was being eliminated.

Our arrivals were greeted by a vast signboard that review “Survivor Island”, naturally. Some of a props used during a filming of a existence uncover were also visible.

Our outing to Snake Island was energetically anticipated. Though not wholly though fear and anxiety. The barbarous hilly volcanic outcrop, also famous as Pulau Kalampunian Damit to a locals, is inhabited by hundreds of a Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait (Laticauda colubrina). The 20-minute speedboat float to a island was substantially too brief a time for some of us who started to anticipate either it was a good thought to set feet on a island during all.

To be distressed is understandable. Though we had acted roughly impertinence to impertinence with a outrageous python for a shot, we reckoned that a rarely vicious Yellow-Lipped wouldn’t be as docile. Twice as unwholesome as a King Cobra, a singular punch from this sea krait would be adequate to send someone to almighty doze in no time. To paint a clearer picture, once bitten, one wouldn’t even be means to make it behind to Pulau Tiga alive.

It wasn’t a warn afterwards that once we set feet on a shore, we was totally vigilant. Like a hawk, we celebrated each boulder, tree base and tree trunk, creation certain zero lurked underneath a rocks. Too pensive in examination each step we took, we didn’t realize that a beam Nell and a rest had already left distant forward of me acid for a specimen.

So, if Snake Island sounds dangerous, because are visitors still flocking to this place, we competence ask?

Honestly, a snakes are indeed utterly submissive as they are rather dead and dull during a day due to a heat. They will not conflict humans unless stepped on or mishandled. They cite to curl adult among a rocks, tree roots and crevices in tree trunks and will usually hunt for food in a sea during night.

Unlike loyal sea snakes that spend their whole life in a sea, a Yellow-Lipped come ashore to rest, digest their food, slough their skins, partner and lay eggs. They are wanted by a white-bellied sea eagles that round low over a island. Hence, they conduct for a sea when it’s high waves to minimise a risk of being hold by a eagles.

A few mins later, Nell found a pearly-blue lizard with black bands resting among some rocks preoccupied of extraordinary intruders. Swiftly though kindly he hold a snakes for us to take a few close-up shots.  Needless to say, as shortly as we got what we headed there for, we finished a lurch to a vessel meaningful really good that it isn’t a place for sightseeing.

On a approach to Snake Island and on a approach back, a vessel upheld by another island namely Pulau Kalampunian Besar or Sand Spit. It has been reduced to a frame of silt bar as a outcome of call erosion. Some land and sea-based hurdles during Survivor were hold there.

Both Pulau Kalampunian Besar and Pulau Kalampunian Damit, together with a categorical island, Pulau Tiga (meaning “Island of Three”) form a Pulau Tiga National Park. They were designated as timberland haven behind in 1933 and finally gazetted as a park in 1978. It was usually in 1998 that a Sipadan Dive Center sealed an agreement with a park to rise a Pulau Tiga Resort that was finished in 2000.

If Pulau Kalampunian Besar and a creepy Pulau Kalampunian Damit are zero to scream about, a same can't be pronounced about Pulau Tiga. It was apparently shaped someday on 21 Sep 1897 when a outrageous trembler during Mindanao Island in a Philippines triggered a volcanic tear during a northern partial of Borneo. An island measuring 66 feet far-reaching was shaped as a result. The successive eruptions of a same volcano over a subsequent 40 years and a eruptions of dual adjacent sand volcanoes that stretched and coalesced shaped a benefaction Pulau Tiga.

The final tear took place some-more than 60 years ago. Nevertheless, comfortable sand still oozes from these geothermal vents of a island. Pulau Tiga is now about 4.5km long, 1.5km far-reaching and covers an area of 20.7 sq km. Except for a review and a Park Headquarters that occupy a tiny partial of a island, infancy of Pulau Tiga is still inexperienced vegetation.

Although inlet and recreational attractions are aplenty on a island, no outing to Pulau Tiga is finish though a drop in a sand volcanoes, not a eruptive kind though merely effervescent sand pool. The sand bath is pronounced to have healing effect, able of restorative rashes, for example.

The awaiting of removing a giveaway healthy sauna diagnosis got all of us excited. We had to travel adult a 1,100-metre scenic Pagong-Pagong Trail that leads to a Mud Volcano. The surge final night finished a route additional slippery. After hiking for about half an hour, we were greeted by fundamentally a vast pool of mud.

The murky pool looked rather diluted, substantially due to a rain. Not everybody would find a thought of cloaking themselves with healthy sand appealing unless it’s finished in a spa. Some people are wavering about jumping into a murky pond. Perhaps, they are fearful that they competence get sucked in, quicksand-style.

To infer that it’s totally safe, Nell immediately nude to his boxers and splashed into a pond, enlivening us to follow suit. Those who were assured assimilated him to exam a healing effects of a mud, while others were confident to only observe from a circuitously hut, built for visitors to leave their garments and belongings. The surprisingly cold sand was pleasing to soak in. Bubbles of thermal gas that rose to a aspect each few mins finished ‘gloop’ sounds.

As a sand in a pool was utterly watery, any try to splatter it all over a physique for a some-more picturesque organisation print was futile. All wish was not mislaid when Nell sensitive us that there is another tiny sand volcano with thicker sand that is privately meant for “touching-up”. If we wish a sand to work a magic, don’t rinse it off before it is totally dry. Just distortion on a sandy beach for a while before holding a drop in a sea to clean yourself.

Besides carrying props from Survivor sparse here and there on a island, names of a tribes were also being used. Hence, a beach on a northeast side of a island is called Pagong while a one on a southeast side is Tagi. Also, check out a Tribal Council.

Those who go jungle movement during a several trails can see guard lizards, macaque and beak monkeys, hornbills, sea eagles, and other flora and fauna. If you’re lucky, we will find a Megapodes (Megapodius Freycinet), a belligerent home bird that looks like a duck though can meow like a cat!

Pulau Tiga also offers a series of dive sites including West End, Tiga’s Trail, Dunlop Corner, Coleman Shoal, Midreef, Asmarqa Point, Larai Point, and House Reef. Non-divers can suffer snorkelling during a designated area nearby a resort, or try kayaking and fishing.

Bidding farewell wasn’t easy. As we reminisced on my journey during these islands, my mind was filled with charming images and clear outlandish memories of my stay there.

Often called a ‘Land Below a Wind’ as it lies next a gale belt, Sabah occupies a eastern partial of North Borneo and is East Malaysia’s second largest state with an area of 74,500sq. km. Sabah has a South China Sea on a west and a Sulu and Celebes seas on a easterly and a seashore of some 1,440km. Sabah is alpine with sensuous pleasant rainforests and a race of scarcely dual million is finished adult of some-more than 30 racial communities, vocalization over 80 internal dialects.
Lot No. A1103, 11th Floor, Wisma Merdeka (Mail Box No. A236),
Jalan Tun Razak, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +6 088-240 584
Fax: +6 088-240 415
Email     : [email protected]
[email protected]
Website :
1) Tourism Malaysia Sabah Office
Lot 1-0-7, Tingkat Bawah, Blok 1 Lorong Api-Api 1,
Api-Api Centre 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: +6 088-248 698 / 211 732 / 447075
Fax: +6 088-241 764
Email: [email protected]

2) Sabah Tourism Board
51 Gaya Street, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 088-212121
Fax: +6 088-212075, 219311, 222666
Email: [email protected]

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Tourism Malaysia

Dinos Alive!

Dinos Alive!

Apatosaurus (pronounced ah-PAT-uh-SAWR-us).

This prolonged –necked quadrupedal dinosaur, that lived during a late Jurassic period, is one of many dinosaurs now roaming a Pusat Sains Negara, located during Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. An muster highlighting these extraordinary creatures, patrician ‘Dinos Alive’ is now on arrangement until 31 May, 2011.

It’s intensely prolonged neck, and prolonged whip-like tail might magnitude adult to 22 meters and can import adult to roughly a weight of 4 elephants.

Widely famous as a brontosaurus, a Apotasaurus is assimilated by a likes of a barbarous Tyrannosaurus Rex, whose real-life skeleton is also on arrangement and will unequivocally pleasure those who wish to perspective adult tighten a ancient and archaic species. The T-Rex was one of a largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever roamed earth.

Since examination a renouned Jurassic Park film in 1993, depicting a mislaid universe of dinosaurs, a mindfulness with dinosaurs has always prisoner a imagination.

To live and breathe on a same land as a dinosaurs, who once roamed a earth before their remarkable demise, is certainly surreal.

What did their life demeanour like? How did dinosaurs unequivocally demeanour like, behind then?

Pusat Sains Negara has been incited into an interactive arrangement and an intensely engaging educational knowledge for children and adults.

Visitors to a muster can perspective dual categorical galleries depicting a several forms of dinosaurs, a carnivore-typed dinosaurs as good as a herbivore-typed dinosaurs. Each dinosaur comes with a brief story of a life, medium and eating habits.

Other dinosaurs on arrangement embody a triceratops, brachiosaurus, stegosaurus and megalosurus. They are animatronic dinosaurs providing an educational and fun training knowledge to children and adults, alike. Besides this, there is also a array for a ‘fossil dig’, where children can try their skills during anticipating buried fossils.

If we are sleepy from walking around a exhibits, try holding a float on a Dino sight that passes a exhibits. There is also a Dino Explorer, a car simulating a universe of dinosaurs.

Those wishing to revisit Pusat Sains Negara, a visiting hours are from 9 am to 5 pm daily (including Saturdays, Sundays and open holidays). There is a favoured price to enter a exhibition.

For serve information, check out a site’s website: or call Pusat Sains Negara during 03-2089 3400 (office) and 03- 2089 3401 (fax).

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Tourism Malaysia

Sam’s Kitchen and Sam’s on First

Sam’s Kitchen and Sam’s on First

Piping prohibited rice is kindly scooped onto creatively cut banana leaves, with delectable rasam, sharp duck curry and crispy papadom.

Eating as a locals do, with their hands, is a disorderly though tasty experience. The banana root rice is eaten with several choices of condiments such as vegetables, pickles, moru, chutney, rice crackers, candy and chips for a pleasant meal.

Top it all off with savoury masala tea or internal teh tarik for a robust transport during Sam’s Kitchen.

This old-fashioned restaurant, tucked in a dilemma of Taman Maluri in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur serves normal Southern Indian cuisine. Dishes here are specifically prepared with a flavours of Karaikudi, by veteran chefs with over 50 years of total food use experience.

Other equipment on a menu embody dishes such as Dum Briyani, Onion Uthappam, Pal Appam, Tairu Vada and Indian Kotthu Parrotha, Kal Dosa and other renouned dishes.  These are done regulating a freshest and best ingredients, handpicked daily by a chefs.

The grill is open daily from 7.00 am – 12.00 am.

For some-more on a restaurant, hit :

Sam’s Kitchen

No.234, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri,

55100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 03 9281 8839

Email: [email protected]

Sam’s on First

A building above Sam’s Kitchen, is Sam’s on First restaurant. It offers diners a choice of Northern Indian cuisine in a stylish nonetheless infrequent setting.

It’s comfortable and cosy interiors; yield a backdrop to a abounding representation of cooking regulating excellent Indian furnish prepared regulating normal cooking methods.

Some of a restaurant’s cuisine specialties are Rangoli Chicken Sheekh Kebab, Dil Wala Jinggha, Murgh Tikka, Machli Ajwain, Mirchi Ka Saalan and Dhal Palak. Others are Tawa Fish, Baigan Ka Bhartha and Dum Ka Gohst Briyani.

Sam’s on First is open for dining from Tuesdays to Sundays between 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm and 7.00 pm until 11.00 pm.


No. 234-1, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri, 55100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Email:[email protected]; Telephone: 03 9281 8839

* Both restaurants are pig free

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