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FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix @ Putrajaya

Malaysia initial ever electric margin regulation race, a 2014 FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix is hold yesterday, hold on yesterday, 22nd Nov 2014 during Persiaran Perdana, Putrajaya.

Lucky adequate that we conduct to get General Admission sheet value RM50.00 by participated competition orderly by FIA Formula E Malaysia Facebook Page.

The Putrajaya Formula E race, or ePrix, takes place on Nov 22 and forms a second of 10 races for a initial 2014/2015 season. At 2.5km and featuring 12 turns, a travel circuit is located only south of a Perdana Putra housing a Prime Minister’s Office regulating many of a categorical high travel and flitting several of a city’s many recognizable skyscrapers. Drivers will tackle a reduction of straights, delayed to middle speed corners, a hairpin and a parsimonious first-corner equivocation that will see them decelerating from 200kph (sixth gear) into a violation g-force of 1.9.


The BMW I8 as a reserve automobile of 2014 FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix

2014 FIA Formula E Putrajaya ePrix
Location : Persiaran Perdana, Putrajaya
Date : 22nd Nov 2014 (Saturday)

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Wonderful Malaysia

Traveling with kids in Malaysia

Traveling to Southeast Asia with children is not utterly advertised. However, many holidays in segment are ideally suitable for children. Always check previously to establish if a certain orderly outing is age appropriate. Visitors of Wonderful Malaysia mostly ask a doubt if it is probable – and if it is correct – to transport to Malaysia with tiny children. Looking customarily during all fun attractions in a collateral city of Kuala Lumpur, it is transparent that a answer is ‘Yes’. However, as parents, we do need to take certain things into comment that we do not have to cruise about in non-tropical countries. Malaysia is a illusory nation for children. There is an outrageous movement and so there is always something to do. The kids will not get wearied that simply in this country.

Great things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park


In each city in Malaysia, there are a few large selling malls and since they also offer as a amicable assembly indicate for a locals (also kids), we will mostly find many fun attractions within a malls. Each mall has a cinema and a large bowling alley. For example, a Berjaya Times Square mall has a bowling alley – Ampang Superbowl – with a whopping 48 lanes. However, a selling mall is generally – universe – famous due to a indoor Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, where a drum coaster with loops thunders past a railings of a balconies of a several levels.

Sunway Lagoon


Next to a large Sunway Pyramid Mall – that is utterly a stretch from a Kuala Lumpur city core – lays a outrageous aqua thesis park called Sunway Lagoon, unequivocally renouned among a locals and lots of fun as a day outing divided from a large city.

Genting Highlands Theme Park


One of a biggest (and many hectic) kids’ bliss in Malaysia is about an hour’s expostulate from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands is an party city with many attractions (including countless casinos) and with a outrageous kids’ thesis park. A large advantage of this thesis park is a poise of a highlands; a probable waste are a crowds. We had never seen so many families with kids in one place. The thesis is now sealed for renovations and approaching to open in 2016 as a world’s initial Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


Within a pleasing Lake Gardens, a biggest park in Kuala Lumpur, we can find a renouned KL Bird Park. Here we can see thousands of birds. Children will have a good time, and they will learn a lot about all a bird class we can see here too. Especially renouned is a World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary; where we can see birds drifting around we or even have birds sitting on your shoulder.

KLCC Aquarium


Another renouned captivate for kids is a KLCC Aquarium. Here we can see thousands of fish species, many class can also be found in a seas surrounding Malaysia. This good captivate is located right in a core of Kuala Lumpur, circuitously a outrageous Suria KLCC selling mall.



If we are roving with immature children and are looking for a fun day out in Kuala Lumpur, we should cruise KidZania; an indoor family educational and party core that offers an interactive training and party knowledge for kids in a kid-sized city to broach a first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. The KidZania knowledge is about real-life experiences, empowering, moving and educating kids by role-play. It is located circuitously a good selling mall, so we can mix this with some good selling afterwards.

Adventure trips with kids

Apart from a large cities, we also have many pleasing attractions that are equally pleasing for children and adults.

There is adequate to do on a Malaysian peninsula. Visiting a pleasing National Park Taman Negara is positively a prominence of your trip; nonetheless we will mark few large animals, there are lots of smaller ones, birds and insects. The longboat outing to a inlet haven on a possess will be favourite by a children. The highlands are also good as a change (it is a lot cooler and we can go for poetic walks). Especially renouned are a Cameron Highlands, where your kids can also revisit one of many tea plantations.


The islands of Langkawi and Penang can also be visited with children, customarily visiting these islands is an glorious culmination of a debate orderly by a transport agency.

At a Oriental Village during Langkawi Island there is an outrageous wire automobile – Panorama Langkawi – that takes we to a tip of a towering to see a pleasing breathtaking perspective of a island. Langkawi has countless other good attractions that your kids will love.


Penang has a pleasing fruit plantation and a pleasing moth garden. There are utterly a few good temples and countless other sights. The night marketplace in a tiny coastal city Batu Feringghi is also good fun for kids.

If we wish to revisit a best dive and snorkel islands during a dry deteriorate – Apr until October, afterwards we should transport to easterly seashore islands like Perhentian, Redang, Kapas or Tioman. You can snorkel, float and even dive together with a children. Besides many pleasing fish species, there is a large possibility we can float with outrageous turtles (especially abounding in a seas around Perhentian Island).


Kuala Gandah is a tiny encampment only a few hours divided from a collateral Kuala Lumpur, where we will find an elephant sanctuary. You can feed and rinse a elephants, that is nonetheless another good knowledge for a kids (please do not float on a behind of elephants as they weren’t built for that). Also circuitously Kuala Lumpur is a tiny encampment of Kuala Selangor. Here we can revisit a firefly park (in a evenings) and declare millions of fireflies (lightning bugs) once it is dark.

In Borneo we can for instance simply learn a jungle (basic level). You will select an easy to strech and permitted inlet park instead of a unequivocally tough core jungle trips. A revisit to one of a normal inland people will also be noted for a kids. In a northeast of Borneo (close to Sandakan) we can also revisit Sepilok, a orangutan reserve.

There are also several other attractions, such as a humongous Gomantong bat cave, Turtle Island where we can observe turtles and a extraordinary Kinabatangan stream (3 to 4 hours’ expostulate from Sandakan); where we can see elephants, orangutans, beak monkeys, crocodiles and many other kinds of animals and birds. A loyal journey for children!


If your kids adore thesis parks, we should cruise a revisit to Johor Bahru in a south of Malaysia circuitously Singapore. Here we have Legoland Malaysia; with over 40 rides, shows and attractions. Highlight is Miniland; where over 30 million bricks of lego where used to reconstruct countless Asian landmarks.


All in all there is so many to do with children on debate by Malaysia. Apart from all these outrageous attractions, there are mostly also tiny activities that will be of additional fun for a kids. The locals are always unequivocally good and honeyed with children. They will mostly be marred and will get distant some-more courtesy than they need.

A pleasing outline of a unapproachable primogenitor with children

Our kids trafficked with us for a integrate of months, they spent a prolonged time in airplanes and buses though still were easy to handle. Most travelers are astounded when they comprehend that we can still go backpacking once we have kids. Our kids speak to everybody and get a lot of courtesy in return. Observing things with a kids gives we another perspective on a country, since they will notice totally opposite things than you. Children’s morality … A new universe opens up. And if they cry from time to time…it doesn’t matter. Give them some courtesy and they are glorious again. For years a kids have behaved so good on a plane. It is a biggest knowledge in their lives. And since do we travel….because as parents, we suffer it. You wish something some-more than Center Parcs, European beaches or similar. And kids like everything…So, we transport since as an adult we like it, we are doing it for yourself. In a process, we try and make it fun for a children too and we classify some activities that they unequivocally like. So, people with kids, keep flying!!!! Everyone has been immature and has cried before. No reason to skip out on these good adventures…

Malaysia is a protected country

Malaysia is an unusually protected country, though order of ride is not to do or commence any crazy things (the ones that we would also equivocate in your possess country). Driving in Malaysia is protected too, highways are mostly in glorious conditions. Roads in internal towns competence force we to expostulate slowly. Self-drives are utterly renouned during a peninsula.

Protect yourself and your children

You should always be good prepared (for instance during day trips): take adequate water, adequate DEET to strengthen yourself opposite mosquitoes, Dengue does start a lot and it is not pleasing (read: life threatening!). If your family alloy advises malaria treatment, afterwards go forward with it. Only in a few regions in Malaysia there is a risk of Malaria. If we do not like Malaria diagnosis for your children (for instance since they are too immature for it), only equivocate those areas.

It is also critical that we and your children are good supportive in allege per a pleasing regions. Apart from a critical protection, we should also lift object shade wherever we go. Adults customarily get sunburn within a hour, children are mostly a lot some-more sensitive. You can buy object shade in Malaysia too.

Visit Malaysia 2014

2014 will be an critical year for Malaysia, as it has been branded ‘Visit Malaysia 2014‘. During this year there will be many events to applaud Malaysia’s tourism achievements and potential. Many events are also good for kids, so if we are formulation a outing to this smashing country, make certain we do so in 2014.

Have fun in Malaysia.


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Cuisine in Melaka


Impression Melaka’ Launched Next Year As Iconic Tourism Product

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 (Bernama) — The ‘Impression Melaka’ project, to be launched in October next year, is set to become one of the iconic tourist attractions for Visit Malaysia 2014.

Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said ‘Impression Melaka’ was the latest entry point project within the Tourism National Key Economic Area (NKEA).

“In line with NKEA, this RM213.2 million project is estimated to attract 1.2 million tourists per annum, generating RM179 million GNI (Gross National Income) into the economy,” he told a press conference here Tuesday.

Mohamed Nazri said the project would also create approximately 500 direct, and thousands of indirect job opportunities to locals, apart from attracting foreign investments, and boost local livelihood.

He noted that the project was the first and only Mega Outdoor ‘Impression’ Series outside China, and exclusive in Malaysia, as the first location in the Southeast Asia region.

“This project will add a key highlight to Malaysia and contribute to making Malaysia a preferred destination,” said the minister.

‘Impression Melaka’, he said, would showcase a perfect combination of natural environment as the background, whilst utilising the latest light and sound technology, modern art concepts and huge number of cultural performers.

He said ‘Impression Melaka’ would host two or three shows every night, with each show lasting between 70 and 90 minutes, with rotating audience seating which could accommodate up to 2,000 visitors per performance.

“This unique tourism product will feature a mega outdoor performance directed by world-acclaimed Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fanyue, the directors of the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremony,” said Mohamed Nazri.


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Tourism Malaysia

The Regatta Lepa Colourful and Excitement

The Regatta Lepa Colourful and Excitement

Every year in Apr there is a H2O festival hold in Semporna, a tiny city in a eastern seashore of Sabah, called The Regatta Lepa, one of a vital critical events in a National Tourism Calendar.

This year, a 20th Regatta Lepa will be hold from 26th – 28th of Apr 2013 and a eventuality captivated thousands any year. “Lepa” means “boat” is believed to be originated from a Pa’alau Bajau people who live in Bum Bum Island and used by fishermen along a seashore of Semporna.

The unique lifestyle and festival is distinguished by a Bajau Laut racial community, a vital dwellers in Semporna. The Bajau Laut people are seafarers during heart and good famous for their Lepa, that is a normal single-mast sailing vessel used in their daily lives.


colourful Lepa

Nowadays, a use of this normal lifestyle is solemnly dispersing with modernity. Few complicated Bajaus use a Lepa currently as many of them migrated to a mainland. Nonetheless, Lepa stays a pitch of tradition and a changed bequest for a Semporna Bajau community.

With a change of time, a Lepa competence not be used in a same approach as it used to be though a Lepas will never be forgotten for nonetheless another year as a pitch of honour of a Bajau people and a informative heritage.

The Bajau seafarers’ unapproachable nautical birthright came alive in this annual festival of Regatta Lepa, featuring their boats, a Lepa with participants dancing during a helm of their boats, flashy with splendid colour sails famous as sambulayang and tapis (small triangular flags).

The exhausted Semporna city comes to life as a charming sails take to a sea to contest for a esteem of a many pleasing Lepa! The prominence of a eventuality is a sail-past of a Lepa, any vessel embellished with smiling dancers and sharp-witted musicians, anticipating to be crowned `Most Beautiful Lepa’ – a grand esteem of this much-anticipated H2O festival.

Every Lepa family has their possess or daughter pleasing lady welcoming visitors with seemly igal-igal dance, a normal dance of a Bajau.

beautiful lady welcoming visitors with a normal igal-igal dance

The Regatta Lepa is not only a H2O festival, in fact a whole city of Semporna has a fair atmosphere, what with a several concerts staged, and so many stalls set adult to foster or sell products and services to a population, visitors and tourists that have positively swelled manifold.


Further Information

Organiser : Semporna District Office
Venue : Semporna, Sabah
Contact Person : A.M Ibnu Haji A.K baba
Telephone : 6089-781518, 6089-781663
Fax : 6089-781472
Email Contact : [email protected]
Event Website :








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Tourism Malaysia

1 Malaysia Around The World Takes A Pit-stop In Vancouver, Canada

April 20, 2013 during 7:52 am

On his approach to apropos a youngest Malaysian commander to fly solo around a universe in a singular engine aircraft, a desirable and decorous James Anthony Tan arrived in Vancouver on Apr 11, day 15 of his journey, to share his story with a west seashore of Canada.

The commander deplaning his Cessna 210

At usually 20, James was awarded “The Youngest Malaysian to fly a Single Engine Piston Aircraft in an Expedition” by a Malaysia Book of Records in 2012 and his stream idea is to be enclosed in a 2013 Guinness Book of World Records for this considerable venture. The immature commander will revisit 20 countries and embody 30 pit-stops via his 50 day journey, covering 22,000 nautical miles (41,000 km). Fans are job him a “2nd Tom Cruise” as he smiles and gives thumbs adult to a adoring cameras, mothers find him endearing as they suppose their possess son in his place and I’m certain he’s got a immature ladies swooning with his hastily grin and intense open vocalization skills.

Captain James Anthony Tan poses for a camera

All this creates him a ideal print child for a Visit Malaysia 2014 Ad Campaign, corroborated by Malaysia Tourism, Young Pilots Association Malaysia, Malaysia Felda Youth Council and 1M4U Cooperation. With a idea to move Malaysia to a rest of a world, James and his group wish to move some-more visitors to their pleasing country.

Although a ideal promotional equation, James “want[s] to make transparent that this speed is not usually about aviation,” though “it is to enthuse people to dream and for them to indeed pursue it, since one of a misfortune things, we believe, is carrying tellurian potential, though lacking a fortify to see it through.” Learning to overcome dyslexia via his life, he says, has done him quarrel harder for his means and has given him a enterprise to inspire other girl to dream large and trust in themselves. Almost 2 yrs in a making, what started as a dream has turn existence for a 21 year aged pilot.

James receives a cedar paddle, wipe and blessing for a tour ahead

This desirous immature male customarily starts his day during 5 am, removing to a airfield early to de-ice and ready for whatever continue competence be in his approach that day. His solo flights in a Cessna 210 Silver Eagle (of that usually 107 were made) final adult to 6 hrs during time, and he keeps a despotic practice ordain to keep a blood issuing when not in flight, also claiming that a Mars Bar does wonders to keep him warning in a air. When asked what his subsequent projects include, his answer was to “like” his Facebook page and follow a tour with him to see what’s next!

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