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10 noted Hari Raya ads on YouTube

Some of a many noted TV ads are a ones constructed for a gratifying season.

For this Hari Raya Puasa, we asked a Muslim colleagues to list a ones that left an memorable symbol in their memories and hearts. Here’s what we got.

See if we remember any of these Hari Raya ads:


Proton’s Road Safety Campaign
Horror and humour make this PSA for Raya a stand-out.


An Act of Kindness on May 13
Using one of a many comfortless points in a nation’s story – a May 13, 1969 occurrence – as a setting, this Petronas Kongsi Raya (Hari Raya Puasa and CNY) ad shines by for simply highlighting a elementary truth: that “the dual worlds were never apart”.


EON’s familiar tune
The peculiarity of this shave is rather poor, though no matter, since this Raya ad is remembered not for a visuals though some-more for a evergreen tune. Give it a listen.


Burung Murai
Hari Raya Puasa is a time to remember desired ones who have passed; a time for family; a time to ask for redemption and forget past transgressions; and a time to uncover dutiful piety. This ad highlights them all.


Lonely Dad
An ad that tugs during your heartstrings to remind we of your “duties” as a son/daughter.


Priceless Advice
Like many of a late filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad’s ads (a few of that you’ll find on this list), this one resonates prolonged after you’ve watched it: A impulse in a benefaction can remind we of a past, of lessons taught, schooled and perpetually remembered.


Work can wait
A possibility assembly with a amatory father reminds a immature male of what’s unequivocally important.


“Why is it so tough to ask for redemption from a people we adore most?”


Your family is my family for life
In multiethnic Malaysia, interracial matrimony is not uncommon. This Maxis ad deftly uses that small fact to amplify a message.


What goes around comes around
The lesson: How we provide your relatives currently is how we will be treated by your children tomorrow.

Didn’t find your favourite Raya ad in a list above? Well, share them with us here by embedding your video below.



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Mizz Nina @ Mystical Eve

December 15, 2011 during 2:40 pm

She needs no introduction to most, her strain and her luminary is undeniable. Although she has garnered a bit of controversy, though afterwards again, each successful luminary always does, Mizz Nina stays one of Malaysia’s hottest and coolest womanlike performers in new years. Her partnership with Colby O’Donis noted her breakthrough into a tellurian mainstream consciousness, and she has not looked behind since.

Join her during Mystical Eve 2012 @ ENCORP Strand this 31st December!

Her entrance solo manuscript What You Waiting For, expelled in Jul 2010, manifests Mizz Nina’s cold certainty in her newfound goal as a singer. Sung in English and Malay, a longplayer is a pleasure architecture of pleasant beats, innovative melodies and top-notch production, and contains internal and general collaborations from a likes of Uno and AJ of Pop Shuvit, Noh from Hujan, DJ Fuzz, Koko and Syaheed of Bedsty Music, Sakke from a Netherlands and Koolade from Croatia to MC Dandee from Bangkok’s Thaitanium Entertainment, Mawar Berduri from Ahli Fiqir, Teeflii and Grammy hopeful Planet Asia.

Working with shining names in a biz comes as second inlet for Mizz Nina, carrying already hermetic liaisons with distinguished acts like Too Phat, Reshmonu and Gerhana Ska Cinta via her career. But it was a pretension lane and initial singular from a manuscript that became Mizz Nina’s winning sheet to mass appeal; partnering adult with Colby O’Donis, a familiar cocktail descant cumulative clever spots on internal strain charts. Additionally, a strain perceived unchanging spins on LA-based radio hire 102.3 KJLH while a central video (directed by Scott McCullough and shot in LA) exceeded one million views on YouTube usually small months after a recover in March.

Fans of Mizz Nina, don’t skip out on this event to locate her live during Mystical Eve 2012!

Currently shuffling between her full-time purpose as a Managing Director of The Singing Shop–where her low-pitched preparation began–and her inherited qualification as a singer, hostess and, many recently, brew DJ (a ability she picked adult from her TTC fan DJ Fuzz) to using her possess recording studio, Mizz Nina has acquired a solid balance in both a Malaysian indie and subterraneous scenes as good as confirmed within arm’s strech of a glam and glitz of KL’s city limits–showing her refinement for wise into any conditions presented to her.

Catch Mizz Nina behaving during Mystical Eve 2012 @ ENCORP Strand’s New Year’s Countdown celebration this 31st Dec 2011. The celebration will start during 6 pm and usually finish during 2 am as we chaperon in 2012. So put on your celebration hats and make your approach to ENCORP Strand for Mystical Eve 2012!

Don’t know how to get there? Check a map out!

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Ramadan Television Ad Issue

August 19, 2011 during 4:10 pm

We are impending a finish of this year’s Ramadan month, and those who have been watching this holy Muslim month are expecting Hari Raya. Like each other year, Ramadan in Malaysia is noted by a array of activities – fasting, a Ramadan bazaars, a daily prayers, and Kampung Baru’s bubur lambuk. This year’s Ramadan, however, will always be a bit some-more singular all since of an occurrence that occurred during a start of this holy month. Ramadan and Hari Raya is a large thing for Malaysians in general, utterly same to Christmas for Americans, so companies will customarily ready special ads to symbol these dual occasions. Some of these ads have been good perceived by Malaysians as they struck a chord in a society’s psyche.

A Ramadan concert during Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur

This year though, we feel that one sold media entity’s ‘public use reminders’ form a ideal instance to illustrate how applicable a holy month indeed is for a whole tellurian race. Ramadan is dedicated to speculation and prayer, in hopes that amiability will concentration on constructive and village efforts instead of meditative of ways and reasons to grocer one another. We feel that this is indeed a good thing, as it indeed promotes suspicion and a larger understanding, that in time will lead to knowledge and enlightenment, as against to ridiculous efforts that benefit zero though a gibe of your possess community, not to discuss open gibe worldwide, interjection to a invention of a Internet and YouTube.

A proffer prepare scheming a Ramadan speciality, bubur lambok during Kampung Baru mosque

So it is with a hold of irascibility and in a suggestion of use that we prominence this whole episode. We do this not since we are angry or wish to justice controversy, though since we feel we learn from a mistakes, or improved yet, others’ mistakes. If we find to cover adult a mistakes, afterwards we will never learn nor progress, that we feel, is are a values that Ramadan promotes.

Like it or not, this ad issue, for improved or worse, has turn something a universe remembers about Malaysia. Let us all wish that with a flitting of this year’s Ramadan, everybody of us has gained during slightest a bit of bargain and knowledge from this and that a subsequent time a universe hears about Malaysia, it will not be about an ill-conceived array of ads.

Oh yes, and let us also wish subsequent year’s Ramadan and Hari Raya ads are reduction argumentative and as equally, if not, some-more entertaining. Although a ads are no longer accessible for observation in YouTube, a news story about a whole thing is available. Feel giveaway to watch it and learn from someone else’s mistake.

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