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Ramadan Television Ad Issue

August 19, 2011 during 4:10 pm

We are impending a finish of this year’s Ramadan month, and those who have been watching this holy Muslim month are expecting Hari Raya. Like each other year, Ramadan in Malaysia is noted by a array of activities – fasting, a Ramadan bazaars, a daily prayers, and Kampung Baru’s bubur lambuk. This year’s Ramadan, however, will always be a bit some-more singular all since of an occurrence that occurred during a start of this holy month. Ramadan and Hari Raya is a large thing for Malaysians in general, utterly same to Christmas for Americans, so companies will customarily ready special ads to symbol these dual occasions. Some of these ads have been good perceived by Malaysians as they struck a chord in a society’s psyche.

A Ramadan concert during Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur

This year though, we feel that one sold media entity’s ‘public use reminders’ form a ideal instance to illustrate how applicable a holy month indeed is for a whole tellurian race. Ramadan is dedicated to speculation and prayer, in hopes that amiability will concentration on constructive and village efforts instead of meditative of ways and reasons to grocer one another. We feel that this is indeed a good thing, as it indeed promotes suspicion and a larger understanding, that in time will lead to knowledge and enlightenment, as against to ridiculous efforts that benefit zero though a gibe of your possess community, not to discuss open gibe worldwide, interjection to a invention of a Internet and YouTube.

A proffer prepare scheming a Ramadan speciality, bubur lambok during Kampung Baru mosque

So it is with a hold of irascibility and in a suggestion of use that we prominence this whole episode. We do this not since we are angry or wish to justice controversy, though since we feel we learn from a mistakes, or improved yet, others’ mistakes. If we find to cover adult a mistakes, afterwards we will never learn nor progress, that we feel, is are a values that Ramadan promotes.

Like it or not, this ad issue, for improved or worse, has turn something a universe remembers about Malaysia. Let us all wish that with a flitting of this year’s Ramadan, everybody of us has gained during slightest a bit of bargain and knowledge from this and that a subsequent time a universe hears about Malaysia, it will not be about an ill-conceived array of ads.

Oh yes, and let us also wish subsequent year’s Ramadan and Hari Raya ads are reduction argumentative and as equally, if not, some-more entertaining. Although a ads are no longer accessible for observation in YouTube, a news story about a whole thing is available. Feel giveaway to watch it and learn from someone else’s mistake.

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