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Johor Heads North

October 28, 2011 during 2:00 pm

The Zapin dance was creatively believed to be introduced by a Muslim missionaries that came from a Middle East during a fifteenth century. Although in a past it was usually achieved by masculine dancers, womanlike dancers are now authorised to join in a opening during benefaction times. The song that accompanies this famous dance comes from a normal song garb that consists of a gambus, accordion, rebab, marwas, rebana and dok. Though there are countless forms of Zapin, it varies from state to state within Malaysia. This dance form is generally famous in a state of Johor.

The Zapin dance form is generally famous in a state of Johor

Ghazal song is a normal artistic birthright within a Malay village in Johor. This form of low-pitched art gained foster during a late 19th century, where ghazal recitals were introduced to a stately courts of Johor Sultan. In a past, a low-pitched instruments of Ghazal consisted of a harmonium box, biola, gambus and tabla or dok (which is a form of drum). Other instruments were combined in a after years, like keroncong and ukeleli. With these additions, a song was found to be utterly loud and many people felt that it has dreaming from a strange essence of a Malay tunes, hence a new instruments were afterwards taken out from a ensemble. Currently, usually these instruments are being used as a normal Johor Malay Ghazal ensemble; a harmonium, a set of tabla, a gambus, a guitar, a tamborine, a maracas and a violin.

If we have always wanted to knowledge these dual informative gems of Johor, afterwards make a date with Dewan Filharmonik Petronas on 30th Oct 2011 as Badan Kesenian Warisan Johor is unapproachable to benefaction a Zapin dance and Ghazal song opening entitled ‘Johor Heads North’. Performances are scheduled to start during 8.30 pm on 30th Oct 2011. Tickets are labelled during RM 58 for all seats. Early birds will be entitled to squeeze these tickets during RM 48 (limited to a initial 100 tickets sold). Patrons who are attending a duty are compulsory to be in intelligent infrequent dress code. For some-more information, greatfully record on to a website here.

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