Puri Damai Resort

September 8, 2012 0 By melakatour

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Puri Damai is a smashing 4 star and resort. 4 star and means that a review is generally deliberate a tad improved than a unchanging 4 star resort, yet misses a few things that make a review of 5 star quality. It is located north of a city of Kuching in Sarawak, along a pleasing Damai Beach. From Kuching Airport it will take about 45 mins to one hour to strech a resort, from Kuching city core approximately 45 minutes. It is a nearest coastal area from Kuching, and it is a renouned area among locals from Kuching. Besides it is located subsequent to Sarawak Cultural Village, a renouned captivate nearby Kuching.

Many aspects of a review were identical to a renouned Pangkor Island Beach Resort (I’d theory both are owned by a same chain). The review has a pleasing run unaware a beach and ocean. There are dual swimming pools, both outrageous in size.

We had a customary room on belligerent level, confronting a pool and sea. From a patio we could suffer illusory views over a South Chinese Sea. Unfortunately it wasn’t probable to exit a room around a patio (though we were on belligerent level); a contrition as a pool was usually a few meters away. The bedrooms were utterly spacious, with a nice, large bathroom, a tiny fridge, a safe, a tiny table and a prosaic shade television. The desired a altogether atmosphere of a bedrooms during Puri Damai.

Puri Damai also has a spa. Unfortunately we were incompetent to make reservations in time (as we were out on both whole days during a stay) yet a friends told us it is a unequivocally good spa.

Breakfast was decent, not bad yet zero special either. The categorical grill was decent too. As it is a unequivocally large area, it looks forlorn when usually a few guest have cooking there. We attempted cooking there too, yet were a bit disappointed. Again, not bad yet we approaching a bit some-more of it. The second day we went to a small, new food justice conflicting Sarawak Cultural Village and we indeed had a most improved dish there (especially a opposite varieties of Roti Canai were surprisingly good!).

We stayed during a review during low deteriorate and there weren’t many other guests. Based on staff descriptions it can be unequivocally swarming during a review during propagandize holidays and open holidays. We had a good stay during Puri Damai.








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