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Follow the aroma of sweet, barbequed meat as you walk on the street and when you see a man or woman fanning the grill at a hawker stall, go for it! Satay is a Malay food made up from meats that are marinated, skewered and grilled on sticks and served with delicious peanut sauce. Found in restaurants, food courts and night markets throughout every state in Malaysia, popular kinds of Satays are usually made with beef, chicken and mutton, however, different regions in Malaysia have developed their own unique Satay recipes. In fact, even pork Satays are available at non-halal Chinese eating establishments in Malaysia.

Other unique variations of Satay include deer Satay, rabbit Satay, fish Satay and many other variants like Satay lok-lok from Penang and Satay celup (dipped Satay) from Malacca. Both are Malaysian Chinese combination of the hotpot and the Malay Satay, where raw meat pieces, tofu pieces, quail eggs, fish cakes, vegetable pieces and any kind of suitable food are skewered on bamboo sticks.

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