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Yashiki Yakitori Bar @ Viva Home Shopping Mall

January 29, 2013 during 3:18 pm

There are many times in my life where we wished we was a braver person. we wish we was dauntless adequate to lay by a fear film though carrying to use my hands as a defense during certain tools of a movie. we also wish that we am not simply daunted by a entrance of a restaurant. You know how a conditions goes – we travel past an engaging looking restaurant, we take a look inside and unexpected a hundred and one thoughts inundate your mind. Is a food nice? Is it another overcharged grill where portions are approach too tiny and bland? Will we bewail this decision? These are though some of a many thoughts that comes to my mind.

Yashiki Yakitori Bar during Viva Home Shopping Mall, Cheras

Yashiki Yakitori Bar’s Salmon Yee Shang is labelled during RM55++ and is good for 3-4 people

A fist of orange extract gives this normal plate an engaging turn of essence and taste

If left to my possess devices, there would be a high possibility that we might not have visited Yashiki Yakitori Bar. But we am blissful that we stepped into a outlet, for we would have really missed out a many good dishes that it has to offer if we had not left in. It was partial of a dining knowledge by Moola, a initial ever homegrown Cash-Back Lifestyle programme by ICT Utopia. During my visit, we attempted a Yee Sang promotion. With a Chinese New Year usually around a corner, Yashiki Yakitori Bar is now charity 5 opposite forms of Yee Sang for a customers. From vegetarians to sashimi lovers, there is really a leader for everyone. My friends and we opted for a Salmon Sashimi Yee Sang with inexhaustible slices of uninformed salmon. we contingency say, this yee sang is really most some-more opposite than a ones that we have tasted before. The orange oil together with a orange leaves and plum salsa used to toss with a proposal vegetables gives it a sour and lovely ambience that complements a salmon really well. Absolutely a contingency try for those who are dining during a restaurant.

Emily Tang, Eric Thong, Evelyn Ang associate enjoying a good toss

The aloft we toss, a some-more moneyed it is for you! So go on and toss it as high as we can!

Yashiki Yakitori Bar also serves a preference of Japanese consequence and internal drink to a customers. And what goes good with a mop of drink than a portion of baby pig ribs? Although a opening incorporated baby pig ribs as partial of a menu earlier, it is now a promotional object for singular time only. we strongly suggest a Baby Ribs Teriyaki to anyone who loves their pig ribs. The beef is proposal and soothing and falls off from a skeleton with usually a poke from a butter knife. It is a ideal plate to go with that mop of Tiger drink or that crater of consequence in your hands.

Yashiki Yakitori Bar is also compelling their Baby Ribs Teriyaki to their customers, detached from a Yee Shang fare

Baby Ribs Teriyaki. A plate routinely consists of possibly half shelve (3 ribs) or full shelve (6 ribs)

Of course, in a place such as Yashiki Yakitori Bar, one usually does not usually try a promotions and forget all a other tasty tack dishes of theirs. Read all about it in a second post entrance soon…

This Dining With Moola knowledge is pleasantness of Moola, a first-ever Cash-Back Lifestyle Programme specifically designed for shoppers to suffer giveaway shopping, good assets and best deals in town. Moola is a mobile focus that utilises QR formula record for all interactions; from member registration, Moola accumulation and redemption, to a tangible shopping.

Moola Frenz who sup during Yashiki Yakitori Bar are entitled to a 10% money behind everytime! What’s more, we can also grab FreeMakan vouchers for even MORE assets here!

Moola is totally hassle-free; no executive effort; no fasten fee; no cards; and comes with even larger coherence for shoppers to suffer a accumulation of rewards for redemption. Visit for some-more information and download a Moola app today! Apple, Android and Blackberry phones supported.

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