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Shopping as a Major Tourist Attraction in Malaysia

Malaysia has been in a spotlight newly in per a sell and commerce potential, privately in e-commerce. It seems that a sell and selling marketplace is increasingly changeable online in Malaysia. As Malaysia is staid to turn a subsequent e-commerce marketplace value investing in, some-more and some-more tiny and medium-sized enterprizes (SMEs) are utilizing solutions like this to start e-commerce sites in sequence to precedence their position within a budding tellurian e-commerce market. So, these days, we are only as expected to find shoppers browsing a web, as we are to see them in a selling malls and marketplaces. Popular online selling outlets are,, and

However, notwithstanding this change to selling online, Malaysia is not going to give adult a earthy selling touristic appeal. In fact, Kuala Lumpur was voted as the fourth best selling city in a world by CNN in 2013, and a volume of sell farrago that is offered, as good as other conform attractions, guarantees that there is something to prove everybody when selling in this city.

Fashion Attractions

Ever given a fourth place ranking in 2013, a Malaysian Tourism Board motionless to concentration really heavily on sell and conform tourism, and has now implemented a country-wide sale twice a year famous as a 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. This year a mega sale will be hold via Jul and Aug 2015, and will see discounts of adult to 70%. During this alluring festival, shoppers accept singular offers with purchases and significantly reduced sale equipment that pull out a locals as good as a tourists. Moreover, credit label companies even join in on a festivities and offer special deals as well.


Also, in fasten a annual tradition of rest of a vital Fashion Capitals of a world, Kuala Lumpur also binds a Fashion Week. This year, Fashion Week is going to be hold during a Pavilion mall via a week of Aug 12th to 16th.

Chic and Urban Malls

Although there are many several options for selling all opposite Malaysia, with 8 vital malls within a centralized vicinity, Kuala Lumpur is a selling mecca of Malaysia. For a haute couture, brand-name partner who prefers disdainful boutiques, Malaysia is home to some of a many beautiful and elaborate selling malls in a world.

Pavilion, for example, offers a best in high-fashion, with both internal specialty retailers like Jimmy Choo and general engineer labels like Coach, Dolce Gabbana, Versace, and Juicy Couture, among many others. Paired with middle-market some-more affordable brands, Pavilion caters to a far-reaching assembly of shoppers.


Another mall for a upscale conform partner is a Suria KLCC, that is an strenuous six-stories high, houses 320 internal and high-end retailers, and is located during a bottom of a Petronas Twin Towers. Aside from exhibiting an array of constrained brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Christian Dior, this mall also offers other attractions, including Aquaria KLCC and Petrosains, creation it a good end for selling and sight-seeing with kids. Moreover, it also offers attractions of a some-more grown-up accumulation with a Dewan Filharmonik Orkestra unison gymnasium and a Petronas Art Gallery.


Berjaya Times Square also caters to families with a inclusion of Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, an indoor entertainment park and is a nation landmark and a fifth largest building in a world. Other trending locations embody Starhill Gallery and Fahrenheit 88, as good as some-more internal and down to earth marketplaces like a Sungei Wang Plaza and Low Yat Plaza.


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Wonderful Malaysia

Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism in Malaysia

Malaysia is a tip traveller end for many reasons, including exhale holding landscapes, colourful metropolises, enchanting story and culture, illusory food, and some of a many pleasing beaches in a world. Recently, however, another aspect of Malaysia is gaining popularity, that goes distant over a required tourism attractions. Many people are also being drawn to Malaysia by a yank on their heart-strings in regards to a contentment of singular wildlife and a class refuge efforts.


Instead of an escapist kind of vacation where your biggest concerns competence be either we should wear SPF30 or SPF50, or wondering whether your watch is waterproof after realizing that we are still wearing it carrying already been in a sea for an hour, these preservationist tourists are concerned with other matters. This augmenting organisation of active and encouraged tourists are set on vacationing with a purpose and getting involved.

Tourist Conservation Projects

There are indeed several projects that tourists can get join while roving in Malaysia, including Sun Bear, Elephant and Orangutan Sanctuaries, as good as other charge efforts in Borneo. There are also Tiger charge programs in Merapoh and Taman Negara, and a Green Sea Turtle insurance module on a seashore of a Perhentian Islands.


Malaysia is home to 4 class of sea turtles, that embody Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley turtles, and a Perhentian Islands horde 4 of a pivotal nesting sites for a Green Sea turtles. Although all sea mammals and turtles are stable in Malaysia underneath a Malaysian Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, these turtle class are still in good risk due to environmental factors. The drop of their healthy habitats, food sources and nesting sites, as good as bootleg activities like harvesting, sport and poaching, poise really poignant threats. Vacation volunteers assistance in a form of assisting systematic research, assisting to forestall poaching opportunities, watching a concerned species, and participating in sustainability recognition efforts.


Because a different and pleasing animal life is inextricably associated with a country’s enlightenment and heritage, Malaysia has implemented “a many some-more developed authorised framework for a insurance of a sourroundings than many of a neighbors,” and “takes a charge laws really seriously.” In fact, a infancy of inhabitant income is generated by ecotourism and vacation volunteerism, and Malaysia indeed refuses to undisguised commercialize on ecotourism in sequence to change tourism effects on a environment. Getting concerned in a tolerable transport proffer outing is an glorious approach to see all of a pleasing ecotourism sketch factors, while also ensuring that tourism is profitable as against to damaging to these attractions.

So, if we are meddlesome in a pleasing get-away that also offers excitement, journey and wonder; Malaysia is a ideal location. And when formulation your Malaysian adventures, amidst a tanning on a beach, erratic by caves, and movement by a jungle, cruise removing concerned in a charge project. Not usually will it be a transport knowledge that will be suggestive to you, though will also make a disproportion to a animals and people who make this pleasing end so extraordinary.

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Wonderful Malaysia

A Collision of Influence and Intrigue: The Culture of Malaysia

There is no necessity of beautiful places to visit in Malaysia, good famous for a exhale holding beaches, with white silt and transparent transparent H2O (Perhentian Islands), as good as a rolling alpine landscapes (Cameron Highlands) and lusciously thick jungle vicinity (Taman Negara). Aside from some of a many lifelike healthy landscapes, Malaysia is also home to poignant chronological stays (A Famosa), as good as modern, neat and stylish design (Petronas Twin Towers) and skylines. It is indeed one of a many pleasing places to experience, with a tiny something to fit each taste.


One of a many intriguing sketch facilities to Malaysia, however, is a heart of singular and abounding culture, including some of a many marvellous food and desirous art reflecting a multi racial makeup of a Malaysian population.

Deliciously Rich Food Culture

The brilliance of a Malaysian culinary enlightenment and a farrago of season transparent in a food is overdue to a racial alloy that has turn iconic of Malaysia. With a prolonged story of racial farrago as good as outmost influences by trade, Malaysia has adopted several informative traditions and eremite practices, including Persian, Arabic, and British. Culinary influences branch mostly from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Javanee, and Sumatran methods, creation Malaysian cuisine an considerable mix of a best Asian and Eastern culinary traditions.

Regardless of outmost influences, all Malaysian dishes incorporate a admirably internal light that is singly a own. Be certain to try Satay, Laksa, Nasi Goreng, and Char Kuey Teow, as good as several Roti and Curry dishes, soup and noodle dishes.


You won’t have to go unequivocally far. Great food can be found all over Malaysia; from a many several marketplace places, food courts and top-brow restaurants, to singular food-centered destinations like a Jalan Alor Food Street. At a heart of Kuala Lumpur, this endless entrance of ‘street eats’ proves that a best culinary knowledge is infrequently a cheaper internal flavor, rather than a pricier Michelin starred restaurants. There is a copious array of travel vendors to select from, all charity a engorgement of tasty options.


The Admirable Artistic Culture

Just like a food borrows from several racial backgrounds, so too does a art. With an impressively prolonged tradition of humanities and music, Malaysian art has left by many phases and developments. The farrago of mediums is unequivocally refreshing, including works of carvings, weaving and steel smith work, as good as painting, sculpting, and opening art. This is reflected by a countless internal and general art exhibitions via a year. For a endless list of stream and arriving events, Art Malasia is a smashing apparatus to consult.

The list of artists to see and galleries to revisit is extensive, from a psychologically focused and photo-realistic work of Ahmad Zakii Anwar, to a socio-political installations of Anurendra Jegadeva. Another excellent instance is Peter H. H. Lim, whose works consists of creates paintings, installations, video and sound, and opening pieces. This heterogeneous artist focuses on evoking a definition of life by re-appropriating equipment found in bland life; his work is good value a look.

You can also suffer countless outside art-pieces. Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic for instance has embellished manu murals in Georgetown, Penang, and some-more recently in Ipoh. Other, especially internal artists, got desirous to paint several murals too. These mostly outrageous art pieces offer a fun approach to try both cities, by simply walking from square to piece, while spasmodic resting during one of many tiny and friendly coffee places.



Furthermore, some Malaysian photographers, such as Che’ Ahmad Azhar, have been inclusive in their work and are apropos famous as some of a best in Asia. In addition, with online art sites such as Lumas giving photographers opposite a universe a possibility to showcase their work, Malaysia’s abounding enlightenment and colourful view is some-more than adequate to flog start some careers for determined photographers in Asia.

Whatever aspect of Malaysian enlightenment that appeals to you, from a beaches to a cafes and cocktail bars, or a impediment landscapes and considerable culinary and artistic expressions of Malaysian informative identity; there’s no necessity of something fantastic to go and see and experience.

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Wonderful Malaysia

The Top Souvenirs from Malaysia

Malaysia was ranked among a world’s tip 10 transport destinations in 2014, and in fact was a usually Asian nation to make a tip 10 list. This ranking was for good reason: Malaysia offers large attractions, including overwhelming healthy beauty, intriguing enlightenment and moving festivals. In fact, in 2014 a inhabitant tourism house launched a fourth Visit Malaysia Year given 1990 to applaud these attributes, and to simulate a farrago and togetherness of all Malaysians.

There is no necessity of reasons to revisit Malaysia and of attractions to knowledge while there. However, when it comes to a tighten of your trip, what should we move home? More than small general trinkets, a souvenirs that we lapse from your tour with are indeed utterly important, as they are an investment in preserving an experience. A unequivocally superb commemoration should communicate a enlightenment of a place visited while also evoking smashing personal memories of a vacation that we will relive each time we observe this souvenir.

Borneo Pearls

On a island of Borneo, a Malaysian state of Sabah is home to one of a many renouned commemoration attractions in Malaysia: pearls. Such is their peculiarity in fact, that they are equally renouned with locals.


Although a infancy of pearls are still entrance out of China, those surfacing in other Asia Pacific areas are usually that most some-more precious. Sabah pearls are commencement to make waves in a Asian pearl marketplace and will certainly shortly be appearing in boutiques such as Mesenso for pearl aficionados a universe over to appreciate. Merely adding to their illusory attract and appeal, good peculiarity pearls are notoriously tough to find, that make them a ideal commemoration investment.

Sarawak Bamboo

If we are some-more prone to something culturally poignant and handcrafted, afterwards Bamboo creations made from a inland people of Sarawak is a inestimable consideration. Hand forged and palm painted, a pleasing bamboo creations are opposite and roughly unconstrained in form, functionality, and imagination.


Batik Fabric

Unlike many textiles that grasp pattern by weaving a threads of a fabric together, Batik Fabric is designed regulating a failing technique that implements a mark resistant method. Aside from being impossibly beautiful, these fabrics tend to be rarely durable as well, given a dies are some-more resistant to soaking and wear than embellished or printed fabrics. As a cautionary note, if we wish to deposit in Batik fabric as a souvenir, make certain that it is genuine handmade Batik fabric and not general fabric that merely displays a batik design.


Nyonya Beaded Shoes

If we are a chairman that likes to supplement to your habit with each nation we visit, a select and culturally poignant object that might seductiveness we are handmade Nyonya Beaded shoes. In a form of normal slippers, or some-more complicated adaptations for many opposite styles of boots and sandals, these beaded beauties unequivocally make a statement. Furthermore, ancillary this artistic form helps to keep Peranakan enlightenment alive and thriving.

There are of march many other souvenirs, including tea, spices and most some-more besides, though these 4 in sold are flushed with informative aptitude and history. Not usually would one of these souvenirs hint memories, though they are clear review starters for we to share those memories with others. Better still, distinct something to be consumed, these souvenirs can final and be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Wonderful Malaysia

Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre

The Malayan Sun Bear, or Helarctos malayanus, is a bear class that inhabits a pleasant forests of Southeast Asia. Sun bears are found in Bangladesh, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia however sightings in a furious are rare. The object bears of Borneo (Helarctos malayanus euryspilus) are a sub-species of those on a Asia mainland and Sumatra.

In Malaysia, a object bear is famous as beruang badu that means “honey bear” in Malay due to their affinity for honey. They are omnivores and also ordinarily eat termites, millipedes and a far-reaching accumulation of fruit.


The object bear is a ‘vulnerable’ class as a race is believed to have decreased 30% over a past 30 years. This is caused by a critical deforestation that has taken place via Southeast Asia over past decades that has reduced a object bears’ healthy medium area. Commercial poaching is another vital hazard as their bile is rarely valued in normal Chinese medicine and their paws are deliberate an costly delicacy. They are sadly also threatened by a bootleg pet trade within that cubs are orphaned and sole to outlandish pet lovers. To fight object bears’ risk for extinction, harming object bears or owning their products has been particularly taboo underneath inhabitant wildlife insurance laws though these practices still go on.


The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), only adjacent to a Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, is placed in Sepilok, Sandakan. It was founded by Wong Siew Te in 2008 to caring for orphaned and bootleg object bears with a wish of rehabilitating them to a wild. It also aims to lift recognition of this little-known bear class and a threats among Malaysian and general visitors. It was non-stop to a open in 2013 and is now home to 37 bears, during a time of writing.


BSBCC improves a gratification of discovered object bears by providing them with vast timberland enclosures. Visitors can see them foraging, climbing trees and building nests in their healthy habitat. Here a bears rise a skills indispensable to tarry in a furious and can be seen during several levels of rehabilitation. The centre also aims to teach a open to forestall a need to rescue bears in a initial place. Visitors can learn about a bears, a rainforest and a threats they face. BSBCC leads investigate on these slightest complicated bears, that helps their bears and educational programmes.

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre welcomes donations that all go towards appropriation a rescue and charge efforts. You can also select to adopt a bear!


Admission fees

Non-Malaysian adults compensate RM30 to enter a charge centre. Children aged 12-17 compensate RM15. Malaysian adults compensate RM5, children compensate RM2. These prices bar 6% GST. All deduction go towards object bear conservation.

Opening hours

When visiting a Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre, visitors will get to perspective these witty creatures in their strange medium – in alfresco timberland enclosures. Opening times are 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. The centre is located 23 km from Sandakan, that is not too distant away. You can get there by a Labuk Road Bus Company vehicles in front of Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan building or by taxi.

Contact details

Phone: +60 89-534491
Email: [email protected]


* BSBCC is located right conflicting Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabiliation Centre!


Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do in Sabah, or tips on a best places to eat? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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