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Bukit Puteri, Kuala Terengganu

Bukit Puteri (Princess Hill) was pronounced to get a name from internal folktale, or history. According to a internal tale, there was a princess who lived on a mountain before. The princess was from ‘the other side of a world’ and could not be seen by tellurian beings. The participation of a princess was usually felt during marriage festivals. It was not her earthy form that could be seen though rather, her plates and silverware! Apparently, villagers who could not means to get adequate plates and cutlery for weddings could ‘borrow’ it from a princess. The plates, spoons and forks would be left during a feet of a mountain for ‘loan’ and contingency be returned a following day in good condition. Since then, a mountain was called Bukit Puteri.


Unfortunately, some villagers took a princess’ munificence for postulated and unsuccessful to reside by a rule. The princess was not happy with people returning her collection damaged or even, not returning them during all, so she changed to another mountain in a Besut district. The princess’ new home was shortly called Bukit Puteri too by a locals there.


However, those who don’t have a gusto for folklore hang by a some-more ‘realistic’ faith of how Bukit Puteri performed a name. History has it that a organisation of people from Johor led by a Johor commander came to open a new encampment during a feet of a hill. The nobleman, who went by a name Tuk Raja Menteri, named a mountain as Bukit Puteri. History was as elementary as that.

Bukit Puteri spans an area of 0.688 hectares and a hill, measuring 200 m in height, is a tip rise in Kuala Terengganu. When one is station on a tip of a hill, a scenic perspective of Kuala Terengganu with a Sungai Terengganu stream mouth unfolds. There is also a pretentious perspective of a South China Sea and a fishermen tough during work in their boats. Visitors routinely travel adult a mountain for photography opportunities or usually to have a resting stroll.


The perspective atop a mountain isn’t a usually attraction; there are distant some-more to see during a top. There are chronological stays as Bukit Puteri was once used by a sultan as a invulnerability installation during a polite war. Some of a stays embody a battery of 4 cannons, a stately flagpole, a 100-year-old yellow copper genta (a vast bell) and ruins of a fort-cemetery and invulnerability walls. There is also a beacon on a tip of a hill.

The mountain is located subsequent to Istana Maziah and is simply permitted from Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, Kuala Terengganu. The mountain is open each day to a open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The opening price is a really affordable RM1.

Map Bukit Puteri


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Wonderful Malaysia

Stunning Rawa Island

If it’s your possess cut of bliss with powder-sugar silt and strikingly bluish waters that you’re after afterwards Pulau Rawa competence usually be a place for you. Offering distant some-more than usually your stereotypical pleasing island paradise, Rawa also brings along with it a forlorn acquire of a internal island staff and an atmosphere of fun and family that is tough to opposition on other Malaysian islands.


Located usually off a East seashore of Johor, Pulau Rawa is one of a smaller islands in a Sultan Iskandar Marine Park archipelago and can be simply reached from Mersing pier. It couldn’t be easier. The staff during any of a dual hotels – Alang’s Rawa Rawa Island Resort – on a island (yes, usually two, it’s that small!) will collect we adult from a jetty in review speedboats, prepared to drive we off to undeviating relaxation. The vessel can be a tiny choppy during certain times of a year, heading to a good head-to-toe shower and a bouncing float opposite a waves. This, however, usually adds to a fun and clarity of adventure. For all those non-seafaring types, fear not, they also have enclosed speed boats that will ride we to a island in blissful, bone-dry tranquility.


Before advancing during a pier, you’re greeted with a perspective of a gorgeous Rawa beach and mouth-watering cold blue of a transparent clear waters. Rawa truly is a tiny gem and we can conclude this as we approach. Being some-more peculiarity than quantity, a island spans reduction than 1km opposite during a widest point. With no roads, no beach sellers, no nightclubs you’re left to suffer a inlet of a island as it was intended. Pristine sandy beach borders a west side of a island while severe jungle vegetation, sticking firmly to a high hillsides, protrudes from a relaxed sands, covers a hilltops and eventually drops into a sea on a eastern shore.


Stepping onto a jetty, you’ll be welcomed by a hotel group and your holiday starts immediately. Amble on to a beach, feel your toes warp into a sun-baked silt and watch as a highlight of a city melts away. Rawa is an ideal place to loll on a beach, locate adult on that reading and doze by a midday heat, though should there be any active forms among we there are also activities on offer to keep we entertained. Snorkelling, kayaking and beach volleyball are all on a cards and there’s always a brief travel to a tip of a island charity fantastic 360 grade views of a surrounding islands.


At night Rawa throws adult nonetheless another pleasing surprise. Tranquil by day, during night Alang’s Rawa can spin into a companionable and sharp-witted spot. As a review is medium in size, there mostly develops a clarity of fraternisation among a guest that can lift on to a diminutive hours. Always in good spirits, and with a collection of like-minded people, we can while divided a hours with a ‘Rawa Special’ cocktail while assembly people from all over a world.


It’s no tip that Malaysia has an contentment of pleasing islands, all of that offer their possess singular turn on a island paradise. But when it comes to raw, healthy beauty Pulau Rawa is tough to beat. Still blissfully unspoilt tenderly developed, a owners have ensured that zero is taken divided from a island’s healthy offerings and, in doing so, have supposing a tiny opening by that we and we are means to suffer a possess ambience of bliss and learn some of a some-more dark corners of this pleasing country.

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Wonderful Malaysia

Malaysia: The ideal internship destination

Malaysia is an ideal nation to do an internship. Many general students select to do their internship in Malaysia since of a building and diversified economy. Other reasons are of march a climate, a denunciation and a ability to transport during their days off. English is good oral in Malaysia, that creates it a suitable nation for students from all over a world.

Search for an internship

There are opposite ways to hunt for an internship in Malaysia. The best approach is to get in hold with companies by friends or kin who have finished an internship or worked in Malaysia before. If we do not know anyone who has been in Malaysia for an internship, we can try to get information during a International Office or a Internship Coordinator during your University.
But we can also try to find an internship yourself. Big, general companies mostly have information on their website about a possibilities to do an internship with them. And smaller companies we can strech by email to scrutinise about a possibilities. Make certain that we start your hunt on time, since it can take adult to 6 months to find a company. And once we have found one, it is not easy to check from your home nation if a association is suitable. You might check with a association if they have supervised (international) interns before and either we can get in hold with them to ask about their experiences.




Students who are looking for an internship in a hotel attention can take a demeanour during, a website for European students. Here we can find accessible internship positions during several hotels in Malaysia and other Asian countries. You can request by uploading your proclivity minute and CV, your focus will directly go to a hotel.



Another approach to find an internship in Malaysia, is by an internship agency. Stage in Azië is a Dutch internship group and internationally they are active as Kong International ( This group was founded by Timothy Kong and Sophia outpost Huijgevoort from The Netherlands, who both have operative knowledge in Malaysia. Timothy and Sophia know a nation and a enlightenment and they work with companies that have plain knowledge in supervising general interns. Most of a companies they work with are SMEs and are located in or circuitously Kuala Lumpur. In further to arranging a internship, Timothy and Sophia also assistance we with anticipating accommodation and they move we in hold with other students that are going to do their internship in Malaysia.





Some internship companies offer housing and/or a monthly allowance, though there are also a lot of companies that offer neither. The volume of a monthly stipend is opposite for any company, though mostly between 400 and 1000 Malaysian Ringgit.


It is unequivocally easy to find a furnished room or unit in Kuala Lumpur. Before we go to Malaysia, we can already start looking for housing by websites such as You can get in hit with landlords around SMS/WhatsApp/email to get some-more information about a bedrooms or apartments. But it is endorsed not to pointer any contracts or do payments before we have seen a skill with your possess eyes. Once we have arrived in Malaysia, it is easy to perspective properties and arrange housing within 5 days. In a meantime we can stay in a hotel. The deposition we have to compensate is customarily dual to 3 months’ rent. It is not probable for unfamiliar interns to open a bank comment in Malaysia, therefore pronounce with a landlord to plead a probable ways to compensate a monthly rental, money or online.


The mandate concerning a indispensable visa for Malaysia are opposite for any country. For information about this, we should hit a Malaysian embassy in your nation or ask your internship association in Malaysia.

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Wonderful Malaysia

Have a Roar-Some Time during Dinoscovery

Calling all determined paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts! Experience a time diverge to a Mesozoic Era during Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!, Asia Pacific’s first-of-its kind world-class interactive, edutainment dinosaur muster during Avenue K.

Featuring reengineered life-size animatronic dinosaurs in true-to-life adventure-like settings, a 13,000 block feet muster invites visitors to transport behind in time and learn about dinosaurs around 15 hands-on, experiential and rarely interactive educational activities while charity a feeling feast of unconstrained fun for a whole family!


Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live! is designed to yield a rarely refreshing knowledge whereby visitors are means to see larger-than-life dinosaurs pierce and hear them bark in their habitat. Apart from that, a exhibition’s mini cinema also provides visitors a possibility to see these reptiles in 3D.

Amongst a exhibition’s star attractions embody a Dino Quest, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) formed scavenger hunt that will propel a visitors by a time diverge and renovate them into paleontologists on a hunt for dinosaurs and specimens. Visitors will be versed with a paleontologist map and a RFID rope that will beam them by a hunt to detect circuitously specimens. Upon execution of a activity, visitors will accept a Junior or Expert Paleontologist certificate during a emancipation and merchandising counter.


Other sparkling activities embody a event to attend in an journey to save a Diplocuses by sharpened annoying mosquitoes, excavating fossils during a silt pit, climbing a wall to have a glance of a Pteranodon’s nest, doing dinosaur poo, severe a Gallimimus in an interactive race, and training about a expansion of dinosaurs by examining and comparing present-day animals such as chickens and elephants with dinosaurs as such a Theropod and Sauropod.


Visitors might also suffer tasty alloy food while quenching their lust with a accumulation of singular mocktails and creatively brewed coffee during a Discoveria Cafeteria. Unleash your middle paleontologist today!

Entry Fees Opening Hours

Tickets for children aged 17 years and next are labelled during RM35 for Malaysians and RM50 for non-Malaysians while tickets for adults are labelled during RM25 for Malaysians and RM40 for non-Malaysians. Opening hours are 10am to 7pm on weekdays and 10am to 8pm on weekends including propagandize and open holidays.

Contact Details Address

Level 4, Discoveria @ Avenue K Shopping Mall
156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2181 7218

For some-more information or enquiries on a exhibition, hit a muster hotline 03 2181 7218, record on to or revisit Discoveria’s Facebook page during

Location Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!


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Wonderful Malaysia

Genting Highlands: Why You Should Visit

Located over 6 thousand feet above sea turn and 51km northeast of Malaysia’s bustling collateral Kuala Lumpur is a Genting Highlands, Malaysia’s premier traveller end and getaway. For any chairman visiting Malaysia, Genting is a finish must-see, ripping with all demeanour of party prospects, excellent dining use and oppulance accommodations that make a immeasurable infancy of Asia’s resorts demeanour dark in comparison.


Arriving in a Genting Highlands, one is expected to feel rather awe-struck. Jutting out of a tip of a many sprouting of hills, a review offers fantastic views of a surrounding area and countryside. Peaks and hills cocktail adult out of a clouds formulating a pretentious and celestial atmosphere, one that seems unusually opposite to a prohibited discord of a Malay archipelago’s reduction giddy regions interjection to a open time continue and heat that Ulu Kali Mountain use all year round. Many visitors’ initial use of a review will be around a extraordinary wire cars that run adult to a tip of a mountain, a outing that offers views that one can customarily report as one of a kind.

In terms of entertainment, Genting excels. There’s an indoor thesis park featuring all demeanour of fun and sparkling rides for people of each age as good as an indoor sleet area! The indoor park is surrounded by a outrageous operation of restaurants, bars and eateries too; a Coffee Terrace smorgasboard restaurant, western-themed Bubbles Bites, and a artistic Genting Palace Restaurant, to name though a few. The review also facilities an even some-more sparkling outside thesis park featuring dizzying rides and even some-more restaurants, creation this a place where no one could feasibly run out of things to do and see.


Resorts World Genting also facilities a country’s customarily casino with mixed outlets via a complex, a Casino de Genting. Here players can suffer all of a slots, list games and use one would customarily usually find on a Las Vegas Strip, however it’s a good thought to get in a small use initial during an online casino like Euro Palace previously in sequence to get a comprehensive many from a festive and stylish casino climes!


For adults, Genting Highlands facilities even some-more extraordinary things to do. The hotels dotting a review underline a good series of bars and terraces that demeanour out over a surrounding countryside, and late night thrills can also be enjoyed during a Genting Club 360 Bar, Cloud 9 nightclub and The Patio booze and blockade bar. All of these frequently underline world-leading acts and bands that make whiling divided an dusk a finish joy!

Have we ever been to Genting? What were your favourite tools of this extraordinary resort? Let us know your thoughts in a comments section!

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