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Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort at Tioman Island

Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort (N2.72072 E104.15162) is located at the southern tip of Tioman Island. The resort had just established a year ago, and the surrounding is so nature and not polluted. The white sandy beach accompany with the crystal clear water, the mythical Twin Peaks as the backdrop of the resort…everything painted a beautiful picture in front of us, it’s almost heaven! That’s the reason of their resort’s slogan – “Between heaven and earth.”

 photo IMG_4150_zps86176751.jpg

 photo IMG_4147_zpsa43c1c2a.jpg

The Tunamaya’s staffs had a warm welcome for us at the jetty…song, music and friendly smiles. Suddenly I heard : “Welcome to fantasy island!” said by the Resort Manager – Mr Paul Cheah. The phrase remind me of Mr Roarke from the American TV series of 1977 – The Fantasy Island, which was one of my favorite series. Kind of traveling to the past…haha!

By walking towards the lobby from the jetty, I was amazed by the marvelous view of the resort…seems like ‘guarded’ by the Legendary Twin Peaks behind it.

 photo IMG_4143_zps746623e5.jpg

 photo IMG_4144_zps6aed800d.jpg

And greeted by the visitors who snorkeling beside the jetty…

 photo IMG_4145_zps4ad96d5c.jpg

The check-in process was smooth! Seems like the staffs at the front desk already know our names by walking directly to each of us for signatures, can it be coincidence? I’m impressed.

 photo IMG_4134_zps7660e9cb.jpg

Everyone was presented a coconut as a welcome drink to cool us down on the hot and humid weather at the lobby.
After a short rest, we were served by the buffet breakfast at the restaurant…

 photo IMG_4028_zps9a04a6ec.jpg

 photo IMG_4104_zpse8ee307f.jpg

 photo IMG_3968_zpsa1acaa9e.jpg

Variety of foods, included Asian, Malaysian, Western and many more…

 photo MealR_zps9bec11a1.jpg

An ‘ice breaking’ session for all of us during the breakfast session…it was totally relax.

When we about to walk to our room, and realized that all the keys already in the room and the air-conditioning was on. The staffs were so considerate, appreciated because they cool down the room on the hot weather before we step in.

 photo IMG_4011_zps49acd9e8.jpg

The area was well maintain, with lush of green…

 photo IMG_3991_zpsf8946e55.jpg

5 minutes walked, we reached our villa.
There are 2 type of views for all the villa, sea view and nature view. Every villa has 2 rooms and its interconnected, few types of room available – 2 persons, 3 persons and family room. All layout and deco almost no different except the beds.

Me and my friend were staying in the same villa with individual room, my friend’s room was a 3 persons room equipped with one queen and one single bed, my room was equipped with one king bed. Both rooms were interconnected.

 photo IMG_4010_zps16581b77.jpg

 photo IMG_3994_zpsf22f20d6.jpg

 photo IMG_3996_zps934bdf93.jpg

 photo IMG_4006_zpse443d187.jpg

Every room has a 2 entrances, one from front and the other at the side. As you will notice from the photos above.

 photo IMG_4007_zpsc944c12e.jpg

 photo IMG_3995_zpseb1e7f27.jpg

The sea view’s room has the spectacular view!

 photo IMG_3998_zps1cf446e3.jpg

 photo IMG_4000_zpsfcbc43b6.jpg

According to Mr Paul (Resort Manager), the drinking water in the room is the natural water from the waterfall of the island. This is one of the best drinking water I had among all the resort I visited before.
As I noticed, the room was equipped with all the quality product like electrical switch, toiletries and many more…

After we settled our bags and luggages, it was free and easy session…we walked around the resort.

The nature view’s Villas have a simple and greenery view from their windows, and the sea view’s Villas have a nice wooden pedestrian connected to each other.

 photo IMG_4016_zps3a3b6101.jpg

 photo IMG_4013_zpsb43fcfc4.jpg

You can choose to have your swimming session in the sea or the edgeless pool in the resort…

 photo IMG_4015_zpsfd1462b8.jpg

 photo IMG_4026_zps4f529828.jpg

The resort is fully covered by surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of every guest in the resort.
While strolling around the resort, we reached the Sarung Spa. The Spa center is located in the natural environment, green and with the touch of nature.

 photo IMG_3971_zps471ca395.jpg

 photo IMG_3975_zps35c451ac.jpg

2 minutes walk from the path above, the Spa center appeared…

 photo IMG_3974_zpsb3402d36.jpg

 photo IMG_4052_zpse9e8c060.jpg

The well train ladies providing their Balinese Traditional massage for all guests.
The center has few rooms for spa therapy, photo below…

 photo IMG_3983_zps4a490eb3.jpg

 photo IMG_3984_zps3d51e18c.jpg

 photo IMG_3979_zps9604f87c.jpg

Every room is equipped with the jacuzzi pool and bathroom, you can enjoy it after the massage therapy and spend your own sweet time in the room.

 photo IMG_3986_zps1ba29d40.jpg

We had our massage session on 4pm that day we check-in…it was comfortable and relax!

The room services are twice a day, that means every morning you took your shower and out for activities, once you back in the afternoon or evening, everything is being arranged. Impressed!

We were hanged out around the Ombak Bar for the afternoon session, just to grabbed a glass of Budweiser beer to cool ourselves down…

 photo IMG_4110_zps536e73f0.jpg

 photo BeerR_zpsf2409cd7.jpg

We were greeted by most of the staffs around the resort remember included our names, impressed!

After few glasses of Budweiser, it was time for the dinner. The post will be coming up next…

 photo IMG_4012_zpsb5e027d0.jpg

Some history of Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort :-
The resort established about a year ago, we view through their video where everything constructed from zero. One of the partner – Mr Gan was from Penang, explained to us about the story behind the name of the resort. He said before they name the resort, another partner has a resort at Perhentian Island – The Tuna Bay Resort. That’s why the word ‘Tuna’ is mentioned here, and ‘maya’ is the national language of ‘mythical’, it means the mysteries, mythical of the Legendary Twin Peaks just situated exactly as a backdrop of the resort. At last, we understand the name of the resort is nothing to do with the Tuna fish…

Please check out their promotion from time to time at their Facebook page.

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Our meals at Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman Island

Meals we had for the 3 days 2 nights at Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman island. The foods were separated into breakfast, lunch and dinner, let me share some photos with you…

Snacks and desserts…

 photo IMG_4043_zpsa53f6934.jpg

 photo IMG_4034_zpscea9befd.jpg

 photo IMG_4035_zpsef19d2fc.jpg

 photo IMG_4093_zps93317a28.jpg

 photo IMG_4181_zpsd46bcd14.jpg

 photo IMG_4094_zpsbc9e2501.jpg

 photo IMG_4042_zps796b45d9.jpg



 photo IMG_4180_zps70e9978c.jpg


 photo cat1_zpsaf537611.jpg

 photo cat2_zps5339aa54.jpg

 photo IMG_4041_zpsae5aa0fe.jpg

 photo IMG_4039_zps258e28bd.jpg

 photo IMG_4037_zpsd9224929.jpg

 photo IMG_4131_zps5cc24bab.jpg

 photo IMG_4129_zpsbd45e5ad.jpg


 photo IMG_4170_zpsf4515008.jpg

 photo IMG_4169_zpsda3601e9.jpg

 photo IMG_4096_zps254f162c.jpg

 photo IMG_4098_zps6a2f1646.jpg

 photo IMG_4192_zps7fc74d26.jpg

The fresh seafood BBQ only available on dinner, and the seafood was fresh and excellent!

 photo IMG_4188_zps710d5b5a.jpg

*  The photos above only partially of the total food in the restaurant.

Among all the seafood, the BBQ squids were superb! The repeat order from our table seems non-stop that evening!

All the food served by the resort were good, some average and some were really nice! Satisfied! Beside that, the snacks and kuihs serve during the afternoon tea breaks were yummy too! Too bad I didn’t take any photos of it.

The restaurant was having different feeling during the daytime and evening, it was comfortable during the daytime and cozy in the evening.

 photo IMG_4089_zps9469c692.jpg

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Jungle trekking

The second day morning in Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, all of us participated in the jungle trekking activity after our breakfast. The trail starting point is within the Villas area…

There was a guide for our group and he was friendly and clearly explained the trail condition to us before we trekking start. Understand from the guide, there are 3 hiking trail to 2 mountains, 1 hike to waterfall and the 1 trekking trail available for guest to choose from.

After the registered in the log book, our trail started…

 photo IMG_4113_zps7af85371.jpg

Direction signage was easily spotted along the way, you won’t be lost if you are those regular trekker. Anyway, the trekking trail is covered by the GSM signal from Telco – Digi.

 photo IMG_4127_zps20c2689c.jpg

 photo IMG_4114_zpsba36634d.jpg

Just beware of the big red ant along the trekking trail…

 photo IMG_4112_zps432337a7.jpg

 photo IMG_4116_zps9b7a7798.jpg

Obstacles were quite easy for us along way…

After short while of the ascending trail, that really made us exhausted…

Everyone was shocked initially (photo below) when seeing this! Then we realized that were the roots…

 photo IMG_4119_zpscde0fa66.jpg

 photo IMG_4125_zps9f6312a6.jpg

It was exciting climbed over the rocks and trees one-by-one…

 photo IMG_4123_zps22682e62.jpg

Round from the side of the big volcanic rock…

 photo IMG_4122_zps0461053e.jpg

When I saw this “150m to go”, I was totally exhausted…but majority of our team mates still insisted to complete the trail to the observation tower which is the end point of the trail, so some of us decided to rest and some of us continued…

 photo IMG_4126_zpsa35846d3.jpg

The jungle trekking was fun and excited. We completed the trail in one hour with 5 minutes rest at multi points…it was also a good exercise for us before our lunch at the resort. Too bad I didn’t record down the track from the start till the end point. Anyway, we enjoyed very much!

It’s advise to take the trekking activities during your vacation in Tunamaya Resort, it will really sweat you in this tropical forest! 🙂

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The evening photography session in Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

Supposed to a cup of coffee and enjoy the surround scenery…but the sunlight remind me of the sunset! Quickly finish my coffee,  grab the tripod and camera, run towards the jetty! Just hope to capture a nice sunset of Tioman island…

 photo IMG_4054_zps0a11d57c.jpg

There were 2 gentlemen already at the jetty waiting to capture the sunset too…

 photo IMG_4056_zps8dcf1856.jpg

Once the tripod setting up, I tried to captured the surrounding and waited for the right timing…

 photo IMG_4059_zps70c489a0.jpg

But…it was a disappointed sunset of that evening because of the weather…can’t blame the mother nature even….

 photo IMG_4062_zpsb9f9fac9.jpg

Waited for 20 minutes, the sky didn’t turn orange or gold, only be able to captured the blue moment…haiz…

 photo IMG_4072_zpsea731d33.jpg

Too bad, I had to turn around and snap whatever I can during the blue moment…

 photo IMG_4075_zps5720eba8.jpg

The photos turn out to be quite satisfied. This was unexpected!

By walking back to the restaurant of the resort, I tried another long exposure for 10 sec to capture the resort included the mythical Twin Peak as a backdrop. Well, I like the photo!

 photo IMG_4079_zps0ea34147.jpg

By looking at the Twin Peak that moment, I felt some mysteries behind and understand the reason peoples in the island call – Mythical Twin Peak.

I joined the party at the restaurant after the above photo taken…

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Tourism Malaysia

Island hopping in Malaysia

Island hopping in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that are renowned for their scenic beauty, surrounding tropical greenery, local villages and of course scuba diving and snorkeling. So if white sands, blue waters and good food is your scene, here are five islands that will take your breath away.

Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea that are breathtakingly beautiful and lure visitors from all over the world to their white sand beaches and clear waters. Some of the popular beaches are Cenang, Tengah and Kok. Langkawi was also declared a World Geopark by UNESCO in 2007 thanks to its sustainable development. The main island is well developed and populated with good air connections to Kuala Lumpur.

Langkawi might be a beach destination but there’s also plenty to do. The famed cable car ride is almost an essential part of an itinerary and has the most incredible views of rainforest, the Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaga Tujuh) and the island spreading out below. Another popular day trip is to hire a boat and explore the nearby islands. Boat rides also offer eagle viewing, cave explorations and snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park. Both luxury and budget accommodation is available on Langkawi making it suitable for everyone. The other drawcard for visitors is the duty free shopping.

Beautiful Langkawi beaches. Pic: Joanne Lane.

Beautiful Langkawi beaches. Pic: Joanne Lane.

Sipadan Island on the east coast of Sabah, Borneo is a diver’s paradise, but as you are only allowed on the island during the day many people find themselves praying the boat will break down so they can spend more time on the beautiful island. If you have not gone diving before this is the place to see for yourself what a fascinating world is there below the sea! Chances are everything else will pale in comparison afterwards though.

The number of dives allowed per day is limited to protect the coral reefs. Sightings of turtles, sharks and other colorful small fish are common including the clown fish made popular by the movie Finding Nemo. The corals are said to be the best in the world and different diving sites including “Drop Off” that gives you a look at an abyss in the ocean floor. Sipadan is connected by boat from Semporna (fly to Tawau then bus to Semporna).

Tioman Island is located in Pahang on the east cost of Peninsular Malaysia and once listed in Time Magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful islands – many would say it is still true. Today people go to Pahang mainly to do nothing, although there is indeed plenty to do if you feel motivated.

There many hotels and chalets situated right off the beach inviting the visitor to commune with nature by sitting with a book, going for a walk or just soaking in the atmosphere. There’s also wildlife to enjoy such as monitor lizards that are commonly sighted on the island. You can also scuba dive, enjoy the jungles and rainforests or visit some of the most amazing beaches – Juara is considered the best beach and if you want to see for yourself you can get there by renting a boat or taking a  4WD. Tioman Island, like Langkawi, is also duty free. The island can be reached by air or you can get a ferry from Mersing on the mainland.

Panuba Bay, Tioman Island. Pic: Ferrazo, Wikimedia Commons.

Panuba Bay, Tioman Island. Pic: Ferrazo, Wikimedia Commons.

The Perhentian Islands are located in Terengganu and include Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil that boast white sand beaches filled with palm trees and blue waters. Scuba diving and snorkeling options are on hand and very popular amongst visitors. Snorkeling is extremely beautiful and can be done right off the beach thanks to the abundance of crystal clear waters. There are jungle walks through the forest linking the beaches, or you can take a water taxi to move around. One can get to Perhentian Islands by boat only (fly to Khota Bharu).

Perhentian Islands. By Joanne Lane.

Perhentian Islands. By Joanne Lane.

Pulau Pangkor is an island close to Perek in north-west Peninsular Malaysia. Pangkor is known for its white sand beaches and two of the most popular are Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay. Other than the beaches here there is a Dutch Fort worth a visit and two temples on the island. Pangkor is popular with the locals so it is good place to take a break from the regular tourist circuit. Pangkor Laut is an upscale resort on this island at a scenic location, so if you are looking for luxury this could be one option. You can reach Pangkor by air (to Ipoh) and ferry.

And if you thought this was all, there are many more islands like Penang, Layang-Layang, Redang, Rawa and many more waiting to be explored with their cool waters inviting you to take a dip.